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During and perhaps before Jak II, Keira Hagai worked in a race garage in the Main Town sector of Haven City at Mar Memorial Stadium. This garage was used by Keira to build and repair vehicles, display her awards, and communicate with other people. It contained a curtain which hid her rift rider project from the public.


When Krew first sent Jak to contact his NYFE racing client, in the mission "Beat time to race garage", Jak was unaware that the client was Keira, due to the curtain. After several moments of contact with her, Daxter frustratingly burst out, allowing Keira to recognize his voice, where she then revealed herself to the duo. Afterwards, this location was the point of influence for the rift rider and the plan to go back home (Sandover Village) which Keira had been working on for some two years of being thrust into the future. It was also where the group met before each of the qualifying NYFE races.