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Welcome to the Naughty Ottsel! The hippest, happenest, happiest joint in town!

Daxter, Jak II

The Naughty Ottsel is an establishment in the Port of Haven City, debuting at the end of Jak II and featured in Jak 3, also appearing in Jak X: Combat Racing and PlayStation Move Heroes. It is a bar owned by Daxter, who claimed it when it was known as the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon, re-branding it after the former owner Krew's death.


Naughty Ottsel sign

The entrance to the Naughty Ottsel.

During Jak II, when the bar was still the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon and under Krew's ownership, an intoxicated Daxter spoke about re-envisioning the bar with "more dancin', more mac'n, [and] more women," citing the place could be "a real swingin' joint" and that Krew "[has] no vision."[1] After the crime lord's death, Daxter followed up on this, claiming it as his own bar and replacing the hip hog sign in the front of the establishment with an ottsel sign sporting horns and a pitchfork. He also hung the massive Metal Kor trophy head at the top inside, replacing pictures of Krew's early wrestling days with pictures of himself.

However, when Jak was banished to the Wasteland, Daxter stayed behind with him, leaving the Naughty Ottsel unattended. When a Freedom League contingency, led by Torn, was cut off from the Freedom HQ by KG Death Bot barriers during the War for Haven City, Torn was forced to hold fort at the bar, claiming it as a southern base. Torn set up a communication computer where the former wrestling ring used to be, and additionally stored artillery here. The mirror behind the service bar was somehow cracked, along with the glass bottles in the beverage inventory. Torn also stated that he used the head of the ottsel sign for target practice.[2] The head of Metal Kor was also no longer present, replaced with a large frame of Daxter, done for an unknown reason.

In the mission "Hijack eco vehicle", Jak had to use the ottsel sign as a final decoy for the last missile that was tracking his vehicle. When the missile hit the sign, it displaced the head so that it landed right-side-up on the pitchfork the ottsel was holding.[3] This was left there for the rest of the game, but was seen repaired later in its cameo appearances during Jak X: Combat Racing and PlayStation Move Heroes.


The Naughty Ottsel is located along the walkway in the Port of Haven City, in the same building as the former Hip Hog Heaven Saloon. During the War for Haven City, crates can be found on the Naughty Ottsel's porch, as well as Morph Gun models and various artillery boxes, though these were located inside the building. A computer was placed in the center of the interior room, with the dining booths remaining in tact with four on each wall. During Jak X: Combat Racing, the computer was replaced by a replica model of the Road Blade as the base of broadcast monitors. The interior is decorated with framed pictures of both Daxter and exotic dancers, the latter mention being relics from the original decor.



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