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Prison transport
Prison transport
TypeTransport zoomer
FactionKrimzon Guard
FunctionTransport prisoners
WeaponMines (Daxter only)
Bombs (Daxter only)

The prison transport is a type of zoomer used by the Krimzon Guard to transport prisoners through Haven City in Jak II and Daxter. In Jak II, they were first seen in the mission "Rescue 3 Lurkers for Brutter" and again in the later mission "Rescue 6 Lurkers for Brutter", as well as a nearly identical side mission, all of these occurred during Jak II. Chronologically the prison transport was first encountered in Daxter, as Daxter by chance saw a transport taking Jak through the Industrial Section. Daxter gave chase on his scooter but ultimately failed to keep up with it.

They slightly resemble HellCat cruisers with their triangle shape, large bulk and crimson-red colors, though they in fact do differ. The bulk of the vehicle is a large cage which is made up of thick metal bars; the prisoner being visible from the outside. On top of the cage is a large Krimzon Guard logo and on the sides are wings with a large and small booster attached to each of them. The driver, a guard, has his own seat in front of the cage, separated by a thick metal plate.

The zoomer lacks armor and speed, making it an easy and vulnerable target. A couple of well-aimed blaster shots can easily take it down. Normally they come unarmed although the one transporting Jak was equipped with automated bomb and mine launchers.

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