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The robo-goon is an enemy in Jak 3, part of the KG Death Bots. They are the most basic formed death bots, having no weaponry or special armor.


Closely resembling the Metal Head grunt, is a quadruped death bot with typical crimson armor. It has no special weapons other than melee attacks. Although it is quadruped, it can often be seen walking as a biped. The head is small, with a red lamp, or a possible eye.

The robo-goon walks around in small groups of its own kind. But if Jak approaches, the robo-goon will stand on its rear legs and run after Jak. It acts slightly similar to that of a grunt, walking silently around until it spots someone, then goes savage. Upon taking damage, its red armor will fall off, exposing it's metal skeleton.


Robo-goon concept art

Concept art

The attacks of the robo-goon are pretty simple, but can deal notable damage. The robo-goon will deliver a destructive punch with its hard, metal fists, and will follow instantaneously after it's target, after the latter is knocked away, ready to attack again.

It is best to pick the robo-goon from distance, with the Blaster, or Vulcan Fury. If impossible, the Scatter Gun, or Wave Concussor could be a good option, since it will knock them far away. One could also combine punches and spin kicks along with a close-range weapon, namely, the Scatter Gun. But Jak must still watch out for other hopper bots, since the robo-goons and hopper bots cooperates in swarming their enemies.