The Precursor Legacy logo 1Daxter logoJak II logoJak 3 logoJak X Combat Racing logoThe Lost Frontier logo Precursor artifacts are any objects of Precursor origin, particularly ones created and used by the Precursors themselves. This includes the various Precursor structures, devices, and other objects seen in the series, but also includes eco. Some artifacts from during the time of Mar were also referred to as "Precursor artifacts" as he was associated with the Precursors. Precursor artifacts make up a large role in the series and are common in many locations.


Name Description
Eco A powerful elemental substance which can physically appear in the form of a crystal, ore, gas, cluster, or prism. There are six colors of eco, all serving a different and specific purpose. It was created by the Precursors and studied and mastered by sages.
Green eco Green eco contains the property of health. It is used throughout the games as a means of restoring health, as well as an alternate fuel source.[1] Its sage is Samos Hagai.
Blue eco Blue eco contains the energy of motion.[2] It serves a number of purposes, including invoking a hyperkinetic energy in its user, as well as activating dormant Precursor technology. Its sage is the Blue Sage.
Red eco Red eco contains the power of strength.[3] Specifically that of short-range brute force, red eco is used throughout the games to increase or provide its user with strength and power. Its sage is the Red Sage.
Yellow eco Yellow eco contains the power of long-range strength.[3] It is used throughout the games to increase or provide its user with strength and power that can travel conveniently long distances. Its sage is the Yellow Sage.
Dark eco Dark eco retains the property to warp, mutate, and destroy things. It cannot be channeled normally like other ecos, and is incredibly difficult to control or experiment with. It is lethal in large amounts, while small amounts will slowly infect or otherwise corrupt anything it comes in contact with. There have been two known sages, Gol Acheron (past) and Tym (future). It is known as the exact opposite of light eco.
Light eco Considered the purest and rarest of all eco, light eco contains the property of healing, restoring, balancing, and purifying. It is created by the combination of all colored eco (excluding dark). It does not have any known sages, though Keira Hagai (a sage-in-training and the daughter of the green eco sage, Samos) was able to produce light eco through her channeling capabilities in The Lost Frontier.[1] It is known as the exact opposite of dark eco.
Eco crystal/prism Crystalline forms of eco are rare and are used as either a bomb-like device (dark eco) or a fuel source (light eco and green eco). Green eco prisms (slightly different than crystals) are able to decompose dark eco and transform it into different colors of eco.
Eco ore An unknown form of eco with unknown properties. Jak delivered a package containing ore to Krew, who stated it was incredibly valuable.

Major artifactsEdit

Name Description
Armor of Mar An ancient set of armor used by Mar in his ancient battles against the Metal Heads. Jak could collect the full set in Jak 3.
Astro-viewer An ancient piece of Precursor technology found in Southern Haven Forest during Jak 3. It is activated by five artifacts Jak collected during the game. It was used to hack into the Dark Maker ship.
Eco core A major Precursor artifact situated near the abandoned research rig used to stabilize and distribute the world's supply of eco.
Eco power sphere In combination with dark and light eco crystals, this is one of the core power sources for the Planetary Defense System.
Heart of Mar A large ruby gem, carved into the shape of a heart and set in Precursor metal. It is used to indicate location on the rift rider, while its counterpart, the time map is used to indicate time displacement.
Oracle Large, Precursor metal devices planted in various locations around the world, allow Precursors to communicate to the people of the world. They often give side missions, award Jak with dark powers, and trade power cells for Precursor orbs.
Precursor staff Notably carried by the Ottsel Leader and Veger, Precursor staffs are used to channel energy and command other technology. Veger used his to awake his Precursor robot, and the Ottsel Leader used his to transform humans to ottsels, give Daxter pants, and restrain threats.
Planetary Defense System The core of the catacombs, the Planetary Defense System is a huge weapon that is activated by the eco power sphere and light and dark eco crystals. It was used in Jak 3 to destroy the Dark Maker ship.
Power cell Described by Keira Hagai as "the most important Precursor artifact you can find",[note 1] the power cell is used primarily as a power source but also as a bartering currency. About 90-120 Precursor orbs (which is the main currency) are worth one power cell.
Precursor orb Used as the primary currency throughout the series. It is a floating, glowing, golden red, egg-shaped, Precursor artifact with Precursor writing inscribed on it. They can be collected and the value incredibly fluxuated throughout the series; hundreds of them found easily in The Precursor Legacy, while in the future (Jak II, Jak 3, The Lost Frontier) they were considered rare. In Jak X: Combat Racing, racers could collect them by the thousands.
Rift gate Used in conjunction with the rift rider to travel through time. It is activated by the Heart of Mar and time map.
Seal of Mar The crest of the House of Mar and used to activate Precursor technology in Jak II and Jak 3. It apparently had ancient connections with other Precursor artifacts due to its importance, role, and abilities.
Precursor robot Large, combatant oracles, used to obliterate any opponent of its controller. Both Veger and Gol and Maia Acheron used their own robots. See: Gol and Maia's Precursor robot
Precursor Stone The last surviving Precursor "egg". It was used to power Mar's gun, and if cracked open would destroy the entire universe with its power.
Teleport gate Also known as a warp gate, teleport gates could transfer its user to far away locations. It consisted of a round ring with a blue aura inside of it. When the user steps through the gate, he or she will travel to the designated location.
Time map Used in conjunction with the Heart of Mar, the time map indicates time displacement for the rift gate and allows its user to travel through time.

Minor artifactsEdit

Name Description
Beam generator An artifact required to activate the astro-viewer.
Catacombs rail rider Used to traverse the catacombs.
Dark eco canister An artifact found by Jak in Misty Island, he managed to activate it and used it to destroy a bone armor lurker.
Dark eco silo Large silos filled with dark eco, most are underground except for the one that was nearly completely opened by Gol and Maia Acheron.
Dark idol Found in the Monk Temple, it enabled Jak to use Dark Invisibility.
Eco seeker A device that can seek out large sources of eco.
Eco vent Connected to ancient pipelines, eco vents release concentrated eco freely into the world when turned on.
Gear A component of the Light Tower.
Holo cube A component of the astro-viewer.
Precursor launcher A launch pad activated by blue eco, it can launch Jak into the air and reach new locations.
Lens A component of the Light Tower.
Orb cache A large tube-shaped device that is mostly underground with a separate 'lid' on top. Normally inactive and locked, if one channels blue eco while near it the cache will pop open the lid will rise in the air, taking a column of precursor orbs with it. This batch of orbs can then be taken freely, the lid closes again when all orbs are removed.
Precursor blocker A strange device found at Snowy Mountain. It generates an energy field that pushes away anything that comes close.
Precursor door Found throughout the series in various locations, Precursor doors are often only accessible by either channeling blue eco, or using another special Precursor artifact with specific permission such as the Seal of Mar in Jak II and Jak 3.
Precursor idol Like dark idols, used to teach Jak eco powers.
Prism A component of the astro-viewer.
Quantum reflector A component of the astro-viewer.
Ruby key A key that was able to unlock ancient gates in the Underport in Haven City.
Shard A component of the Light Tower.
Space shuttle A shuttle that can travel through space, used to transport Ottsel Leader, Ottsel Surfer and Ottsel Dummy.
Vent switch A large machine that can activate and deactivate specific eco vents around the world.

Precursor metalEdit

Precursor metal is a durable alloy used to make the majority of Precursor artifacts and devices, and can be gold or copper in color. Precursor metal is known to be considerably heat resistant (although not enough to withstand the heat of Fire Canyon), and was also useful for being impermeable to dark eco (e.g. dark eco silos, Precursor robots, and Maia Acheron's armor). It was also used as the primary material for Precursor buildings, structures, and monoliths, remaining intact for eons.

Precursor metal would sometimes be used in combination with stone or glass to form some artifacts and objects, such as floating platforms and oracles, respectively. Precursor metal was generated at least in part by Precursor robots, via a hydraulic chisel in the left arm shooting super-heating filaments, which they would use to carve fine detail.


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