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Red ammo disk

A red ammo disk.

The red mod is a Morph Gun mod in Jak II and Jak 3. It is powered by red eco and focuses on short to mid-range, blunt-force firepower. It is the first weapon acquired by Jak in both games, starting with the Scatter Gun. It uses red ammo disks.

Scatter GunEdit

Main article: Scatter Gun
Scatter Gun Morph Gun render

The Scatter Gun

The Scatter Gun is a shotgun-type weapon, releasing a cone-shaped blast of red eco, which works well in groups of enemies at close range. While the Scatter Gun prevails in strength and heavy firepower, it lacks in range and decent reload time. Although, the rate-of-fire can be upgraded in Jak II by earning it from Krew, and in Jak 3 by purchasing it with Precursor orbs through the secrets menu.

In Jak II, Jak earned the Scatter Gun before the mission "Beat Scatter Gun course". In Jak 3, Jak earned this in the second mission, "Earn 1st war amulet".

Wave ConcussorEdit

Main article: Wave Concussor
Wave Concussor render

The Wave Concussor

The Wave Concussor is a chargeable weapon, releasing a circular blast of red eco along the ground, accounting for a larger attack radius than the Scatter Gun. The longer the blast is charged, the longer the radius that is released will be. A fully charged blast will consume five ammo shells.

Damas gave this upgrade to Jak before earning his 2nd war amulet.

Plasmite RPGEdit

Main article: Plasmite RPG
Plasmite RPG render

The Plasmite RPG

The Plasmite RPG is a grenade launcher powered by red eco and plasmite, the same substance behind plasmite bombs. Despite its name, it is not a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, rather it shoots bombs in the form of an arc, similar to the Dune Hopper's grenade launcher. Its blast is highly explosive and causes mass amounts of damage, able to destroy most KG Death Bots and zoomers with a single bomb. Before upgrading, each Plasmite RPG shot consumes ten ammo shells.

Tess gave this upgrade to Jak after the mission "Beat gun course 2".

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