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Daxter playing Metal Head Mash

Daxter playing Metal Head Mash.

Metal Head Mash is a minigame found in the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon during Jak II. Krew hid the time map in here. Tess saw it and had Daxter get it out in the mission "Beat the metal head mash". After he managed to reach 1500 points, the machine stopped and ejected the time map. The minigame plays very similarly to the real-life game, Whac-A-Mole.


The machine has eight holes, each hole corresponds to a button on the DualShock controller. The buttons are the D-Pad (up, right, down and left) and the face buttons (X, Square, Triangle and Circle). Pressing a button will have Daxter smash that area with a hammer.

The goal is to hit the metal heads that pop up every now and then, as the game goes on they come and go faster as well as more at once. It is also possible for the entire machine to be filled with them, although the player has extra time to smash them all. There are three types of targets to hit, gray, gold and red ones.

If Daxter hits a normal gray metal head, he receives ten points. Gold is worth fifty points. The red, electrified ones are dangerous and will result in a loss of two lives and the removal of all metal heads that were in play right when the red metal head was hit. Missing any metal heads, except red, will also result in the loss of one life. It is, however, completely safe to hit empty areas though not recommended since there is a small chance a red one might pop up just when you were about to hit it. There are twenty lives in total.