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You better keep your head down, sugar!
— Jinx, Jak II

Jinx is a minor character in Jak II and Jak 3. He used to work for Krew as one of three explosives experts along with Grim and Mog, and then worked closely with Torn and the Freedom League during the War for Haven City. In Jak II, he only appeared in the mission "Escort men through sewers", where he was escorted by Jak through the Haven sewers together with Grim and Mog. His goal, together with his two companions, was to blow up the Statue of Mar and retrieve the Heart of Mar artifact from it, in which they succeeded attributed to Jak defending the trio from the hosehead infestations.

In Jak 3, Jinx appeared in both missions "Destroy eco grid with Jinx" and "Break barrier with blast bot", during which he detonated eco grid junctions and obtained a blast bot to control remotely, respectively. He also had a small role in the mission "Blow open tower door", during which he drove in a HellCat cruiser.



Jinx from Jak II concept art

Concept art of Jinx for Jak II.

Jinx is an averagely tall human with long blond hair kept in a tie in the back, and has continual scruff on his face. He wears rugged clothing, with a strap going towards his back which he often uses to keep explosives. He wears boots and gloves seemingly similar to Jak's in Jak II. In Jak 3 Jinx no longer keeps his scarf over his face and is often seen with a cigar.


Jinx has a heavy Brooklyn accent which attributes to his personality. He is a street-wise, sarcastic person who evidently enjoys blowing things up. Jinx usually refers to Jak as "Jakkie-Boy", "Blondie", "Pretty Boy", and "Goldilocks". Despite his exterior persona, during the escort mission in Jak II, upon seeing a single metal head in the sewers, he screams in fright. Albeit Jinx is seemingly braver than Mog and Grim, who continually suggest retreating the mission, while Jinx insisting they move forward.


Jinx is best known as an explosives expert, detonating things on various occasions to accomplish tasks. He is a freelancer, as he once worked for both Krew and the Freedom League. In the respective cutscene for the mission "Break barrier with blast bot", it is revealed Jinx was able to disable a blast bot and rig it with extra explosives and connect it to a remote, which Jak then used to control through the Industrial Zone and detonate a barrier.