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Saucer drones refer to a system of racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing comprising the blind drone and its dark eco variant the homing drone. Available only during circuit races, this weapon will deploy a hovering saucer that will detonate upon contact with a race car, spelling certain death for its victim.


The blind and homing drones are identical to each other in all aspects except that the homing drone, as its name would imply, actively homes in on targets within its general proximity, whereas the blind drone will blindly follow the track reverse of traffic. As such, tactics concerning deploying them effectively and avoiding them successfully are universal.

That said, the drones are hard to use effectively due to the fact that there's a very low chance of them coming into contact with opponents, especially human players, if you use them in areas that at all allow racers to steer clear of them. The homing capabilities of the upgraded version mitigate this somewhat, though their range of detection is still rather demanding.

The best way to use this is as a quick strike to an enemy directly behind you, able to be detected by going into rear-view mode with Triangle. However, deploying this on a narrow track regardless of enemy position is still a better bet than on a wider road. Additionally, there is a slight delay before the drone dislodges from your vehicle, but immediately emits a buzzing sound, allowing for human players to quickly steer out of harms way.

Avoiding this weapon is very easy due to many factors. The first is that the drones are very slow and have a small range of detection (if not non-existent detection in the case of the default weapon). In combination with the second factor, that the drone emits a buzzing sound that you can hear from a good distance away and a blinking light you can see ahead of time, it is easy to establish the appropriate distance necessary for avoiding it. A moving orange dot also appears on the radar at the top-left corner of the screen, indicating where the drone is on the racetrack at any particular moment. However, on narrow tracks where it is impossible to steer out of its way, your only hope for survival is the shield system (shooting and destroying the drone is impossible, so do not waste your ammo).