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The Phantom Blade, commonly referred to as the galleon, is an airship in The Lost Frontier. She served as the flagship and mobile base of the Sky Pirates, commanded and piloted by Captain Phoenix. The Captain's first mate Klout, as well as several deckhands and soldiers constituted the ship's crew.

After Jak aligned himself with Phoenix, he was able to lay the ship a course for a desired hub location from the console in the ship's wheelhouse. He was also able to make use of the ship's hangar, where he could park and modify the planes collected over the course of the game. As an honorary pirate, Jak eventually became the ship's official helmsman as well.[1]

The Phantom Blade ultimately met her fate when Phoenix used her to intercept the massive dark eco stream drawn upon from the eco core by the Aeropans, preventing catastrophic effects. The sacrificial act saved the planet, but ultimately saw the end of the Blade and her captain.


Band of robbersEdit

The Phantom Blade's early history remains unknown, though she at some point came under the possession of or was built by Captain Phoenix, who utilized her as a mobile base for his band of pirates. The galleon made her debut in the opening sequence of The Lost Frontier, after Jak, Daxter, and Keira had just evaded pirate raiders that had assailed their Hellcat. Jak first attempted to escape the Blade by flying between the decks on either side of her skull figurehead, though the pirates immediately after grappled the plane with tether cables. Eventually the pirates retreated back to the galleon, however, after an unsuccessful attempt to rob them of eco.

Later, Phoenix stole the trio's newly acquired eco seeker, also taking Keira with him. Jak gave chase to him, but was eventually ambushed by pirate raiders, forcing a crash land on Brink Island. After having his ship repaired, Jak again took to the skies to stop the Phantom Blade from leaving Brink Island so that he could board the ship and rescue Keira. He began by destroying the galleon's main propellors, and then her rear thrusters, to prevent escape. After that he took out the galleon's primary defense, which came in the form of eight rapid-fire turrets. Defenseless and maneuverless, Phoenix was forced to let Jak board the galleon.

New alliesEdit

Phantom Blade wheelhouse

Jak eventually gains control of the helm.

During this time, Keira appeared to have gained some sort of insight into Phoenix's battle against the Aeropans, but for some reason withheld this information from Jak. As a result, Keira acted as a mediator between Jak and Phoenix, forcing a truce between the two during the time Keira had possession of the seeker (for one week, courtesy of the Aeropans). Additionally, Phoenix took a liking to Jak for his determination, and as a result of this, for the time being Jak became a reluctant ally. Furthermore, Keira was given her own research workshop to further her work.

Jak's first missioned assigned to him by Phoenix was to retrieve supplies from the hidden pirate town of Far Drop, saying he would go himself, but, "someone" shot his engines full of holes, and he had to stay aboard to fix them. Jak accomplished this, allowing the galleon to load up and head out. As a result, Phoenix made Jak the official helmsman of the Phantom Blade, as well as an honorary pirate. Jak could now steer the ship as he saw fit. Jak's first course was to the abandoned research rig to search for light eco to power the eco seeker.

Aeropan aggressionEdit

Shortly after, the captain and official helmsman had a dispute as to where to set sail, as both Far Drop and the old Aeropan barracks picked up signals for a coordinate sphere, required for the seeker to operate. Phoenix deferred to Keira, who in turn deferred to Jak, who set sail for the latter. Shortly after acquiring the sphere, the Phantom Blade was ambushed by the barrack's automatic defense system. Jak had to defend the Blade, which took heavy damage.

Afterwards Keira discovered a third coordinate sphere beyond the Brink in a place called Sector Zero, and Jak accordingly set course. After retrieving the sphere, the Blade was again ambushed, but this time by the Aeropan flagship, the ACS Behemoth. Jak successfully took out the initial weapons barrage and returned to the Blade, only to find out the Behemoth had grappled onto the Blade for an up-close assault. Jak thus had to go to the upper deck to repel the Aeropan boarders and defend the galleon from the battleship's turrets and gunships. He did so by utilizing the galleon's on-deck rapid fire turrets (of the same kind he destroyed in the beginning of the game), as well as the lob turrets.

Finding the coreEdit

Now in possession of the necessary three coordinate spheres, the pirates are able to find the eco core, which they discover is beneath the previously-visited research rig. However, now that the Aeropans are alerted to their existence, they decide to leave the Phantom Blade behind so as to go in undetected. Klout agrees to stay behind, get the crew ready, and follow in once they reach the core. However, the first mate actually betrays the group, leading the duke of Aeropa, Skyheed, straight to them.

The treacherous Klout gave knowledge to the Aeropans of the eco core, Far Drop, and the Phantom Blade herself. As a result, an Aeropan pirate sympathizer transmits a secret message to the galleon that the Aeropans have laid siege to Far Drop. This gave them an opportunity to defend the town as well as stop the Behemoth, and afterwards yet another message was transmitted to the pirates to use the barracks warp gate to infiltrate Aeropa for a retaliatory siege. Once there, Keira knocked out Aeropa's long-range sensor array in order to allow the Phantom Blade and her crew to get to Aeropa.

Final momentsEdit

Captain Phoenix's Last Ride

The Phantom Blade's final moments, just before intercepting the dark eco stream.

While at Aeropa, Jak realizes that the chancellor of the city, Ruskin, was the one sending the messages. This angered Skyheed, who promptly killed him and proceeded to fight Jak. Jak ultimately bested him, causing the Duke to flee in his personal heavy fighter. Phoenix promises to keep up with Jak with the Phantom Blade while Jak pursues Skyheed, using whatever flier he wished to pick from the galleon's hangar, courtesy of the Captain.

Now... Skyheed, or whatever you've become, see if you can take a "Blade" to the heart! Hah hahah!

— Phoenix, The Lost Frontier

The chase leads nowhere, however, causing Jak to return to the Phantom Blade. Skyheed returns to the Behemoth, and the two flagships prepare for battle. The Phantom Blade assisted Jak in fighting the Behemoth by launching several bombs toward the Aeropan battleship. Eventually Keira finished modifying the Hellcat with a high-power eco laser, allowing Jak to increase his firepower. Alas Phoenix made the choice to sacrifice himself and his Phantom Blade by intercepting the dark eco stream received by the Behemoth, destroying the galleon and making the Behemoth vulnerable. Jak used the eco laser to finish the battleship off, "for Phoenix."


Phantom Blade upper deck

The upper deck.

The Phantom Blade has a narrow profile for emulating a sailing ship. Starting at the front of the ship, she possesses a beakhead capped with a skull figurehead, with one lob turret mounted on the back of the beakhead, a mast with a smaller sail mounted on top, and a large rudder mounted to the bottom.

On either side of the beakhead are two narrow decks, each with a wing protruding from the side, each wing with two rapid-fire turrets (one mounted on both the top and bottom). Said decks eventually lead to the lateral center of the ship. Here lies the wheelhouse, identifiable by its large window. On either side of the wheelhouse is a rapid-fire turret and two-tier decks. A lob turret is mounted on the top, as well as a mast with a larger sail.

Behind the wheelhouse is the poop deck, with a dome that would be Keira's workshop (see below) situated in the back. On either side of this area is a wing with a very small flag-like sail. The stern of the ship consists of two beakhead-like decks capped with a rapid-fire turret each, and mounted with a lob turret each on top; these mounted on top of the dual main thrusters, below which are four smaller thrusters. At the hull of the ship is a main propellor engine on either side of the hangar entrance and runway. Both propellors have a wing protruding from the side with a similar flag-like sail.


Phantom Blade hangar

The hangar.

After docking with the Phantom Blade an elevator will lead up to the hangar. There are five platforms in this hangar, each indeed being its own elevator and having the capacity to keep one plane (planes will appear as they are unlocked). Toward the back of the hangar is a computer console, which can be used to adjust plane mods and plane weapons. Beyond the computer are small stairways on either side of the room leading to the main deck, guarded by a pirate (said pirate will at some point in the game offer the Gunship).

Phantom Blade lower deck

The main deck.

The main deck serves as a hub to other parts of the galleon. Immediately to the right or left (depending on which door you used to get from the hangar to the main deck) is a large stairway which leads to the wheelhouse.
Keira's workshop

Keira's workshop.

This room is where Phoenix can be found, as well as the helm once the you gain control of it. To the right of the wheelhouse's staircase is an elevator that will take you up to the upper deck (see above).

To the back of the main deck are two large staircases on either side of the room that leads to Keira's workshop, which is essentially a small research lab, with eco crystal machines to the left, bookcases to the right, and a workbench in the back.



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