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The Morph Gun is a weapon featured in Jak II and Jak 3. It serves as Jak's primary weapon in both games, and is able to be morphed to different weapons through mods, including the red mod, yellow mod, blue mod, and dark mod, each specializing in its respective eco color capability.[1]


Jak IIEdit

Jak first gained the Morph Gun from Krew before he was given the mission "Beat Scatter Gun course". The Morph Gun came with the red mod weapon, the Scatter Gun. Jak then later gained the yellow mod weapon, the Blaster, after the "Destroy turrets in sewers" mission, where he had to beat the following gun course for the weapon. Later, Torn sent Jak to Dead Town, and gave him the blue mod weapon, the Vulcan Barrel, the following mission being "Protect site in Dead Town". After completing the mission "Escort men through sewers", Krew rewarded Jak with the dark mod weapon, the Peace Maker, stashed away in the gun course.

Jak 3Edit

Upon getting banished to the Wasteland, Jak was without his Morph Gun, as it was presumably revoked. However, Damas gave Jak a new Morph Gun for which he later acquired three upgrades per mod, oppose to one, totaling to twelve different weapons. As in Jak II, Jak first gained the Scatter Gun along with his first acquisition of the Morph Gun after completing the mission "Complete arena training course". After completing the following mission, "Earn 1st war amulet", Damas gives Jak the Blaster of the yellow mod. Before the mission "Earn 2nd war amulet", Damas gives Jak the Wave Concussor of the red mod. Following the completion of that mission, Jak earns the Beam Reflexor. Later on, Jak had to complete the mission "Defeat marauders in arena", whereafter he gained the blue mod's Vulcan Fury.

Later on, while in the eco mine, Jak earned the blue mod's Arc Wielder, left behind by a defeated Precursor robot in the mission "Defeat Veger's Precursor robot". While back in Haven City, Jak earned the last yellow mod upgrade that was the Gyro Burster after completing the first gun course challenge given to him by Tess, to "protect Daxter". In a similar instance, Jak gained the third and final red mod upgrade that was the Plasmite RPG, again from Tess after completing the second gun course challenge. Later, after destroying the eco grid, Jinx gave Jak the third and final upgrade to the blue mod that was the Needle Lazer.

Afterwards, Torn gives Jak the first dark mod weapon, the Peace Maker, after breaking a Slums' barrier. After the mission "Beat Cyber Errol boss", Ashelin Praxis gave Jak the second purple mod upgrade, the Mass Inverter at the Freedom HQ. Lastly, Sig gave Jak the Super Nova upgrade after blowing open the Metal Head tower's door.


Red modEdit

The red mod is a weapon that specializes in high-impact damage, and is powered by red eco. During Jak II, the only weapon for the red mod was the Scatter Gun, which specialized in short-range, blunt force, and acted in a very similar manner to a shot gun. The Scatter Gun made a reappearance in Jak 3 as well, and was accompanied by two other red mod weapons, the Wave Concussor and the Plasmite RPG. The Wave Concussor, unlike the Scatter Gun's short range, was medium range. The Plasmite RPG, however, was medium-to-long-range.

Yellow modEdit

The yellow mod is a weapon that specializes in long-range damage, and is powered by yellow eco. During Jak II, the only weapon for the yellow mod was the Blaster, which acted in a similar manner to a rifle. The Blaster, along with two other yellow mod upgrades, made an appearance in Jak 3 as well, which included the Beam Reflexor and the Gyro Burster.

Blue modEdit

The blue mod is a weapon that specializes in medium-range rapid-fire. As with other mods, Jak II only has one blue mod weapon, which is the Vulcan Barrel, which acted similar to a machine gun. In Jak 3, it has three weapon upgrades, starting with the Vulcan Barrel but is renamed the Vulcan Fury. Other blue mod weapons include the Arc Wielder and the Needle Lazer.

Dark modEdit

The dark mod specializes in the destroying of mass amounts of targets. These mods have to be used sparingly, however, as they drain ammo faster than the other mods. In Jak II, the only weapon for the dark mod was the Peace Maker, however in Jak 3 it gained the Mass Inverter and Super Nova as well.

Morph Gun upgradesEdit

Morph Gun upgrade

A Morph Gun upgrade

In Jak II, there are three gun upgrades to the Morph Gun. The first is the Scatter Gun's rate-of-fire upgrade, which decreases the amount of time it takes to recover after firing the Scatter Gun, effectively increasing its rate-of-fire. The second is the ammunition capacity upgrade, which increases the ammunition held in each weapon. The third, and last, is the damage upgrade, which increases the amount of damage dealt by each mod. This changed in Jak 3, however, and weapon upgrades could be purchased with Precursor orbs through the secrets menu, all including the same type of upgrades, but in addition there was also an ammunition consumption upgrade for the Needle Lazer, Plasmite RPG, and the Super Nova, increased duration upgrades for the Gyro Burster and Mass Inverter, and the robot shock upgrade for the Arc Wielder.



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