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Morgan was the Black Labrador owned by Naughty Dog cofounder, Jason Rubin. She passed away at the age of 13½ years old. Rubin claims that Morgan came to work with him and contributed to every game Naughtydog has made since Rings of Power. The name Morgan can be seen in the credits in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Jak II. In the credits of the Jak II manual, it states that it is 'In memory of Morgan'. Furthermore, in both Jak II and Jak 3, the name Morgan is written in Precursor text all over Haven City. In Jak 3 on the Freedom HQ computer screens, and in Jak II in the Power Station, the Precursor text on the screen reads:


Morgan I miss you

There will never be another

Good dog

Thirteen years hard time

I will always love you

Morgan is still missed even after a year has passed

It can also be noted that in the opening for the first Crash Bandicoot game, a cartoonized icon of Morgan appears when you start up the game and the transitions cuts to the scene where it shows the dog house right before the Naughty Dog logo shows up.

In a teaser trailer named "The Arrival", uploaded by PlayStation in it's official YouTube channel, "Morgan!" can be found on the license plate of a jeep, written in the Precursor alphabet.[1]

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