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SpeciesCrossbreed (otter-weasel)

Look at me, Jak. I'm short, I'm hairy, and I itch in strange places. I couldn't do worse.

Jak 3

An ottsel is a crossbreed between an otter and a weasel. Ottsels are featured in all games of the Jak and Daxter series, one ottsel being the secondary protagonist, Daxter.

The Precursors were revealed to be ottsels themselves towards the end of Jak 3, though it is unknown if all ottsels are, in effect, Precursors. There were six ottsels to make an appearance in the series, the three Precursors, Daxter, Veger, and Tess.


The Precursor LegacyEdit

The first ottsel seen in the series was Daxter, who transformed into an ottsel from human form after being knocked into a pool of dark eco. Throughout the game's events, Jak and Daxter spent their time on a quest to find Gol Acheron, the sage of dark eco, in hopes of transforming Daxter back. Towards the latter parts of the game, it is revealed that Gol and his twin sister Maia are evil. When Daxter is presented with the opportunity to use the rarity of light eco to change himself back or use it to stop Gol and Maia and save the world, he chooses the former, and remains in ottsel form. It is later revealed that Daxter was actually blessed instead of cursed, as he gained an evolutionary upgrade to a Precursor upon transformation, due to dark eco containing the Precursors' essence.[1]

Jak 3Edit

In Jak 3, Daxter is the only ottsel considered for most of the game. However, towards the end of the game, the Precursors are revealed at the Precursor Core, where the three of them were discovered to be ottsels. Veger was also transformed into an ottsel from stepping into the evolutionary light eco beam intended for Jak. Shortly before the Precursors took off in their space shuttle, they granted Daxter a pair of pants after he requested it. When Tess saw Daxter's new pants, she wished she had a pair just like them, so the Ottsel Leader comedically changed her into an ottsel.



Ottsels are small, slender animals, with a large tail and four limbs which they use both bipedal and quadrupedal. They have orange fur with yellow underbellies, and typically have some type of striping pattern on their forelimbs. They commonly have large eyes, a small stubby nose, and a large mouth (a trait not shared by Ottsel Leader and Tess, however).[1] Daxter, the most common ottsel in the series, had a weight range of 21–22 kg, and reached 2'10" in height.[2]


The ottsel's behavior is hard to tell, as most of the ottsels featured in the series were originally human, thus presumably reflecting on their human nature. The three Precursors, who were ottsels in nature, had many different behavioral/personality traits; attributed to their aliases. The Ottsel Leader was very calm, yet had a mischievous and comical personality in the back light. The Ottsel Surfer had the typical "dude"-like behavior, as his personality was attributed to that of a modern-day surfer. The Ottsel Dummy showed unintelligent traits, making odd or illogical remarks, often to the frustration of the Ottsel Leader.

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