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Jak II logo
Jak II logo
New Krimzon Guard
Krimzon Guard logo
LeaderAshelin Praxis (governess)[1]
Torn (commander)[1]
Brutter (captain)[1]
HeadquartersKrimzon Guard Fortress
Other locationsHaven City

Ten hut! As the new governor of this city, I order the commander of the New Krimzon Guard to escort me to an official function. Is that understood?

Ashelin Praxis, as the governess of Haven City, to Torn, as the commander of the New Krimzon Guard.

The New Krimzon Guard was a short-lived successor to the Krimzon Guard after Jak II, and a predecessor to the Freedom League prior to the events of Jak 3. The New Krimzon Guard was a transition faction between the original Krimzon Guard and the Freedom League, and was established and demolished by necessity by the governess of Haven City, Ashelin Praxis, who came into office after her father, Baron Praxis, the leader of the former Krimzon Guard.[2]

The New Krimzon Guard military consisted of former Underground and old Krimzon Guard members, and was lead by former Underground leaders such as Torn and Samos Hagai.[3]

During the early civil war, the New Krimzon Guard lost control of the Krimzon Robots who had secretly resurrected ex-Krimzon Guard commander Erol as a cyborg, and who was now declaring war against Haven City, leading the new faction known as the KG Death Bots. At the same time the Metal Heads broke into the city a second time. The New Krimzon Guard quickly revolutionized into the more benevolent, blue-clad Freedom League, and thus the dissolution of the Krimzon Guard for Haven City faction altogether.


  • Interestingly, despite its renaming, the Freedom League guards voice actors in Jak 3 are still credited as "Krimzon Guards," hinting that the New Krimzon Guard may not have been dissolved; but that the Freedom League was only an umbrella organization, a type of successor to the defunct Underground, and was in opposition against the Grand Council of Haven City and Veger. This theory could explain why the guards were taking orders from Veger during the banishment of Jak in the opening cinematic of Jak 3.


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