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The robber,[1] also known as the flying lurker,[2][3][4][a] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. They are lurkers found in the Precursor Basin near Rock Village. Robbers were responsible for scaring the rare lightning moles out of their underground holes. The moles' observer, the Geologist, gave Jak and Daxter the mission "Herd the moles into their hole".


They are large purple lurkers with bat-like wings to help them fly. They are relatively fast; near the speed of Jak's zoomer. Typical to all lurkers they have appendages of cartilage appearing as spurs growing along their jawline, large yellow eyes, a thick, metal collar, and wear diaper-like clothing.

They appear to be somewhat apathetic as they sleep around the Precursor Basin until they are being chased, where they will then get up and fly away. If they feel that there is a comfortable distance between them and their aggressor, their flight speed will slow almost to a halt.


The lurkers will fly lazily while chasing them with the A-Grav Zoomer, and though they appear to be just as fast, if not faster, than the zoomer, after a chase or two around their course, Jak will bump them with his zoomer and destroy them. The lurkers have no offensive/combative abilities.


  1. Although the robber was explicitly referred to as the "flying lurker", that is a name reasonably applicable to several lurkers (see flying lurker).
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