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The moncaw is a species in the Jak and Daxter universe. There was only one known moncaw character, Pecker, though dozens of flocks were mentioned.[1] Moncaws have birdlike bodies, with two wings and two bipedal legs. They have primate-like heads and tails, with a variety of colors including red, blue, and yellow. They are both feathered and coated with fur, and have the ability to fly. One moncaw was noted for achieving a 118-plus-year life-span while retaining juvenation, indicating significant longevity for the species. Other than ottsels and lurkers, moncaws are the only non-human species known to have the ability to speak.

The origination and history of the moncaw is ambiguous. Its physical characteristics, along with its name, would imply that the species is a hybrid cross between a monkey and a macaw, though no definitive source for this exists. Pecker is well over 100 years old,[2] and mentioned that he led his "hundredth flock south",[1] implying that the species is old, established, and well-populated.


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