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This is a Precursor orb location walkthrough for Gol and Maia's Citadel in The Precursor Legacy.


After entering the Citadel, take the right path and activate the first colored tile puzzle you see.

  • 1-3/200 - Three orbs float above it so grab these.

Keep going right and as soon as possible head for the Red Sage's path, you want to access the broken precursor platforms as soon as you see them.

  • 4-8/200 - At the end here is a bigger colored tile puzzle, with five orbs this time.

Open the door up ahead.

  • 9-45/200 - Grab the yellow eco from the vent and start blasting your way through many hopping lurkers, there are a couple of strong boxes in this corridor, which when destroyed will leave a massive thirty-seven orbs behind.

Continue along and save the Red Sage, after having done so, take the platform to below and activate the tile puzzle.

  • 46-48/200 - Another three orbs this time.

Take a right here.

  • 49-53/200 - And another puzzle to your right, the Blue Sage's path this time, worth five orbs.

As you go through this path, you will soon find a blue eco vent, use it to activate the platforms nearby.

  • 54-62/200 - Said platforms have a total of nine orbs floating around above them.

While channeling blue eco, go along the next challenge until you reach the door.

  • 63-92/200 - There is an orb container here, with a batch of thirty orbs inside.

Free the Blue Sage and head down below again, continue along the path until you reach the Yellow Sage's path and enter it.

  • 93-122/200 - Behind the door is yet another orb container worth thirty orbs, the blue eco vent is right next to it as well.

Now go and use the blue eco to jump from launcher to launcher.

  • 123-150/200 - There are a large number of orbs scattered around the launchers here, use blue eco to attract them to you when you jump from launcher to launcher, totaled you will collect twenty-eight of them.
  • 151-180/200 - And while still channeling blue eco, jump to the exit for another orb container, again worth thirty orbs.

Now go and head for Samos Hagai with the newly opened path.

  • 181-200/200 - The last twenty of the orbs are lined up in a trail across the wooden scaffolding along the very top of the chamber, netting you the maximum total of 2000 orbs.
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