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The Metal Heads, known by the Precursors as the Hora-quan, are an antagonist faction in Daxter, Jak II, and Jak 3, with a small role in Jak X: Combat Racing. They were an alien race of biomechanoid lifeforms comprising around thirty known distinct species, including Metal Bugs. Such species were reptilian, insectoid, or (more rarely) dinosaurian in nature, ranging from diminutive to colossal in size. All Metal Heads are identified by a metallic exoskeleton (giving them their name), as well as a skull gem embedded in the head, chest, or back.

Ancient enemies of the Precursors and the namesake belligerent of the Metal Head Wars, the Metal Heads were led by the ancient Kor, referred to as "Great One", until his death by the hands of Jak at the end of Jak II. Remnants of the race were then commanded by Cyber Errol before his death at the end of Jak 3, also by Jak. Within one year, there was only one known extant species, hunted in Jak X: Combat Racing for sport. This appears to reflect the dwindling status of the Metal Head race as a whole.

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