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The mine dropper (or balloon lurker) is a vehicle in The Precursor Legacy. It is a balloon operated by a standard babak. Several of these were seen flying around the bay near the Lurker ship at Misty Island.


Jak needed to destroy five mine droppers during the mission "Destroy the balloon lurkers" after Daxter's suggestion to "shred 'm",[1] which required Jak to run between each mine and destroy the operating soldier with the A-Grav Zoomer. Afterwards, Keira noted that the lurkers had been terrorizing the villagers for weeks.[2]


Mine dropper concept art

Concept art

The mine dropper is a medium-sized, lurker-made balloon with a rudder in the rear, propeller in the front, and a contraption hanging below it that holds a seat and two pedals that power the balloon. It is here that the babaks are located, but also where they are vulnerable. Hanging from ropes in front and behind the lurker are large, spiked metal mines, which can technically be released if the ropes were to be cut, although this is never seen. In-game they simply act as a means of defense, forcing the player to concentrate on steering the zoomer into the lurkers while avoiding the mines.