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Open the frozen crate

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The Precursor Legacy subtitle logo
Open the frozen crate
RequiredCompleted Find the yellow vent switch
[Yellow eco]]
LocationSnowy Mountain
Preceded byDe-activate the Precursor blockers
Followed byGet through the Lurker Fort

Open the frozen crate was a mission that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell in The Precursor Legacy. A lone box that was forcefully opened by Jak to reveal a power cell within.


When entering Snowy Mountain continue straight ahead across the gap and into the ice cave. Partway through you'll find a locked yellow eco vent, which requires Find the yellow vent switch to be completed to be unlocked.

After doing so use the yellow eco to destroy the strong box (called crate in this mission) located a little forwards on the left side of the wall.

Sandover Village region
Rock Village region
Volcanic Crater region

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