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This is a Precursor orb location walkthrough for Forbidden Jungle in The Precursor Legacy.


Enter the Forbidden Jungle area and climb up the platforms, then approach the first bridge.

  • 1-4/150 - The first four orbs are on this bridge.

Head forward, following the path, be careful of the lurker snakes and lurker toad around here.

  • 5-8/150 - The next four are one by one on the set of stumps on the right side of the path.

Jump down here, be aware as a lurker snake is in your way.

  • 9-13/150 - Climb the stumps on the left end of the path for another five orbs.

The river here can be crossed safely by using the stumps.

  • 14-15/150 - Two more orbs are placed on top of two of these.

Cross the river and climb up the lurker machine.

  • 16-20/150 - There are five more orbs on top of this machine.

Head back to the entrance area, with the first bridge.

  • 21-28/150 - Cross the river using the stumps on your left for a trail of eight orbs, leading to the bridge.

Head up the bridge.

  • 29-30/150 - There's only two orbs on this bridge.

Up ahead is a circle of precursor platforms.

  • 31-41/150 - Although there are actually 13 up here (eight round the platforms and five up above the big one) you cannot collect the highest two yet.

Use the nearby trampoline to get up on this higher level, on the end of this small area (past the lurker toad and swinging log trap) is a set of stumps.

  • 42-45/150 - There's four orbs here (and one locked box).

Continue along the path, crossing two swinging log traps and a spike-filled pit.

  • 46-47/150 - There's two more orbs on the lower ledge in front of you.

Jump down into the canyon and face right.

  • 48-50/150 - The dangerous vine here has three orbs surrounding him.

Move past it to the next open area.

  • 51-54/150 - Four orbs are huddled up together in a corner on your right.

While channeling blue eco, approach the container in the middle of this area.

  • 55-74/150 - It contains a large amount of 20 orbs.

Head back to the launcher, ignore it and head into the tunnel leading to sea.

  • 75-89/150 - This is easier while channeling blue eco, as there are three small clusters of five orbs each hidden here underwater, surrounding the power cell on the tiny island.

Climb back up the blue eco vent, and use the blue eco to activate the precursor bridge and door and head into the Forbidden Temple. Use the trampoline on the right to access some hidden ledges on the outside of the temple.

  • 90-95/150 - There's six orbs here, as well as a locked box at the end.

Climb on higher towards the top of the Temple.

  • 96-97/150 - You will find two more orbs after the launcher.

Press the button on top of the tower, taking the elevator down inside the Temple. Once at the bottom, climb up on the ledge and head forwards until you turn a corner.

  • 98-109/150 - In front of you are two floating platforms, a column of three orbs above each, with further behind them in a corner another six orbs.

After activating the blue eco vent switch.

  • 110-121/150 - While channeling blue eco, head towards the set of orbs on the right (six total) and go through the precursor door to find another six orbs.

Using the newly opened vents, channel blue eco and climb up the ledge from the start again.

  • 122-131/150 - Use the launcher here to find ten orbs hidden in the chute above it.

Go through the last unopened precursor door.

  • 132-141/150 - Use the second launcher to grab another ten orbs.

Go on a little.

  • 142-143/150 - Next to the nearby vine are two orbs.

Turn a corner here and face the Dark Eco Plant, which you have to kill first.

  • 144-148/150 - Jump on top of the defeated Plant's head to let one orb appear. Grab it and jump again let another one appear, repeat this for five orbs total.

Use the newly revealed blue eco vent to activate the nearby launcher.

  • 149-150/150 - You will end up back at the surface and automatically grab the two orbs from earlier, completing the total.
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