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Haven't you ever seen a muse before? It's a little glowin' squirrel about your size, full of spunk, and crazy as a lark!

— Sculptor, The Precursor Legacy

The muse is a feline animal featured in The Precursor Legacy. The Sculptor was the owner of a muse, one which, in the game's events, ran away. The Sculptor asked Jak and Daxter to retrieve her from Misty Island in exchange for a power cell in the mission "Catch the Sculptor's muse". The muse was the source of the Sculptor's inspiration to sculpt.[1]



Muse concept art

Concept art of the muse.

The muse is a felid animal, with a very nimble and flexible body, capable of quick speeds and reflexes. Unlike the rest of its physiology, its head does not resemble any type of cat; with long pointed ears, large green eyes, a small nose and mouth, with a beard. Its face, underbelly, paws, under its tail, and inner-ears are a very pale brown, almost white. It has a dark brown trim around the areas where the pale brown meets with a very decorative and flashy gold color; distinguishing it from most animals.

At least one muse was known to have a glowing, green sheen, or aura, to it.[1]


Its behavior is not unlike that of a squirrel, similar to the lightning mole (though it appears to carry a little more intelligence or social behavior than the lightning mole). It is very hyperactive as seen while chasing it around Misty Island, and again when it is returned to its owner where it will pounce and pose on its owner's rock.


The muse is extremely fast, and very hard to catch, especially considering that it can jump up to hard-to-reach places such as large bone structures and higher platforms. To start off with, it is suggested to roll-jump up to the muse at the beginning, just to get it started. When it begins running away, keep in close pursuit as much as possible, and try to cross corners when it goes around as to catch up with it easily. It may take a few laps, but it will eventually come within reach.


  • Muses were goddesses in Ancient Greek mythology that were known to inspire the creation of literature and the arts in individuals; a quality which was similarly obtained by the Sculptor's pet.
  • It is unknown how the Scultper's muse made it to Misty Island or how the Sculpter suspected it was there. It is possible that it hid on the Fisherman's speedboat when Jak and Daxter used it to travel to Misty Island at the start of The Precursor Legacy.


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