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You should really try and raise the room the Blue Sage was after!

— Keira

Raise the chamber was a mission that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell in The Precursor Legacy. Jak raised a chamber from the lost Precursor city after Keira Hagai reported that the Blue Sage tried to, but was never successful.

Upon having raised the chamber to the surface, it is temporarily renamed to Get to the roof of raised chamber until you collect the power cell.


Technically the first mission in the lost Precursor city but is usually completed close to last.[a] You'll find the room for this mission after completing the mission Reach the center of the complex. The room will be at the bottom of the first slide and contains one blue eco vent and several blue spheres that you must charge with blue eco. For starters take care of the four bullys roaming around in this area.

From here on you'll have to charge yourself up with blue eco and then touch the five blue spheres in the room before the time runs out (time starts when first sphere is activated). There's numerous routes and ways to do this however. The location of the spheres are as follows;

  • Right next to the eco Vent
  • Right behind the eco Vent on a raised platform
  • On the other side of the room, also on a raised platform
  • On top of the higher ring-shaped walkway surrounding the chamber
  • Also on top of the previous walkway but opposite it

After they are all charged, the door to the chamber will open. Go inside and do a dive Attack on the button to raise the chamber. The power cell is visible high above the chamber and with it rising it'll automatically lift up the cell as well. You'll then end up back at the surface next to the entrance. Jump outside and after a short bit of swimming you'll see a grassy platform on your right. Climb on it and use the following platforms to get to the top of this rock.

From here you'll have to do a tricky jump to get on top of the chamber which just surfaced with you. Long jumping doesn't work nor can you hop to grab the ledge to pull yourself up. You'll have to do a double jump from the very edge followed by an aerial spinkick for that little extra air to grab the power cell.


  1. Both "Reach the bottom of the city" and "Climb the slide tube" come after this mission, in terms of physical location.
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