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The Lobber is a weapon used by Jak in The Lost Frontier. It was discovered by Keira Hagai while at the abandoned research rig,[1] and as such was available after the mission "Escape the laser lab" upon returning to Keira's workshop at the Phantom Blade.


Lobber ammo

Lobber ammo disk.

Similar to the other gunstaff mods, the Lobber is built on the gunstaff's base, having an identical handle bar but gray and green in color, with a unique device at the end. The Lobber's ammo comes in the form of a gray and green disk, the only other ammo disk than the Morph Gun's Scatter Gun.


While the Lobber is technically unique to the gunstaff against the Morph Gun, it is effectively a green eco version of the Plasmite RPG, a red mod weapon from Jak 3. However, it is much shorter in range and lower in rate of fire than the RPG. It is nevertheless still useful in pressing situations, as it is very powerful and has a large effect radius, and still possesses a fair rate of fire (in fact comparable to the RPG with gunstaff upgrades). Similar to the Vulcan Fury, it should be reserved due to its high ammo consumption. Unlike the Vulcan Fury, however, it has a low ammo capacity to begin with but a low consumption rate per discharge.

It is recommended to use against more powerful enemies such as the ethereal sub-commander, gladiator, and bosses (specifically the hyper mutant and Skyheed), though it also performs excellently against groups of standard Aeropan commandos.