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The Javelin X is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is unlocked by completing the Green Eco Cup's Grand Prix, and is one of the first cars you will receive for the Blue Eco Cup (along with the Anvil RTX). Ashelin Praxis and Torn use this vehicle during the Blue Eco Cup, Yellow Eco Cup, and in exhibition mode, and Rayn uses it during the Blue Eco Cup only.


The Javelin X is a sleek racer, riding close to the ground similar to the Road Blade, but has a noticeably more fortified chassis and stronger armor. The weapons are mounted above and behind the driver, unlike other race cars similar to it such as the Blade or Street Grinder.

Also similar to the Blade and Grinder is its innocuousness, lacking any true downsides. It has adequate acceleration, steering, and control, even while boosting and powersliding. The average statistics for top speed, armor, and turbo efficiency are easily out-matched by most other cars, however. Nevertheless, the reliability of this car makes it a good choice for any track that does not specifically require either speed, armor or the ability to take an especially sharp turn.