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The Mountaintop Highway is a combat racing track used in the Kras City Grand Championship during Jak X: Combat Racing. One of the more common tracks, it is set among a mountain range, taking you across high standing bridges, through frozen tunnels and caverns and past a small collection of presumably inhabited buildings in the Icelands. It is also one of the few tracks to feature giant snowballs that pose a threat to racers.

This is also a unique track for the circuit race in the Yellow Eco Cup, as Mizo somehow sabotaged Jak's car, causing his frontal and rear weapons to become unusable, thus forcing him to rely purely on turbo boosting and his driving skills to stay ahead of the other racers. The gold medal is considerably difficult, therefore a fully upgraded Havoc V12 is recommended. Notably, the Peace Maker are unavailable for other drivers, limiting their offensive capabilities to the Vulcan Fury, grenade launcher, tracking missiles and the usual assortments of red eco weapons.


Mountaintop Highway render

The highway.

The track starts atop a straight bridge and follows a turn to the right which leads into a tunnel. [a] Be careful of other racers here as there is little room for dodging attacks. Also keep note of a sudden left turn coupled with a deadly drop further to your left. Next up are some wider-spaced sections before you are led onto an upward bridge. These bridges are practically entirely straight, so beware of enemy racers as with the tunnel. At the end is a large ramp with a booster pad that will launch you into the air and across a chasm.

The rest of the track will be very wide and open, though sticking to the road is recommended as that is the only location where eco pick-ups are located. [b] After crossing the chasm you will reach civilization, drive past the buildings and eventually cross under a larger one that spans over the road itself. The last section of the race is an open field with massive snow boulders rolling down from a slope on the right. They will take fairly random paths but can be shot down with weapons if available. Otherwise one will have to rely on skill to dodge them, as they can deal quite a bit of damage if hit head-on.

Mountaintop Highway screen

The bridges.

The last piece before the finish line is another straight-away on a bridge followed by a sharp corner to the finish line on the left. [c]

Notes Edit

  1. The Timberline Track is visible on the right but blocked with a barrier.
  2. At one point, the Glacier Alley track is visible on the left but blocked with a barrier.
  3. Just before the finish line, the same as a is true here too.

Race event informationEdit

Game mode Eco cup Race event Medals req. Bronze goal Silver goal Gold goal Lap limit Time limit
Adventure mode Red Eco Cup Turbo dash 17 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st None 3:00
Green Eco Cup Circuit race (Grand Prix) 50 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 2 None
Blue Eco Cup Freeze rally 30 2:00:00 1:50:00 1:40:00 2 None
Yellow Eco Cup Circuit race 0 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 2 None
Death race 44 200
None 3:00
Exhibition mode Circuit race Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 2 None
Death race 200
None 3:00
Freeze rally 2:00:00 1:50:00 1:40:00 2 None
Rush hour 500 540 580 None 3:00
Time trial 2:00:00 1:50:00 1:40:00 1 None
Turbo dash Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st None 3:00