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The Marauder stronghold was a fortress used by the marauders in Jak 3. It is a Wasteland location, located in the middle of a large river running into the island. In the mission "Take out Marauder stronghold", Seem asked Jak to retrieve the Prism which the marauders had stolen. When he entered the stronghold in his Dune Hopper, he and Daxter were ambushed by individual marauders as well as marauder catapults. Jak defeated them, which caused several leader marauder buggies to evacuate, one of them containing the Prism. Jak hunted the last one down and retrieved the artifact, which Seem allowed Jak to keep as a sign of his gratitude.


The fortress is located in the middle of a body of water and can only be reached by a bridge with retractable sections. It also contains a small garage that can hold a few vehicles, as well as several huts at the top where marauders jump out of.