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Trophy: Testosterone
Complete 'Pass the first test of manhood'
Complete 'Pass the second test of manhood'

Pass the second test of manhood was a mission in Jak II. Jak was locked inside the Tomb of Mar and forced to find the Precursor Stone before the Baron could get his hands on it. To unlock the door leading to the stone he first had to pass the tests of manhood.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Testosterone", completing this mission will reward you with a silver trophy.


In the main room of the Tomb (filled with fodder enemies) go and take a right and continue until you reach the first empty room. In here you have to activate the button, causing a number of key beetles to come down, some of these have a red marking on their bottom which is what you have to remember. The beetles will flip upside down and walk around normally, you have to hit the right beetles (three total) and the next door will unlock. Hitting the wrong one will damage you for one health bar, nor are you allowed to use your Morph Gun to hit the beetles.

Next is an electrified water trap; go through it as soon as possible when the electricity stops. The next one you can easily pass by using the JET-Board. The room after this will have another memory puzzle of sorts; press the button to reveal a set of colored panels. One panel will light up; jump on it and another will flash up. Repeat this until you can get to the next button. Jumping on the wrong panel will cause you to fall into the depths below.

Continue in the next corridor with more widowmakers and encounter another electricity puzzle. This time it's too long to cross with the JET-Board, instead you'll want to time the moment the electricity comes on and submerge yourself underwater until it goes off again.

The next room is another scarab memory puzzle. Another electric water after this but this time you'll be blocked midway while you submerge yourself. Get past this and you'll have to do another color panel puzzle. Next is the last electricity puzzle. Use the jet board to reach the lone stone platform at the corner and after the electricity subsided again get to the other side, where there are some more widowmakers.

Tomb stone guide

Tomb stone puzzle guide.

The next room presents a new kind of memory puzzle, involving sound. The room will have twelve tomb stones sticking out of the ground, with a specific note progression for every two. The goal is to match the pairs with the same song, at which point they will retract into the ground, until there are no more left standing. The game randomly cycles through six configurations, which are pictured left.

After this, the way is revealed to the second key that will finally unlock the large door to the Precursor Stone.