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The kangarat is an animal in the Jak and Daxter universe. They are relatively common pests found in Spargus, feeding off local produce. Kleiver tasked Jak once to feed a leaper lizard a few of these by chasing them down in the mission "Catch kangarats", during which the leaper lizard would promptly swallow them whole if captured successfully. Kleiver afterward noted that "maybe [his] food stores will last a little longer now."[1]

Kangarat screen

A leaper lizard chasing a kangarat.

Kangarats have a reptile-like build and are little larger than an ottsel. They have small weak arms but large, strong legs supported by large black talons, used for running. They are orange in color with stray black markings. Their behavior is that of a rodent, scavenging for food or waste and bolting quickly from sight. Although somewhat reptilian, their overall characteristics, along with their name, would imply that they are a hybrid breed of a kangaroo and a rat, though no definitive source for this exists.


  • Kangarats may be killed using melee attacks, meaning the mission "Catch kangarats" can be completed without the use of a leaper. However, due to their fast speed, this may become a difficult challenge and will require that they be cornered.[2]


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