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Protect Kor and Kid was a mission in Jak II. After having escaped the fortress Jak and Daxter encountered Kor and The Kid, shortly before being put under arrest by a number of guards looking for the escaped criminal (Jak). Kor asked Jak to protect him and the Kid and in turn he would introduce them to someone who can help them.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Poor Kid", completing this mission will reward you with a bronze trophy.


Immediately after the cutscene you'll want to attack and take down the three guards standing in front of you. Right after you'll be forcefully transformed into Dark Jak, introducing you to this new gameplay element. The Krimzon Guard immediately arrive in force when another batch of guards jump out of an air train, they can be destroyed easily with Dark Jak and doing so ends this short mission.

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