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The lurker crab[1][2] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy found at Sentinel Beach. They closely resemble hermit crabs as they hide under their shell until they reach out for an attack. Lurker crabs, similar to hermit crabs, have a large conch-like shell which they carry on top of their red bodies. They have beady crazed eyes with large pincers, and, despite their size, still carry the typical lurker trait of overgrowing appendages over their jawline.

Lurker crab concept art

Concept art

A lurker crab will hide under its shell until it gets close enough to an enemy to reach out and pinch it. Other than that it has no special attacks distinguishing it from a normal crab. Wait for the crab to reveal itself before hitting it—otherwise it will just spin away taking no damage. This does not go for the cannon, as its explosives will blow the crab away as long as it is close enough.