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Haven City from Jak II render

Haven City is a location in Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing. It is a metropolitan city-state at the bottom of sprawling alps on the coastline of a massive wasteland. The city is all-encompassed by a large barrier wall, which serves to protect its inhabitants and assets from outside threats (hence the city's name). For most of Haven City's history, it was also protected by the Shield Wall, a repellent of the Metal Heads, with whom the city had been embroiled in a 300 year-long war.

The city was founded by the legendary Mar, who was storied to have built the Shield Wall and the city's eco grid. His descendants, the House of Mar, would go on to rule the city for most of its history. Eventually, Baron Praxis usurped the throne from the last blood-right king, Damas, and served as a regent in the absence of a fitting scion of Mar. Praxis leveraged the war with the Metal Heads to remain in power, and became an iron-fisted dictator, along with the corrupt and bureaucratic Grand Council of Haven City.

Praxis was killed in-office during an engagement with the Metal Head leader Kor. Although it was eventually discovered Jak was the true heir to the throne, Praxis' daughter, Ashelin Praxis, inherited governorship parallel to the Grand Council shortly before she dissolved it. Ashelin proved to be much more benevolent than her father, and remains the governor of the now-peaceful Haven City, which availed over the Metal Heads and other threats with the help of Jak.

Along with the eco grid, barrier walls, and the Shield Wall, the city is entirely self-sustaining thanks to other technological and industrial feats, such as the eco mine, strip mine, power station, drill platform, and pumping station. The city was also home to architectural and engineering feats, such as a complex underground sewerage system and transit system, as well as the iconic Haven Palace, before its collapse at the outset of the Battle for Haven City. The city is divided into different sectors via barriers, each sector serving and reflecting particular social and economic functions.

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Did you know...
    • ...that the oldest known age of a character is Kaeden at 123 years old?
    • ...that light eco is created by combining all four colors of eco, whereas dark eco can be split into colored eco through an eco prism?
    • ...that the tigorilla, goosesnake, and kangarabbit were all mentioned at some point in the Jak and Daxter series (as well as caturkey and crocadeer in unused dialogue), alongside other hybrid species?
    • ...that the Metal Heads are known by the Precursors as the Hora-quan?

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