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The juice goon is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is a reptilian metal head commonly found in the Haven sewers and pumping station. In Jak II, juice goons were first seen at the pumping station in the mission "Protect Sig at the pumping station". There were several of them, mostly appearing in very large groups of other juice goons.

They were later seen in a surprise Metal Head attack on the eastern Bazaar in which they arrived in an eco tanker and attacked alongside numerous other grunts in the mission "Intercept tanker". They were also found ambushing the pumping station yet again in the mission "Find pumping station patrol", but were not seen again until Jak 3.

Juice goons did not make much of an appearance in Jak 3 other than one mission, "Reach Port via sewer" along with multiple other sling blasters towards the end point of a section of the Haven sewers.


Juice goon concept art

Juice goon concept art.

The juice goon is a round, bipedal, reptilian metal head with dark blue skin. It has a very small head compared to the rest of its body, with a small skull gem embedded between four small eyes. It has two large legs, a pair of small arms, and a relatively short tail. The juice goon has little armor compared to other metal heads, with only metallic shin pads, forearm guards, and shoulder plates.

The goon carries a metal staff which fires red electricity, with a lightning-based design at the rear end and a gem mounted on the top. This gem has the same texture as the skull gem, but with an overlayed red glow.


The juice goon has two melee attacks, one is a simple smash with its staff although it more frequently electrocutes enemies with the staff.

A juice goon alone isn't very fast and nor do they have a great range, but because they will usually appear in big groups it's recommended to get to a different area or platform altogether. A lone goon can easily be defeated by a melee attack (or combing it with the Scatter Gun or Blaster), in bigger groups one might use the Scatter Gun to just hold them off without risking much damage. If available, try using the Wave Concussor, Beam Reflexor or Vulcan Fury (or anything that is better than these three) to win without too much trouble.