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The jungle snake[1] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. It is a lurker snake living in the trees of Forbidden Jungle.

Very similar to that of a cobra or viper, the jungle snake has a long body, wide face similar to a hood-snake, and a brown body with a beige/yellow underbelly. As with most lurkers, it has appendages growing over the jawline, yellow eyes, and a metal collar.


The jungle snake attacks in a unique way; if one approaches their location they will drop from the trees and swing slowly from side to side, poised for attack with their eyes held on its target. Sometimes, the snake will land on top of the player, but usually they are too early and you can devise a proper attack or go around them.

With Jak approaching the snake, it will attempt to bite him, taking off one portion of his health meter. The best thing to do is make a high jump over their attack range then use a spin attack (which lasts until Jak hits the ground) so that as it tries to attack, Jak will kick it.

There are two ways to tell if a jungle snake is near: there will usually be a quiet hiss as you approach its territory, and the territory itself seems to be devoid of any plants at all. As long as their presence is not unsuspected, sidestepping will be efficient in evading them.


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