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Oh, don't tell me you two have problems as well!

— Mayor, The Precursor Legacy

The Mayor is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He serves as the mayor of Sandover Village. The Mayor gave Jak and Daxter the mission "Unblock the eco beam" in Forbidden Jungle, which required them to break the reflector directing the energy beam of blue eco to a lurker-made machine and redirect back to Sandover Village for power, as Sandover had gone without power for a period of time, which the Mayor described as bad for his campaign. He additionally offered them a standard ninety Precursor orb trade for his re-election effort, and Jak is awarded with a power cell for each.

The Mayor is a very excitable, anxious, apprehensive character, being constantly nervous for being the mayor of a village. He is short and plump, wearing purple clothing, and a top-hat typical of a mayor. He also has large pants in comparison to his shirt.

Characters in the Jak and Daxter series

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