The Jak and Daxter Wiki is an online wiki compendium about the Jak and Daxter series. It consists of a collaborative community whose aim is to curate accurate and comprehensive content for Jak and Daxter fans.

Structure and functionalityEdit

The Jak and Daxter Wiki's content (articles, pictures, etc.) is created by its visitors—people like you. While some visitors create an account to edit, it is not required and some do not (however it is free and easy and comes with several benefits). Articles are written, revised, and monitored in accordance with the site's guideline and associated help pages to ensure they are up to standard in quality, reliability, and encyclopedic value. Furthermore, information and images kept on the site are restricted to the wiki's scope.

The site is managed by a group of contributors known as administrators, who have the ability to delete and undelete pages, protect pages, rollback edits, block users, and edit the site's interface pages (see Project:Administrators for more information).

All decisions are made either according to or with respect for community consensus, determined by discussion among editors (usually via talk pages, community forums, or chat sessions). Not the status of the contributor to the discussion nor the number of votes on a particular issue determine consensus—rather, the cogency of the presented arguments win out through a process of concession and good faith. However, regardless of any consensus, the dependence upon reliable sources to maintain the integrity of the site remains invariably paramount.


The Jak and Daxter Wiki was founded August 14, 2007 by User:Shanegamer13, who effectively abandoned the wiki with only a few sporadic edits over the next few years. September 2008 saw the arrival of User:Jakraziel, who successfully adopted the wiki on October 1, 2008 after notable contributions.

In the following days many contributors came along and helped move the wiki forward, and some were made administrators but eventually left. However, one User:Light Daxter began editing and suggesting changes in March 2009, and was appointed administrator a few days later to help with the changes he proposed. He was further made bureaucrat a month later after having proven his dedication, and has since remained the wiki's most regular editor.

The following years saw further additions to and removals from the administrator team as well as a large influx of contributors following the release of Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier in November 2009. Eventually however, the wiki slowed to a desultory state. It wasn't until July 2013 that User:Jak Himself joined the wiki, becoming administrator one month later and helping to start the revamp project, bringing on a site-wide content overhaul. Long-time contributor User:Technobliterator also helped modernize the wiki's templates to use Lua code, and kept the wiki consistent with the latest technological and community developments around the network. The project has persisted into 2018.


The scope of the Jak and Daxter Wiki (that is, its focus and criteria for inclusion) is confined to the "canon" of the Jak and Daxter series to ensure the site's practical and encyclopedic value. Any material added to the site that is deemed excessive of the scope will be removed (deletion criterion A8 and B2).

  1. Obviously unrelated articles or files that are created or uploaded will be deleted on sight (we're neither an image hosting site nor free ad space).
  2. Information regarding real-life people and organizations, however related to Jak and Daxter, likely goes beyond their experience with the series, and are therefore, if notable enough, outsourced to their respective Wikipedia articles.
  3. Similarly, material found in some games that is not unique or distinctly critical to the Jak and Daxter series (such as a barrel or treasure chest) is considered non-notable and therefore exceeds the scope.

What the Jak and Daxter Wiki is not...Edit

It is easy, especially for inexperienced contributors, to misconstrue the site's goals and focus. It is important to recognize that the Jak and Daxter Wiki is not:

  1. A mirror or repository of links or files. Pages created to promote anything other than the goals of the community will be considered spam, and images uploaded without the intention to be used in articles will be deleted.
  2. A place for speculation, theories, or fan fiction. These things should be discussed elsewhere, like on r/jakanddaxter, Jak and Daxter Fanon Wiki, or in a chat room.
  3. An indiscriminate collection of information. Content must have practical and encyclopedic value. Merely being true is not enough to be included on the wiki.
  4. Censored. The Jak and Daxter series' target demographic is 13 and above, as is the wiki's. Therefore, there may be potentially offensive content that will not be censored. See this update for more information.
  1. An experiment in democracy. While straw polls can be helpful in determining consensus, they themselves do not establish consensus. In either case, decisions should not be made according to majority rule, but by the persuasiveness of the presented arguments.
  2. A bureaucracy. The site is not governed by rules. While rules are enforced, they serve to document what has historically been accepted or rejected and are therefore followed as the status quo until they are changed by new discussions for consensus. While the site has bureaucratic administrators, they are not "bureaucratic" as it is usually understood.
  3. A battleground, soapbox, or other vocal platform. It is rare that interpretations and extrapolations are contested as non-neutral in point of view due to the straightforward nature of the canon. However, in the event that objections are raised (for which no common ground can be established), articles should resort to highly strict interpretations and avoid original research.
  4. Compulsory. Do not make the mistake of taking things too seriously. Remember, editing is not required, and feel free to take a break should you feel the need to. This website is a hobby for Jak and Daxter enthusiasts, not a full-time job. Similarly, do not become offended if you find content that is not up to par. Fix it yourself or move on.

What the Jak and Daxter Wiki is...Edit

In order to better promote and advance the goals of the community, there is also a list of things the Jak and Daxter Wiki is:

  1. A publisher of original research. It is important to understand that articles will always represent someone's personal experience with, interpretation of, or extrapolation to, the games. Information must be cross-verifiable against the games themselves, but in general the site operates upon principles of good faith.
  2. A strategy guide. Here you can find mission walkthroughs, combat strategies, mission tactics, and more. Unique to the wiki, however, is that it's free, online, and collaborative, unlike paper strategy guides, which allows it to be more accommodating, accessible, and adaptable.

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