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Northern Tour is a combat racing track used in the Kras City Grand Championship during Jak X: Combat Racing. One of the four larger tour tracks in the championship, the Northern Tour begins at the Precursor Temple, veering off into Badland Sanctuary but in reverse, followed by the Spargus City track itself. Then the track proceeds through the wide canyon in Beachfront Drive also in reverse, leading to Canyon Run, the last part of the tour.


The race starts at the outer regions of the temple track. Take care to avoid the dividers in the middle, and as well avoid swerving out of control on one of the low ramps. Soon enough the road enters the lava-themed portion of the Badland Sanctuary track, but in reverse. From here, the tour will eventually arrive at the beach from the Spargus City track. Take either the narrow pier or the beach itself, but be careful for obstacles on said beach. Next up is two sharp turns and another opportunity to take a narrow high road. The remainder of the Spargus track is uneventful, save for the potentially dangerous tight stretch of road with the short dividers in the center (a choice opportunity for rear weapons).

Eventually you will reach the barren canyon track from Beachfront Drive also in reverse, followed shortly after by a large portion of the Canyon Run track. This part begins with a long split in the road, neither having an advantage over the other, before merging later on and entering some sort of industrial mining compound. There is a tough turn in the middle here, shortly after the wooden bridge, after which you reach a wide open expanse with a slightly shorter but small left path and wider right path. Take either as the finish line resides mere seconds after the end of a narrow stone bridge.


Race event informationEdit

Game mode Eco cup Race event Medals req. Bronze goal Silver goal Gold goal Lap limit Time limit
Adventure mode Green Eco Cup Circuit race (Grand Prix) 50 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 1 None
Blue Eco Cup Circuit race 17 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 1 None
Exhibition mode Circuit race Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 1 None
Time trial 5:10:00 5:00:00 4:50:00 1 None