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The missile bot is an enemy in Jak 3 and a minor unit in the KG Death Bots. They were used as combat devices by Cyber Errol during his boss fight at the KG war factory and not seen elsewhere. They are simple, rounded cube-shaped pods with four rocket propulsion "legs" beneath it. They are crimson-colored, typical to all KG Death Bots.

They attack by hovering towards a target and will build up an electric charge when they are close enough (the charge dissipates if the target evacuates). They then shock their target to inflict damage. They otherwise lack defenses or ranged attacks and when damaged will stop hovering and fall to the floor before rocketing upwards where after they explode in mid-air. It is possible to hit and move the missile bot after it has fallen down so it will shoot upwards at a specific spot, which is how damage is dealt to Cyber Errol during the boss fight.