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This is a Precursor orb location walkthrough for Lava Tube in The Precursor Legacy.


  • 1-7/50 - The first seven are found in a trail along the first narrow path you come across.
  • 8-12/50 - After that is another six, in another line across some molten lava on the right.
  • 13-16/50 - And after those another set of four, on the left side.
  • 17-33/50 - At the next path of molten lava you will encounter three strong boxes, worth 17 orbs total.
  • 34-37/50 - And right after those, on the right section of the split path, another four floating over a gap.
  • 38-45/50 - And shortly after that in a narrow turn, eight more orbs.
  • 46-50/50 - The last five orbs are a little up ahead, right before the room with the large spinning machine (and the many yellow eco vents) is a trail of the last five orbs on the left-most path.
Precursor orb locations in the Jak and Daxter series

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