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Satellite game

The satellite game is a minigame available in the Wasteland in Jak 3. It involves the process of unlocking the dark satellite, it can only be played after the mission Unlock satellite has been completed, at which point it can be found in the bottom left next to a palm tree.


Once the game has been started, four symbols (X, Square, Triangle, Circle) will appear. Each symbol is the same as the symbol on the controller and each symbol comes from only one side. X from below, square from the left, triangle from the top and circle from the right. They will randomly increase or decrease in speed as well at certain intervals.

The goal is to stop the symbols from approaching the center by pressing the corresponding button when they are on top of the moving ring in their path. Hitting two of the same symbols in one time nets six extra points instead of just two, hitting three rewards twelve points. Rows of two appear often halfway through, while rows of three or more are rare (a row of eight is also possible).

You have exactly five 'lives', which makes the game rather short. It's especially hard in that if you miss a symbol and let it pass by, letting it hit the core as a result, ultimately penalizes you with two losses. More so, the core in the center gradually grows bigger and sprouts more and larger wriggling tentacles. The tentacles further distract you from the buttons while also slightly obscuring them from time to time.

Precursor orbsEdit

You can earn nine Precursor orbs, three for reaching each target score. The orbs will be awarded once the game is over, but note that you can only get the reward for every target once. Getting them all in one go will end with you receiving all nine orbs.

The targets are as follows:

  • Bronze - 100 points
  • Silver - 500 points
  • Gold - 1000 points
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