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The Peace Maker refers to a system of racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing, consisting of the default Peace Maker missile and its dark eco variant the Super Peace Maker. When fired, the Peace Maker missile releases a powerful sphere of electricity that seeks out the racer in first place and demolishes them, as well as any other racer unlucky enough to be directly in its way. The Super Peace Maker is similar, but will also destroy any cars between you and the first place target.

The sphere of electricity closely resembles that of the Peace Maker Morph Gun weapon's from Jak II and Jak 3, after which this weapon was named. Different, however, is its long-reaching electric bolts spat out at all directions, though it doesn't have any additional effect. Furthermore, the Super Peace Maker possesses a dark eco-like purple color as opposed to the electrical blue.

Similar to the Super Nova racing weapon, this pick-up is quite rare and you have a higher chance of acquiring it if you are in last place. Also similar to the Nova is its restriction to appearing only after the first 30 seconds of the race,[a] and only during the circuit race event. Different, however, is that it is actually used by NPC players, though a lot less frequently.[b] Acquisition of this weapon is indicated by an icon containing one electric bolt (for the Peace Maker missile) or three electric bolts (for the Super Peace Maker) circumscribed by a circle.

The only guaranteed means for surviving this weapon is to activate a shield system if acquired. Unlike the Super Nova, the Peace Maker does give its target a brief warning in the form of a reticle gradually shrinking down on the car, allowing for enough time to trigger the shield. Rather than the reticle being red and circular to indicate incoming tracking missiles, the reticle will be white and diamond-shaped to indicate an incoming Peace Maker missile. Also note that a moving blue dot appears on the radar at the top-left corner of the screen, indicating where the Peace Maker is currently located on the racetrack. One other tactic for avoiding this weapon is to quickly brake, allowing other racers to pass you up and become the Peace Maker's new target. Still be aware, however, that if you are still directly in the Peace Maker's path, it will destroy you.

Furthermore, in extremely rare cases, the Peace Maker will fail to hit you even if you are in first place, though there are no reliable methods to replicate this consistently, aside from possibly taking a ramp so as to trick the missile into flying under you.



  1. With all weapon pick-ups turned off sans the Peace Maker, yellow pick-ups will remain empty until after the first 30 seconds.
  2. With all weapon pick-ups turned off sans the Peace Maker, it can be observed that racers who pick up yellow eco will most times avoid discharging them, though it does happen on occasion.