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The prison zoomer is a zoomer used by the Krimzon Guard to transfer prisoners throughout Haven City. It was seen in Daxter and Jak II transferring Jak and lurker slaves, respectively. It is a bulky vehicle, with a large cage in the back and a single seat in the front, and is considerably fast but minimally armored.



In Daxter, Daxter witnessed a prison zoomer carrying Jak, prompting him to chase after it on his scooter throughout the Industrial Section. The prison zoomer did not engage in direct combat but instead ran away from Daxter while dropping bombs and leaving behind ground mines in an attempt to get rid of him, with the guard exclaiming, "What is he thinking?!" and "Shoot the rat!"[1] Daxter ultimately failed to catch the zoomer and was stopped by a guard blockade, though Ximon delivered a timely rescue with the company van.

Jak IIEdit

In Jak II, prison zoomers were used by the Krimzon Animal Control to capture lurker slaves and then "haul them away for reconditioning", as the "lower-class labor force" could still be "dangerous", according to Baron Praxis.[2] This reconditioning was referred to by Krew as one of the Baron's "projects" outside of the city, the details of which were never revealed. Brutter, a comparatively intelligent lurker merchant, paid Krew "handsomely" to free the lurkers and escort them safely outside of the city.[3] This led to two missions in which Jak rescued three and six lurkers by shooting down the prison zoomers that contained them, and then transferring them to safe zones.



Prison zoomer from Daxter

The prison zoomer from Daxter.

The prison zoomer looked mostly the same from Daxter to Jak II, with only minor differences. Each version consists of a large cage in the back with a large engine and a smaller engine on either side of the cage. A large Krimzon Guard logo sits on the top of the vehicle, with a single seat, steering column, and engine hood in the front. The front is also decorated with spikes and two small wings on either side. The zoomer is mostly colored crimson but also has yellow and silver trim.

In Daxter, the prison zoomer was comparatively sleeker, had larger spikes in the front, and had wings placed between the engines toward the back of the vehicle. It also contained a single turret, housed on top of the Krimzon Guard logo. In Jak II, these elements were lost in favor of a bulkier design with a lack of any weaponry. It is unknown if the difference between the games was merely cosmetic or because the Krimzon Guard was transporting a more valuable subject.


The prison zoomer is only engaged in combat during Jak II, during which it lacked armor or weapons, making it an easy and vulnerable target. The Blaster is capable of taking it down for the more conservative and skilled, though the Vulcan Fury and Peace Maker are more effective, albeit expensive. The bigger zoomers are more fortified and therefore more reliable, though the single seaters are faster.

In Daxter it is impossible to damage it as Daxter has no means for doing so. During this sequence, simply keep up with it on the scooter while avoiding the bombs and mines released behind it. When the zoomer goes on the bridges, it is suggested to try to drive on the ground level as it will be impossible for the prison zoomer to harm you with the mines or bombs until it goes back to ground level, at which point simply dodging its weaponry is rather easy given that you are paying attention. Make sure you are following the same path of the prison zoomer, as if you depart from it too much you will fail the mission.


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