This is the script of Jak and Daxter: Trilogy.


  • In some cases, narration overlaps with multiple cutscenes. Therefore, individual cutscene labels have been omitted. Instead, the script is separated into three sections, with one for each game.
  • While Jak II spells Erol's name with only one r, Jak 3 spells it as "Errol." In order to maintain script continuity, the original spelling has been used, as it was seen in written form in both games.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Edit

Daxter (narrating): Hello everybody! I’m here! The Daxter factor is in the building! Ah, hello? Hey! Where’s the cake and dancing girls? Someone said there was a party for me in here. What’re you guys watching? Oh, I get it! You want me to do some of that cool star commentary like the big boys do on all those special edition DVDs.

Daxter (narrating):Is this thing on?

Daxter (narrating): And now, fellow peeps and cronies, I present to you, in full Daxteround sound, the legend of Orange Lightning! And his less important, hardly involved sidekick, Jak.

Daxter (narrating): That’s Jak. Kinda scrawny, huh? And that incredibly handsome guy is me… back when I had pants. As you can see, I was a happy lad. Before Jak talked me into going to that stupid Misty Island!

Daxter: What are we doin' here anyway, Jak? This place gives me the creeps!

Daxter: (oof) Huh? Oh, stupid Precursor junk!

Daxter: Eek! What is that dark ooze? It sure don't look friendly!

Daxter: The Sage yaps on about the Precursors that built this place all the time: "Where did they go?", "Why did they build this crap?" Now I like Precursor orbs and power cells as much as the next guy, but if you ask me, they must have been real losers.

Daxter: Wo-oah! How did you do that?

Jak: Uh...

Daxter: Jak, I think we're in trouble!

Jak: Hiyah!

Daxter: (yells)

Daxter: Man, that stung! I told you we shouldn't have come here, and you listened!

Daxter: ...What?

Daxter: (screams)

Daxter: Okay, okay. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Daxter: (screams)

Daxter (narrating): As you can see, I handled it quite well.

Daxter (narrating): Once I calmed Jak down, we went to see old evergreen, Samos the Sage, about turning me back into my old gorgeous self.

Samos Hagai: What in green tarnation do you two want?

Daxter: We–we–we was, they was–I–I was–...

Samos Hagai: Don't tell me! Instead of heeding my wisdom, the two of you went mucking around at the only place that I told you not to go: Misty Island!

Daxter: That's right! And then we–...

Samos Hagai: And Daxter, you finally took a much-needed bath, but in a bathtub filled with dark eco.

Daxter: Look old man, are you gonna keep yappin', or are you gonna help me out of this mess?!

Samos Hagai: I'm gonna keep yappin'! Because in my professional opinion, the change is an improvement.

Daxter: (growls)

Samos Hagai: And besides... I couldn't help you if I wanted to.

Daxter: What?!

Samos Hagai: There's only one person who has studied dark eco long enough to have a chance at returning you to your previous form: Gol Acheron, the sage. But he lives far to the north; far, far to the north!

Daxter (narrating): Yeah right! If had known what we were about to step into, I would have gladly stayed the village mascot!

Daxter (narrating): Just to get out of Sandover Village, we had to help this bunch of pathetic losers!

Mayor: Your village needs you!

Daxter (narrating): This guy couldn’t find his pants without help! Ah, pants…

Farmer: You think you can help an old man?

Sculptor: Little furry dude!

Flut flut: Mamma!

Birdwatcher: Isn't that cute?

Fisherman: I can't seem to catch a single fish in this river!

Daxter: Maybe... it's your breath!

Daxter (narrating): But at least they gave us stuff! Jak did all the grunt work while I collected the power cells. Hehe! Suckers! We needed enough of these things to get through the Fire Canyon on my main girl Keira’s zoomer.

Daxter: Hey baby! Whad'ya say you and I go cruisin' on this A-Grav Zoomer?

Keira Hagai: Rule number one: I don't date animals.

Daxter: Aw, you don't know what you're missin', hehe.

Daxter (narrating): She couldn’t resist me.

Daxter (narrating): At last we reached Rock Village, where Samos’ buddy the Blue Sage had vanished without a trace!

Daxter (narrating): It seems this ugly monster had been terrorizing the village by pulping it with huge boulders! And the people were even more pathetic than in our village!

Geologist: You two look like a couple of capable fellows.

Boggy Billy: Will you help me out?

Gambler: Well, what are you waitin' for? This barrel's gettin' itchy!

Warrior: Oh, my aching head.

Daxter: I doubt that's one of your vital organs! Walk it off, tough guy!

Daxter (narrating): Keira used some of the power cells we collected to raise a large boulder, and we were on our way to face that monster menace!

Daxter: Wait! Uh. I'll stay here and protect Keira. Jak, I think you're ready to handle that monster without me.

Keira Hagai: Oh, really heroic of you.

Daxter (narrating): This called for… Orange Lightning to the rescue!

Daxter (narrating): After I took out that halitosis challenged neanderthal, everything was looking great, and of course, that’s when all Hell broke loose!

Samos Hagai: Holy yakow! The Red Sage's lab looks worse than the Blue's!

Keira Hagai: Well it definitely looks as though there's been a struggle here.

Gol Acheron: (laughs) I'd hardly call it "struggle", would you, dear sister?

Maia Acheron: Certainly not. The Red Sage gave up with so little effort. No fun at all.

Samos Hagai: Gol? Is that you? What have you two done with the Blue and Red Sages?!

Gol Acheron: Don't worry about your colorful friends, you old fool! They're perfectly safe at our citadel.

Maia Acheron: (laughs)

Daxter: Wait a minute! That was Gol?! The same Gol who's supposed to change me back?! I'm doomed.

Daxter (narrating): I didn’t let this little setback get me down. We had work to do! We battled spiders, abominable lurkers, and just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, we had to deal with these two rocket scientists!

Willard: Hey, Gordy! Duh, I think we gots visitors!

Gordy: Ya think, Willard?

Daxter (narrating): After a lovely romp through the lava tubes, my little hottie surprised us with the good news! ...I mean, the bad news, that old greenie had been pruned.

Daxter: Hey! Where's old short, green, and wrinkly?

Keira Hagai: This is terrible! Father is missing! I think Gol and Maia may have kidnapped him as well!

Daxter: Relax, sweetheart. I got everything under control.

Keira Hagai: Under control?! Lurker armies continue to grow across the land, the sages have been kidnapped, Gol and Maia have gathered enough eco to complete their terrible plan, and to stop them you're going to have to fight your way through their citadel!

Daxter: Uh... yeah. That about uh, sums it up.

Keira Hagai: You've got to rescue my father before it's too late! And Jak? Be careful.

Daxter: Yeah, we will be!

Daxter (narrating): Clearly, the stress of the moment was getting to Keira.

Daxter (narrating): All we had to do now was rescue old green bones himself and his colorful friends… as if these blabbermouths deserved it.

Yellow Sage: Who woulda' thought I'd live to see the day when I needed to be rescued by a boy and his muskrat!

Daxter (narrating): Hated him!

Blue Sage: I will try to actuate the shield door by eliciting a conduit of energy...

Daxter (narrating): Hated him too!

Blue Sage: ...between myself and the vast portal below!

Daxter: Uh, yeah. You do that.

Red Sage: What are your names?

Daxter: I'm Daxter! He's Jak. He's with me.

Red Sage: Good job, Daxter! You're a real hero!

Daxter (narrating): Now that was a smart fella. Although he did scare me a bit.

Daxter (narrating): Next in line for saving was old green jeans himself.

Gol Acheron: You're too late, Samos! And to think, you two traveled all this way for my help... Fools! Enjoy your front-row seats to the recreation of the world!

Samos Hagai: Jak! Take the elevator up and stop that robot!

Daxter: Oh great... I get to help the guy, that turned me into a furball, destroy the only person who can turn me back!

Daxter (narrating): You can only push an ottsel so far! I opened up a can of orange puri-whoop-ass on Gol and Maia and their stupid Precursor robot!

Daxter (narrating): Finally those silly rainbow Sages made themselves useful, by combining their powers to make something that could stop this dark eco menace.

Gol Acheron: Light eco! It does exist!

Maia Acheron: They must not be allowed to get it!

Daxter: Light eco! That could be the stuff to change me back! Or... it might stop that robot. Stay fuzzy, save the world. Choices. Okay, fine! We'll save the world. But do it quickly, before I change my mind!

Daxter (narrating): And with a heroic stature taller than my height might suggest, I made a choice to save the world, instead of changing back.. and it wasn’t a smart one.

Daxter (narrating): I’ll let Jak take this one.

Maia Acheron: Do something!

Jak: (shouts)

Gol Acheron: (screams)

Daxter (narrating): Of course, my girl was worried sick about me, but no worries my dear.

Daxter (narrating): Booyah baby! Orange Lightning 100, stupid robot 0! Looks like those breakdance lessons at the really paid off for the Jak man.

Samos Hagai: Well, it looks may have been too hard on you boys! You do have what it takes to be heroes!

Keira Hagai: But, Daxter... now we can't change you back.

Daxter: Don't worry about me, baby! You know what they say: Big things come in small packages! Right Jak? I said, right, Jak?!

Daxter: Woah! Put it on ice, big guy!

Daxter (narrating): She was obviously trying to make me jealous. Yeah right, toots!

Daxter (narrating): But then we found it! After working our butts off on this adventure, after collecting every stinking power cell in this entire crazy world, clawing my paws to the bone, we got, that’s right, drumroll please… Absolutely nothing! Zippo! Nadda!

Daxter: Wow! What is it?!

Keira Hagai: It's so beautiful...

Samos Hagai: By the Precursors...

Daxter (narrating): Hello! That sucked! That suuucked! I’ll send you my therapy bill, and a receipt for the broken game controller!

Jak II Edit

Daxter (narrating): So, uh, where were we? Ah yes! After finding that giant glowing thing, we brought it all back to Samos’ pad. Don’t ask me how.

Samos: Today's the big day, Jak. I hope you are prepared... for whatever happens.

Keira: I think I've figured out most of this machine. It interacts somehow with that large Precursor Ring. I just hope we didn't break anything moving it here to the lab.

Daxter: Easy for you to say! We did all the heavy lifting!

Samos: Daxter! Don't touch anything! Though the Precursors vanished long ago, the artifacts they left behind can still do great harm.

Keira: Or great good! If you figure out how to use them.

Samos: I've had some experience with such things. I know you can make it work.

Daxter: Looks like Jak's still got the mojo!

Keira: Interesting... it appears to be reading out some preset coordinates.

Daxter: Wow, look at that!

Metal Kor: Finally! The last rift gate has been opened!

Daxter: Aaaaargh! What are those things?!

Samos: So this is how it happened...

Metal Kor: You cannot hide from me boy!

Keira: Do something, Jak!

Daxter: What's this do?! Or that?! How 'bout this one?! Everybody, press all the buttons!

Keira: What was that thing?!

Samos: Hang on everyone!

Daxter: Yyaaaaahhhhh! I want off this thing!

Keira: Aaaaaah!

Samos: Find yourself, Jak!

Daxter: Okay, I swear that's the last time I ever, ever, touch any stupid Precursor crap!

Guard: There he is. Move in. Step away from the animal!

Daxter: Yyaaaaaaaaah!

Erol: Forget the rat. The Baron wants him! We've been waiting for you!

Daxter: Don't worry Jak! I'll save you before you know it!

Two years later.

Daxter (narrating): Okay, so I got a little sidetracked! I had a few adventures of my own those two years, okay?! Don’t judge. Anyway, I got to Jak as soon as I could. You see, Jak was being held by Praxis and Erol in one big nasty fortress, and I have this thing against torture. It’s not for me.

Computer (voice): Dark eco injection cycle complete. Bio readings nominal and unchanged.

Praxis: Hhhppp. Nothing! I was informed that this one might be different!

Erol: He is surprisingly resistant to your 'experiments' Baron Praxis. I fear the Dark Warrior program has


Praxis: Aaaagh! You should at least be dead with all the dark eco I've pumped into you!

Erol: What now? Metal Head armies are pressing their attacks. Without a new weapon, my men cannot hold them off forever!

Praxis: I will not be remembered as the man who lost this city to those vile creatures! Move forward with the final plan! And finish off this... 'thing' tonight!

Erol: As you wish. I'll be back later...

Daxter: Ding, ding... Third floor... Body chains, roach food, torture devices. Hey buddy... you seen any heroes around here? WHOA! What'd they do to you?! Jak, it's me... Daxter! That's a fine hello! I've been crawling around in this place risking my tail... literally, to save you! I've been looking for you for two years! Say something! Just this once!!

Jak: I'm gonna kill Praxis!

Daxter: Shhhhhh! Right now, we gotta get you outta here. Just let me figure out how to open the security locks for your chair so I...


Daxter: Or aaah... you could do it. Jak? Easy now. Easy buddy. It's... it's your old pal Daxter remember?

Jak: AAAAGGHH!... Daxter?

Daxter: What the heck was that?! Sheesh, remind me not to piss you off! Come on tall, dark and gruesome. We're outta here! I, uh, brought you some new threads. Put 'em on.

Daxter (narrating): Clearly, Jak had some “anger issues.” He was looking to settle the score with Baron Praxis, and it didn’t matter who got in his way.

Kor: Hello strangers. My name is Kor. May I help...

Jak: You look like a reasonably smart man. I want information. Where the Hell am I?

Daxter: Uh, sorry. He's new to the whole conversation thing.

Kor: Well, my angry young friend. You are a "guest" of his "majesty" Baron Praxis, the ruler of "glorious" Haven City.

Jak: I was just a "guest" in the good Baron's prison.

Kor: Inside a cell or inside the city, walls surround us both. We are all his prisoners. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I-I'd move on if I were you.

Guard: By order of his eminence, the Grand Protector of Haven City, Baron Praxis, everyone in this section is hereby under arrest for suspicion of harboring underground fugitives. Surrender and die!

Daxter: Uh, excuse me sir, don't you mean surrender, OR DIE!?

Kor: Not in this city! Protect us from these guards, and I'll introduce you to someone who could help you!

Daxter (narrating): Did I mention his anger issues?

Daxter (narrating): I see them do this to the paparazzi. It’s not pretty.

Daxter: That was cool! Do it again!

Jak: Something's happening to me... Something he did... I can't... control it.

Kor: Very impressive.

Daxter: Ehh, you okay Jak?

Kor: What you just did was very brave. This child is important.

Daxter: This kid? He looks kinda... scruffy.

Guard: You are in a restricted zone. Move along.

Kor: Thank you for your help, but I must get this boy to safety.

Daxter: Hey! What about us?

Kor: There is an underground group waging war against Baron Praxis. Its leader, the Shadow, could use fighters like you! Go to the slums. Find a dead-end alley near the city wall. Ask for Torn. He can help you.

Daxter (narrating): Unfortunately, this betty wasn’t Torn, but more on her later.

Jak: Are you... Torn?

Daxter: Maybe this guy's a mute, like you used to be.

Torn: New faces make me nervous. Word is you're out to join the fight for the city. You know, picking the wrong side could be... unhealthy.

Jak: We want to see the Shadow.

Torn: Huh, huh, huh. Not likely. If you want to join something, why don't you and your pet go join the circus? Heh. Unless you got the fur for a really tough task? Steal the Baron's banner from the top of the Ruined Tower and bring it back to me. Then maybe we'll talk.

Daxter (narrating): Before we knew it, we were errand boys for the Tattooed Wonder. This was the big league, baby! Well, I went to work. Doing the tough stuff. Like, uh… testing gravity.


Daxter (narrating): Testing the water.

Daxter: Grrrrrhhhh...

Daxter (narrating): Cleaning the pipes. Yes, an ottsel was hurt in the filming of this game.

Daxter (narrating): I’d had just about enough of these stupid missions, so I decided to give Torn a piece of my mind.

Daxter: Hey, Tattooed Wonder, how come we get all the crappy missions?!

Torn: Because I... don't... like... you.

Daxter: Fair enough.

Daxter (narrating): Torn had us take a load of eco ore to his main underworld supplier. Now we were getting connected with the big boys. However, I had no idea how big.

Daxter: You Krew? Well we shook the heat, and your shipment's in primo condition.Krew: That's good 'ey, because a cargo of rare eco ore is worth more than ten of your lives! Mmmm and of course, I'd be forced to collect... ah slowly. Heh heh. The Underground will take anyone with a pulse these days. And what do we have here? The Shadow's mascot of the month? Oooh, soft... Sig, this fur would go well with my silk suits, ey?

Daxter: Listen, ah, tons of fun, anyone can see that you, uh, and I have the real juice in this burg. We're both players, right? We're both looking for a piece of the action, right? I think we can do business, right?

Krew: I'll hire you for a job or two 'ey.

Daxter (narrating): And just like that we were working for the crime boss Krew. And believe me…

Krew: Mmmmmmmm!

Daxter (narrating): ...It wasn’t pretty. Of course, being that huge, Krew made a great target! It was almost too easy...

Krew: Everyone wants a piece of me.

Daxter: Lucky for you, there's plenty to go around!

Krew: The Sewers used to be a fabulous smuggling route for me.

Daxter: Before those late night snack runs kept you from fitting out the front door.

Daxter: Whooooo... Krew meister... have you been exercising? You're looking good! And... those legs... they're so... ah, chiseled.

Daxter (narrating): Still, working for an arms dealer and his muscle Sig did have an upside. GUUNNS!

Daxter (narrating): The only thing better than fast cars and fast guns are fast babes!

Daxter: Hey sugarplum.

Daxter (narrating): Especially this one.

Daxter: You new here? Well, whatcha got that's, uh, hot and... Wait, I've seen you before. You're with the Underground.

Tess: Shhh! I'm Tess. Torn sent me to spy on Krew. Play along, and I may be able to get my hands on a few of Krew's secrets.

Daxter: Oooooh... I love 'undercover' work, baby!

Daxter (narrating): Not only did I dig this girls hot moves…

Daxter (in slow motion): Hya! Chooy! Whaa! HAA!

Daxter (narrating): She clearly dug mine.

Krew: What's his problem, 'ey?

Daxter: I'm just fine... *burps* mind your own business... I sometimes feel so…

Daxter (narrating): And despite my, uh, vices, heh heh, this girl loved me! Who wouldn’t?

Tess: Ohhh, Daxter you're amazing!

Daxter: Yeah, I know. Scratch me there.

Tess: You're such an animal!

Daxter: Be careful angel cheeks, and your hero will return shortly!

Daxter (narrating): Another day, another mission. Torn sent us to rescue some pathetic loser in the strip mine.

Vin: Aaagghh! Stay back!

Daxter: Do something, Jak! This guy's crazy!

Jak: Hey, are you Vin? We're here to help. Torn sent us.

Vin: Stay back!

Jak: Look, if we were here to kill you, you wouldn't be talking right now!

Vin: Oh, friendlies? Oh thank goodness! Wh... so... whe...

Daxter (narrating): This sack of nerves had one too many jugs a’ Java.

Vin: Hey, I want to thank you guys for saving my butt out there at the strip mine.

Daxter: And we'd like to thank you... for being such a bad shot!!

Vin: Ah yeah, sorry about that guys. Ah, I'm a bit jumpy these days.

Daxter: Jumpy...? We haven't noticed! Ahhhh! A Metal Head behind you!!

Vin: AHH! Whatha?!... Whotha?!... Wha!... Whhoooo... Ohh...!

Daxter: Just kidding... nice reaction time though.

Vin: Not funny!

Daxter (narrating): Back at HQ, I was all business, putting on my game faces.

Torn: One of my old guard comrades was sent to the pumping station. I'm afraid she may need some help.

Torn: Stop that! This is serious, you moron!

Daxter: Whaa! That's right: Don't mess with the sugar.

Daxter: Ehhh, what the heck are we doing risking our lives to rescue some old Krimzon Guard hag anyway?! She's probably got more facial hair than me!

Ashelin: Who the hell are you two?

Daxter: Mmm, I do love a woman in uniform! Wanna bark some orders at me? Woof-woof! I'm your soldier on the front lines of love. Waiter, foxhole for two!

Ashelin: Keep talking, and I'll raise your voice a couple of octaves.

Jak: Easy... Torn asked us to help you.

Ashelin: I don't need help... but YOU might. We've got company.

Daxter (narrating): This red hot lumber could fight as tasty as she looked. If I had to get my butt kicked by someone, I would love it to be her!

Daxter: Watching me take care of those Metal Heads was, ahh... pretty... exciting... wasn't it sugar? Hey, sweet stripes, gimme them digits so I can look you up sometime. We'll party hard, big city style!

Ashelin: Tell Torn, Baron Praxis is planning something big. I think it has to do with that symbol.

Jak: What is it?

Ashelin: It's the Seal of the House of Mar. The founder of Haven City. We're being sent out on 'suicide missions' to locate artifacts from the time of his rule. If curiosity's worth dying for, you can ask the blind old soothsayer in the bazaar named Onin. She might know something about all this. Here's my bazaar access security pass.

Jak: Your name's Ashelin, huh?

Ashelin: We're even now.

Daxter: Wow! What a woman! Arrggh!

Daxter (narrating): We followed Ashelin’s lead and found the world’s oldest living fossil, Onin, but this prune wasn’t the only clown in the tent.

Daxter: Coooool! Check out all the dead stuff! Owwww!

Pecker: Touch the goods again, rat boy, and you'll be, arrrk, counting with your toes! I am Pecker! Yes, yes, I know, my mother, she was... very vindictive. I am Onin's interpreter. Onin welcomes you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... the usual boring salutations. She says it is good to see you again, Jak.

Jak: But we've never met before.

Pecker: Before... after... it is all the same.

Daxter: Oh! Oh! Let me try! Aaah... she wants a... She wants a yakow bone! A yakow bladder! No... no... I got it! For many moons... she has... waited for... a juice pop? A jewel shop? Oh... oh... I know, she's got a hairball?! A hair lip? A hairy chest?

Pecker: Close... but NO!

Daxter (narrating): Onin had us collect something called the Life Seed, but that loudmouth Pecker wouldn’t keep his beak shut.

Pecker: Bird seed...

Daxter: Back off, feather weight!

Pecker: Listen tiny tail, I was leading my hundredth flock south before you had fur one between your legs! Not that your fur means anything!

Daxter: At least I'm not some over stuffed, over yappin', feather dusty mouthpiece for the world's oldest professional! Jak says, 'have a nice day.' Jak says, 'I can't think on my own.' Jak says 'Go bite yourself!'

Pecker: That's it, rat boy! Now you've really pissed me off!

Daxter: Hiyaaaaoooowww!

Jak: Knock it off, both of you!

Pecker: You're lucky I'm famished!

Daxter (narrating): So Onin continued the finger paint, and Pecker, well, I wanted to give him the bird!

Daxter (narrating): We finally made it up to the Baron’s palace. Ah, reminds me of my college days, peeking in on the girls’ showers.

Praxis: I will have more eco by week's end. We'll transport it directly to your nest, as promised!

Monster: A deal is of no value if you can't deliver, my dear Baron. I grow impatient with your puny gestures. Give me the agreed upon eco soon, or the deal is off, and your precious city will pay the price!

Erol: He's toying with us! Let me lead an assault on the Nest before it's too late! I can take him!

Praxis: Patience, commander. No one has ever penetrated the Metal Head nest. You know that! Move forward with the plan! Tell Ashelin to up her patrols. I want that Tomb found!

Erol: But your daughter has not been... agreeable.

Praxis: Agggg... I'll see to that problem. One way or another.

Jak: Ashelin is the Baron's daughter?

Daxter (narrating): This adventure was turning out to have a few twists and turns. We had to tell Torn and the others pronto!

Daxter: We overheard a secret meeting with the leader of the Metal Heads!

Kor: You saw the Metal Head leader?

Jak: No, he was on some communicator, but we heard him talking with Baron Praxis.

Daxter: The Baron is bribing the Metal Heads with eco!

Kor: Hmmph... it will never be enough.

Daxter: But the Baron's gonna double cross 'em!

Kor: Is that so?

Kor: Expecting that little boy to save us is folly! At his age, he is no match for the Metal Head leader. Oh... Jak.

Daxter (narrating): Old man Kor seemed to know quite a lot about Metal Heads.

Kor: I've seen what Metal Heads do when they take a city. The destruction. The killing. The devouring. I saw some of the bigger ones. Awesome creatures.

Daxter: We saw a big one coming out of a rift once. He was uuuuuuugly!

Kor: Hmmmmphh... You and your sidekick are causing quite a stir in our fight against the Baron.

Daxter: You hear that Jak? You're the sidekick! Hey, uh, wise and whiskered. You, uh, got something itchin' under your robes? They have ointment for that you know.

Kor: It's just my aching bones.

Daxter (narrating): This stinkin’ city was getting on my nerves, but just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, we had a ruuude awakening.

Daxter: Is that--? Is that--? No, it couldn't be. That's not--

Jak: It's Samos' Hut.

Daxter: But What? How? When? Where?? Why???!!!

Jak: We're in the future, Dax. This horrible place... is... our world.

Daxter (narrating): Finally, Torn introduced us to the Shadow…

Man: So, you're the new recruits who keep getting into trouble.

Daxter: Oh no, not you!

Man: Welcome to our humble Underground movement. I am known as the Shadow, but you may call me Samos. And you are?

Daxter: Sheesh Jak, we went through all that to meet his holiness, ol' log on the head, grandpa green?!

Jak: Don't you know who we are?

Samos: Sorry kid... never seen you before... and I never forget a face... especially one that ugly.

Daxter: So it begins...

Jak: How is this possible? We came through the rift with you... into the future... right?

Daxter: Yeah! You used to look older than dirt and uglier than a knotted stump. What gives? Did you get a little nip and tuck while we were gone?

Samos: Listen boys, I don't know what kind of twigs you've been chewing on, but I don't have time for this. We've got a Baron to overthrow, a child heir to protect... invasion of Metal Heads to stop... ...and a city to save. I'd say the schedule's pretty full!

Daxter (narrating): And boy was it ever! We got this gear...

Daxter: Like candy from a baby!

Daxter (narrating): ...And this big lense...

Daxter: Something's cooking? Hmm, kinda smells like... Burnt Ottsel? Aggggghhhhh!!! Hot!

Daxter (narrating): Here I am testing it.

Daxter: Hot hot hotoo oo oo hot hot hot hot hot oh oh hot!

Daxter (narrating): And standard in every adventure game, yes, the always present key.

Jak: Whoo... Got it! Where would you be without me, eh Dax?

Daxter: Well Jak, I probably wouldn't be two feet tall, fuzzy, and running around in a sewer without a pair of pants... God I miss pants.

Daxter (narrating): We did it all for this kid! Everyone thought he was sooo special, wearing some royal seal, or somethin’. Anyway, with my help, we got the kid to Mar’s temple.

Samos: You did it, Jak! You actually found Mar's tomb!

Jak: Great! Now what? We send this poor kid into a meat grinder?

Kor: This is the day I've long-awaited! To finally hold the fabled Precursor Stone in my hands.

Samos: You must be cautious, child. The tests of manhood are sure to be fraught with peril and Mar's heir must face them alone.

Daxter: It's okay, kid. You can do it. It's just a deep, pitch-black, 'sure to be filled to the brim with painful death' old tomb. I wouldn't go in there.

Oracle: Welcome, heir of Mar. Finally, the chosen one stands before me. Enter and prove yourself worthy to claim the ancient birthright. NO! This child is too young to face the tests!

Kor: What?! No!

Samos: Do something, Jak!

Daxter: Jak, remember the 'sure to be filled to the brim with painful death' part!?! YAAAAGHH!!!

Daxter (narrating): Faced with certain death, I bravely led Jak into the temple to face the tests.

Oracle: Welcome young warrior. Many eons have passed since our hope burned so brightly. Today you have proven yourself worthy to receive Mar's legacy.

Daxter: He's talking about me! Thanks, your holy-statueness. This tomb wasn't so tough!

Oracle: What you are about to receive contains grave power. Eons ago, the Precursors waged a terrible war with the Hora-quan, those dark creatures you refer to as 'Metal Heads'. Driven by their dark leader, the Metal Head legions destroyed our great civilization, and now they swarm the universe unopposed, looking for the last relics of our power. Mar tried to hide the Precursor Stone in this tomb to protect it from them. It is our last hope, and you were chosen to keep that hope alive.

Jak: I think you've got me confused with someone else. I just want the Stone.

Oracle: It is time to fulfill your destiny! Behold!

Daxter: Wow! Let's get the goods!

Praxis: You fools! You brought me right to the Stone! Your pitiful Underground friends were no match for my guards above! Now I will gain the power I need to crush my enemies! And after claiming the Stone, I'll begin with you!

Oracle: Abomination! The Precursor Stone was not meant for you!

Praxis: Nice try, but the Stone is still mine! Don't worry... I will use the Stone to its full potential. Soon, all who oppose me will be destroyed by its power!

Daxter (narrating): Let me go on record here. I had nothing to do with this fiasco. Not only did Jak lose the Precursor Stone, but all of our friends were thrown in the prison as well! I can’t be without my entourage!

Daxter: Hey there sweetheart! The Metal Head masher has saved the day! Oh, and I let Jak tag along too.

Tess: Oh, my little hero!

Jak: Samos, are you alright?

Old Samos: What took you so long? I added six rings to my trunk waiting for you two to get me outta here! Great Yakow horns! What happened to you Jak?

Daxter: Wait a minute! You're you! I mean the other you! I mean... you know what I mean.

Young Samos: Yes, it appears I have an older time twin. Great grass grubs. I can't believe what a cranky old log I've become!

Daxter: Two Samos the Sages?! Aaack, Jak, they're multiplying!

Old Samos: We need to find the kid, pronto!

Young Samos: What are you talking about, old growth? The kid already opened the tomb. Our top priority should be to disrupt the Baron's forces!

Old Samos: Oh, look who thinks they sprouted. If you were half as wise as I am, you'd know that the proper course of action is to find the kid!

Young Samos: Listen, you old dried up leaf. I run this outfit, and I say we go after the Baron's forces.

Daxter: Do we have to separate you two?

Jak: Vin's activating the warp gate. We need to get out of here now!

Daxter (narrating): Rumor was, some reclusive mechanic chick at the stadium had the 411 on the Baron, but, since she was unable to see my handsome mug from behind her curtain, she was givin’ us some lip.

Mechanic: You must be Krew's new errand boys. Don't you have someone to collect money from, or beat up, or something?

Daxter: Let me handle this, Jak. Listen lady, now there's just two things you need to know.

Mechanic: Wait! That voice...

Daxter: One, we don't want to join your stinking race team, and two... you just lost a date with Orange Lightning. Let's go Jak.

Keira: Daxter, it is you!

Daxter: Keira?!

Keira: Oh I never thought I'd be so glad to see your furry mug! And Jak! You look... different.

Jak: It's been a tough ride.

Daxter: The Baron pumped our boy here full of dark eco, and it did something to him. Now he's got super moves or something, and a few anger issues as well!

Keira: I've been looking for you guys forever and planning a way to get us back home.

Jak: I need to get to the Baron.

Keira: You could try to win the Class One Racing Championship. The winner of that big race always gets to meet the Baron in the Palace.

Daxter (narrating): To win that race we had to beat Erol. Old Mr. Grumpy Pants.

Erol: I want more than just to win, eco freak... I want you!

Praxis: Greetings, racers! Today your nerve and skill will be tested for our amusement. If any of you should by some small chance beat our grand champion Erol, then you will be awarded a month's supply of eco! And a short tour of my palace to see how the other half live. Good luck, and die bravely! Ready? Get set!

Daxter (narrating): Being the amazing racer that I am, well… you know how it is.

Daxter: Thank you. Thank you very much. I love my public!

Praxis: Ah, a brave man of the people. And who is this worthy opponent?

Jak: Surprise.

Praxis: WHAT?

Jak: Just a little closer. We need to talk.

Praxis: Fool! Don't you get it?! It's over, Jak! All the heroes died long ago! Only survival remains... by whatever means! This city is mine! These lives are mine! This war is mine! And in war... PEOPLE DIE! Kill him!

Guard: Look out!

Erol: I win, Jak!

Praxis: After them!

Daxter (narrating): So we made our escape! But there was one last bit of business we had to attend to with our old employer. As usual, we found Krew up to no good.

Krew: I knew you were special when I first met you Jak, and I commend you for making it this far. We've come a long way, 'ey?

Jak: Yeah. I'm getting real teary-eyed.

Krew: I love weapons. I love how they look... how they feel... even how they smell...

Jak: I think you need serious help.

Krew: My favorite was the impossibly powerful weapon Mar built to blast open the Metal Head nest. Poor fool died before he could use it, ahh well. But I have a new favorite. The Piercer Bomb I've just completed. My masterpiece is powerful enough to crack open the Precursor Stone, and release the untold energy inside! As soon as the Baron shows up with the Stone, we'll hide it in the last shipment of eco and deliver it to the Metal Head nest. A surprise dessert, 'ey? Hee hee hmmm... Just take this gun upgrade and forget what you saw here.

Jak: Not this time, Krew! I'm through being your hired gun!

Krew: Then it's war, isn't it?

Daxter (narrating): The big boy had to go down! This was too much of a bad thing.

Jak: Is it to late to give my notice?

Daxter: Yeah! We quit!

Krew: The city is already dead! I've sold you all out. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

Daxter: Ahhh, Jak... I think maybe we should be anywhere else just about NOW!

Jak: Ashelin!

Ashelin: We're outta here!

Krew: Ohhh well...

Daxter (narrating): What a gooey mess that would have been to clean up! Ashelin dropped us off, and we were off to find the Baron, but someone beat us to him.

Jak: Kor? What's going on?

Kor: I'm sure you know... deep down in your darkest nightmares. We've met before, remember? Everything's going exactly as planned. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Daxter: Jak! It's the Metal Head leader!

Kor: Now you see! I am my full potential now! So for the last time, give me the Precursor Stone!!!

Praxis: If the city must die, then we all die! AAAGGGHHH!!!

Kor: I will find that Stone if I have to crush this city one brick at a time!

Praxis: You are the supreme weapon, Jak. And I made you. Still, any leader worth his salt always has his backup plan... Remember, the first rule in making a bomb ... is to always make two!

Daxter: Yaaaowww! Okay! I'm going in! Man, what a mess a junk in here! All jumbled coils and switches! Should I unhook the blue wire? Wait a minute?! Are ottsels color blind? Let me just break a few more things and see if anything pops loose... BOOM!!! Ha! Ha! Gotcha! Like candy from a baby!

Daxter (narrating): Once we had the stone, we took it to Mar’s old boomstick to blow open the Metal Head nest. That was my idea.

Jak: Precursor Stone. Gun. Nest!

Daxter: Light 'er up, padre!

Jak: HA! HA! HA! Eat this!

Daxter: That ought to wake 'em up!

Jak: Let's go take care of business!

Daxter: What? You mean, go in there? Ahh, I'm right behind you!

Daxter (narrating): Behind you, in front of you… let’s not split hairs, shall we? I was gonna face him, wasn’t I?

Kor: Finally, you've decided to join us and you brought the Precursor Stone. Good. The boy will now play his final part.

Jak: Not this time.

Kor: Oh, but this child is such a part of this! Such a part of you! Don't you recognize him? The boy is you, Jak! And this place... this is where you began, in the future!

Jak: But how...?

Kor: You were hidden in the past on the hope that you would gain the skills to face me today. But Onin was wrong! Now that you've been altered with dark eco, the stone will never open for you. Your younger self, however, still has the pure gift! He alone can awaken the Stone and the Precursor entity, which sleeps inside!

Jak: This stone is a Precursor?

Kor: The last Precursor egg! Mar was clever. He covered his tracks well through time, hiding his last egg from me, but today, I will finally feed on the last Precursor Life Force!

Daxter: Ah, I think you're forgetting one little thing, Metalo-Maniac! We've got the Precursor Stone!

Kor: Not for long! DIE!

Daxter (narrating): With the usual bravado, I took it to Kor big time! Eh, with a little help from Jak.

Daxter (narrating): Now I’ve exterminated bugs before, but this big boy was a whopper of a squash!

Jak: Oh man... a Precursor.

Oracle: It is finished... Our ancient enemy is no more. Take hope brave one! The terrible darkness inside you is now balanced by a glorious light! We will meet again...

Keira: We haven't much time. I've set the coordinates back to our village. Let's go home, everyone.

Jak: But we are home.

Old Samos: Keira, I'm afraid your rift rider must be used to send young Jak here to a place where he will grow up safe from harm. He must become old enough to complete the destiny he has fulfilled today.

Young Samos: Wait a minute! It's you! I mean... it's me! I have to take him back and watch over him, don't I? Ah, grub roots! Talk about being in the wrong time at the right place!

Jak: Hey kid... you take care. Oh... and trust me on this... Stay away from any wumpbee nests on your ninth birthday, okay?

Keira: I sure hope I built this replica right. I don't know if it...

Old Samos: It's perfect, Keira. This is the very machine we found... or will find later.

Keira: What? I just built this. After seeing the first one, I mean. It's based on what I remember from...

Daxter: Honey, the more you think about it, the more it hurts the head!

Young Samos: I'll take good care of the child! And don't worry... I'll be back in time for the celebration! Fare well!

Jak: Thanks Samos. Without you...

Old Samos: It's funny... The boy won't remember any of this.

Jak: No... I do remember the light!

Daxter: Welcome to the Naughty Ottsel! The hippest, happenest, happiest joint in town! Check out the new decor!

Tess: Oooh... What a big trophy!

Daxter: As if size matters?! I bagged that bad boy myself, baby!

Pecker: Onin says she doesn't know who has a bigger head. Him or you!

Samos: We must not forget Vin and all the others who sacrificed their lives to defeat this evil and protect the child.

Jak: I still can't believe... that little boy was me. Better times, huh?

Keira: You miss him, huh? You know, the kid grows up to be a handsome hero!

Daxter: Hey! That's enough for you, lady. I'm cuttin' ya off!

Pecker: Trust me, she gets real mean when she's like this!

Daxter: What'd she say?

Pecker: Something about rubber tubing and certain parts of your mother!

Samos: You saved the city and more, my boy! Metal Kor and his menace are history, and somewhere out there, an ancient race has begun again.

Jak: I'm just glad to be back home.

Samos: Yeah? Well, rest up. We've got a lot to do and so much time to do it in!

Jak: Don't say 'time!' The Rift Ring was destroyed, remember?

Sig: You know, my momma used to read bedtime stories about Mar when she'd tuck me in. She'd give me a nice glass of warm yakow milk... and my little Poopsy bear.

Daxter: Bedtime stories? Warm milk? Poopsy bear?! Buddy, ya just blew ya image!

Samos: I've got a feeling we'll meet Mar someday. He may be closer than you think.

Sig: You're the designated driver!

Jak: Oh no... I am done with adventures. Besides, you'll tell us before something happens next time, right Samos? RIGHT, SAMOS?

Pecker: Aarrk! You never know what the future may hold.

Daxter: Wait... you know something, don't ya feather breath?

Pecker: Who? Me? Ah... no... We're just, ah... guessing, right Samos? Today... tomorrow... Only time will tell!

Daxter: No! You're gonna tell... RIGHT NOW! Aggghhh!

Pecker: AAGGHH! Why you little... AAARRR...

Daxter: Oooh, dirty fighting! Dirty fighting!

Samos: Jak, my boy, the future awaits!

Jak 3 Edit

Daxter (narrating): Yeah, we won, but the future wasn’t pretty! After saving that sorry city’s butt, you’d think they’d throw us a parade. Instead, they threw us out!

Veger: By order of the Grand Council of Haven City, for heinous acts and crimes against the people, you are hereby banished to the Wasteland for life.

Ashelin: This is a death sentence, Veger. There must be another way.

Veger: Your protest was overruled! This dark eco freak is dangerous! Now drop the cargo!

Pecker: This is an outrage! I am outraged beyond words. Although I do have something to say! Not everyone agrees with this ridiculous aaggrrkk! Decree...

Daxter: Yeah! We want a recount!

Veger: Oh, I see you wish to join him.

Pecker: Actually we are not that outraged. Farewell Jak! Stay out of the sun... Drink lots of water... If you can find it...

Daxter: Jak?

Jak: Go back to the city, Dax.

Ashelin: I'm sorry. The Council is too powerful. There was nothing I...

Jak: I know.

Ashelin: You just stay alive, you hear me? That's an order! Someone will find you, I promise.

Veger: May the Precursors have mercy on you.

Jak: Daxter!

Daxter: Don't thank me! I'm only here because you wouldn't last a second without me! Okay tough guy, you got us into this mess, now ya gotta get us out!

Pecker: Ahh! What a team we'll make!

Jak: Let's just get moving. But which way?

Daxter, Pecker: That way!

Pecker: Oh, and I suppose you know where you're going, eh?!

Daxter: Better than you do, bent beak!

Jak: Aghh... let's just move.

Daxter: Right. Good plan, Jak... A nap would be nice... Just a teensy little rest...

Pecker: Aggh! This bird is overcooked!

Jak: The palace...

Daxter (narrating): Nice flashback storytelling. Doodley-doo, doodley-doo, doodley-doo.

Samos: Report...

Torn: It's bad! The city's become a battlefield! Mechanized Death Bots have taken the industrial section, and the surviving Metal Heads have expanded their hold on the Westside. We're losing ground on all fronts.

Ashelin: The Council's meeting tonight in emergency session. Rumblings about you, Jak. It doesn't look good. They think your friendship with Krew helped the Metal Heads get into the city.

Jak: You don't believe that do you?

Samos: What's in the past is done. Right now, Metal Heads are assaulting the Palace. They're looking for something, and I have no idea...



Daxter (narrating): The beautiful palace fell down, its towering, firm, erect glory, reduced to a limp pile of debri. They have pills for that, you know. And underneath, we found a mysterious hole, going deep into the earth. But we had much bigger problems to deal with.

Damas: Looks like we've found some live ones... heh, barely. Here's the beacon we were picking up. Who gave you this? We'll take them with us! Let's move! I smell a storm coming!

Daxter (narrating): Hmm… That’s a good schnoz you got there, sand man. Phew! But at least we were rescued!

Daxter: Ahhh, I love water. Oh yes, it's so good. Desert bad.

Damas: Well, you've come back from the dead have you? And my monks were ready to pray for you. I am Damas, King of Spargus.

Jak: Spargus? Wait, nobody lives outside Haven's walls... not a whole city.

Damas: Ahh yes... we ARE the forgotten ones. Haven City's refuse, thrown out and left to die. Just as you were. But now that you have been saved, your life belongs to the people of Spargus. And we will use it well. If it's actually worth anything.

Daxter: Hey! That sounds like a bad deal!

Damas: You are in no position to "deal." Out here everything is either useful or dead weight. Prove yourselves worthy, or the desert will be your grave.

Daxter (narrating): So we were sent to the arena to fight and prove our worth. Seems this hard-butt Damas guy liked to watch, and we were the main event! But we had no idea we’d find a loud-mouthed featherweight opening for the bout.Pecker: Let's hear it for Jak and his obnoxious talking animal!

Jak: Pecker! There you are. Where were you?

Pecker: Damas says, I am to be his new counsellor. He says my wisdom will serve him well. Oh yeah and um... Damas also says that ahh... you two are likely to die in the arena today, and he hopes your death is very ahh...

Daxter: Will you stop that! Damas can talk for himself!

Damas: He is right. You will most likely die. And yes, Pecker is my new advisor.

Pecker: Unlike you, some people appreciate my talents... It beats working for a living... I saw a few of the fights earlier. Oooo... not a pretty sight.

Daxter: Why you little...

Pecker: Let the games begin!

Daxter (narrating): With my killer training as guidance, Jak and I fought, and fought, and fought some more! Notice how I made it look like Jak did all the work... Genius! We bashed and blasted gladiator style! The crowd loved us! After cookin’ up some serious whoop-ass, we met a big boy who had a lot of girth going on down under.

Kleiver: Those were some sweet moves in the arena, boy. But a little more choke and you would have popped, eh?

Jak: You talking to me?

Daxter: Yeah! You talking to... him?

Kleiver: No, I'm conversing with me sweet departed mum. Of course you, ya bore head. You two are from the Big Smoke, eh?

Jak: Who's asking?

Kleiver: The guy who runs this place, that's who. Kleiver's the name. You blokes stick with me, and I'll take care of ya.

Daxter (narrating): Kleiver really seemed to like me. He always had that longing look in his eye.

Kleiver: Skinned and buttered he'd make a nice treat.

Daxter (narrating): However, you can’t have much of a relationship with someone…

Kleiver: GGRRR...

Daxter (narrating): ...who wants to eat you!

Kleiver: Isn't it time for you ankle-biters' naps? Hee hee hee!

Daxter: Yeah. Whatever.

Kleiver: Well if it isn't the newbies.

Daxter: Keep yappin' jelly boy, we'll see who...

Kleiver: Bite ya bum, rat face, or I'll pound ya!

Daxter: Uurgh... Great stink of the Precursors. I got two words for ya... tooth brush!

Daxter (narrating): Next on the freakazoid list was this, uhh… individual.

Daxter: Nice threads. I didn't know rubber was back in. What are ya working on, monk boy?

Seem: It is none of your concern, animal.

Daxter: Look, coloring book, we've had a hard week. Don't push it!

Seem: The arena shows all, dark one. Hate consumes your eyes.

Jak: Great. Thanks for the tip.

Seem: It will destroy you... just as these Precursors destroyed themselves.

Daxter: It doesn't look like any Precursor crap we've seen.

Seem: These artifacts are an abomination. One fell on the great volcano. We sent an expedition to the mountain, but my monks never returned. Ill tidings sing in the wind. I fear the remaking of the world is at hand.

Daxter: I think you've been out in the sun a little too long. Let's go, Jak.

Seem: You must leave this place! Heroes think they can save the world, when they themselves are lost.

Daxter: Hey, I'm the real hero here. You can call me... Orange Lightning. Zazaziing!

Seem: You may carry the color of our creators, animal, but we have plans to save ourselves. Stay out of our business. You and Orange Lightning are not welcome here!

Daxter (narrating): Like old face paint was a good judge of color... So, I’m orange! I eat a lot of carrots! At least I wasn’t a walking rainbow like kooky-kabuki. Anyhow, Jak and I had an appointment with Mr. Sunshine himself.

Kleiver: Damas has a job for us, but I'm no babysitter, so stay outta my way!

Daxter: Jak's not afraid of you... are ya, Jak?

Kleiver: If you knew what was happening out here, you'd be afraid all right.

Damas: What's going on here?!

Kleiver: Nothing, your lordship. Just offering Jak and the little one here some healthy advice.

Damas: You have a reputation for being rash. Didn't your father ever tell you to pick your battles wisely?

Jak: I didn't know my father.

Damas: My point is, sometimes you face your enemy head on, and sometimes... you wait until his weakness is revealed. Patience is a warrior's greatest weapon. Do you understand?

Daxter (narrating): Well, well, well. Underneath that sandy, rough exterior, it seemed Damas actually had a soft spot. A little pearl.

Damas: Keeping people alive out here, keeping them full of hope, it can be daunting.

Jak: I'd say you've made a good life here.

Damas: You too must make a life, Jak. Take your destiny into your own hands. Look... sand cannot keep a shape by itself, but add water and it becomes malleable. Fate can be such, if you add the right element.

Jak: Eco!

Damas: Our minds think alike. My monks say the world is coming to an end, but I am a survivor. I say we live on long after this world dies! Be ready. You are shaping up to be one of my finest warriors, and I'll need you for the trials ahead. I mustn't lose you... like I lost my son.

Jak: You had a child?

Damas: Long ago, but much has been sacrificed in this war so that others could live. Anyway, it matters not. We're having serious trouble with marauders lately. I want you to take a vehicle and hunt down their warrior patrols. Go, and make war your own!

Daxter (narrating): Four-wheeling it through the deadly wasteland wasn’t what I’d like to call a lazy Sunday drive, but Jak and I got busy taking out the beasties. It was like Geriatric Park with these old Metal Heads… These guys had no respect whatsoever for our ride. Boy, were they grumpy! Hey, you’d be grumpy too if you were gettin’ shot in the butt.

Erol: Metal Head commander, report. What's happening? If you lost that cargo, and you're still alive... I'll kill you myself! I want every Dark Eco Crystal you can find! Time is short. Did you hear me? Wait! Not you! Aaaggh!

Jak: I don't like the sound of your voice.

Daxter: Ha! You sure kicked sand in his face! Oh yeah, that was good.

Jak: That face looked familiar...

Daxter: Now you're getting paranoid, buddy boy. Come on, Big Foot, let's get back. This desert gives me the creeps.

Daxter (narrating): While we were out there under the scorching sky, a sunburn wasn’t the only red thing that showed up…

Daxter: Hey baby, ya though you'd dumped me, huh? I knew you'd be back for some more Orange lovin'! Get a good look, it's the last time you get to see it.

Jak: Ashelin! What are you doing here?

Ashelin: Jak, it's good to see you.

Daxter: Listen, toots, you left us in the desert. So talk to the tail. Cause the whiskers ain't listening! We out, Jak.

Jak: That beacon you gave me... thanks.

Ashelin: I knew Damas would find you. He doesn't miss much in this desert. Jak, your friends need you. I need you.

Jak: The city threw me out, remember? They can rot for all I care.

Ashelin: But what about your...

Jak: Forget it! Just leave! I have new friends now.

Ashelin: So the hero I knew did die in the desert or was it long before that? Don't you remember who you are?

Jak: I'm through saving the world.

Daxter (narrating): No means no, toots! Saving the world, shmaving the world! Every time we save it, somebody else screws it up! Anyway, we had better things to do, like searching for loot in some old Precursor ruins.

Jak: Now we're getting somewhere!

Daxter: That's the ticket!

Daxter (narrating): And then that crazy monk chick, thingy, showed up.

Veger: I want no excuses! You told me this could be done. Now make it so!

Seem: But we have so little time. The Day Star approaches! You know what it brings.

Veger: Unfortunate, yes, we will deal with that as soon as I have full access to the catacombs. Just continue your work, and I'll deal with those idiots in Haven. I promise you will meet your makers!

Jak: Why are the catacombs so important?

Daxter (narrating): Notice how Jak always asks me the tough questions? I’m the brains of the outfit! If you haven’t noticed. Luckily, the Precursors had a few answers.

Daxter: Hey! It's one of those goober eyed Precursor thingies.

Oracle: Greetings great warrior! Your return brings us great hope. This planet's future is at a critical juncture. The Dark Ones have found your world again, and fate hangs in the balance where the past and the future collide.

Daxter: Do you have any idea what he just said? Speak-a-da-normal-language, okay?

Oracle: You will need all the power you can muster to survive this terrible test, great one.

Daxter: I can handle it.

Oracle: I was talking to the tall one... shorty!

Daxter: Hey!

Oracle: Look into the light and receive a power, hero. One, which will help you reach new places. Places only in your dreams.

Daxter (narrating): As if Jak wasn’t already weird enough! Now I had to deal with this new tentacley, glowing angel dude. Whatever! Jak thinks he’s so cool now. Speaking of someone with an inflated image of himself, nice boots.

Veger: The monks told me you were coming through the Precursor sub-rails. Interesting aren't they? The Precursors used them to build the world countless eons ago. The rail system leads deep into the planet where it's said the ancient ones wait to bestow unimaginable powers upon the worthy. I will save the world with that power, just as Mar did!

Jak: Yeah, you've done a great job so far, letting the Metal Heads destroy the palace.

Veger: Oh, you couldn't be more mistaken, dear boy. We're on a time clock, Jak! That light in the sky. Do you know what it is? Our nightmare has found us and the end is coming! I needed quick access to the catacombs below, so I attacked the palace myself! It will be our little secret.

Jak: Well, you're full of surprises.

Veger: And you're full of Dark Eco! You and your rat are an abomination! But I will rid the planet of this scourge soon enough. Pure light will rule the universe, and I will be the bright light that shines to every corner of the world and destroys all shadows!

Daxter: Ah, excuse me Count Vulgar...

Veger: It's Veger!

Daxter: Yeah, whatever. Isn't it kinda nice to just curl up in the shade sometimes? Just chillin it... watching the hot babes prancing around in their skimpy little bikinis. Ya know, how they just jiggle. I get that special tingling feeling in my tail.

Veger: Enough! We will start the cleansing of the world with your demise! Behold! I now command the very power of the ancient ones! And this time, the Precursors will not have mercy on you.Daxter (narrating): Haven’t we been here before? Jak and Daxter? The first adventure? Big Precursor robot fight? Remember?

Daxter (narrating): Notice how all the bad guys in these adventures do low moves on the ground, when we heroes are great at jumping? Heheh, suckers! We love you designers! Mwah! Mwah, mwah, mwah! You make us look so good!

Daxter (narrating): Say goodnight, black bugs! Anyway, this big boy needed a lesson in manners, so Jak and I opened class.

Daxter (narrating): Nice laser moves, bug-eyes. Oh, look! More things to jump on!

Daxter (narrating): We didn’t start this fight, but sure as there’s orange hair on my a-anyway, we sure finished it.

Daxter: Oh yeah! The boys are back in town!

Jak: Let's go topside and see what kinda trouble we can get into.

Daxter (narrating): Jak and I had to get to the bottom of what was behind that glowing light in the sky everyone was yappin’ about. If it’s in the story, it might be a tad important.

Oracle: Approach the Astro-Viewer, time warrior. Behold... the seed of our destruction. Now the dark ones have found your world and are coming to claim it for themselves.

Daxter: Well that could ruin your whole day!

Jak: I think this one's bigger than both of us.

Oracle: There is but one hope left. You will find a planetary defense system hidden deep at the core of the planet. There is still a chance to save your world. I hope you are more successful than many planets whose fate has already been closed.

Daxter (narrating): Killer Dark Makers ships from space? Planetary defense systems hidden deep in the Earth? Sheesh. Jak was right. This was bigger than the both of us, and we needed help! First stop, my old watering hole.

Daxter: Ah, the Naughty Ottsel. Honey, I'm home!

Torn: Jak, I never thought I'd see you again.

Torn: Ashelin? Ashelin, this is Torn. Jak's back in the city.

Ashelin: Jak? I knew I could count on you.

Torn: That new KG leader is probably pissing in his... wait someone's jamming the signal... I think...

Jak: Erol!

Erol: I live! Ha ha ha ha! Still fighting for the weak link, eh Jak? Well, I've had a few "enhancements" since we last met. Even the Metal Heads have their biological weakness. But me? I'm pure metal! I'd love to meet you again.

Samos: We must unite our forces or we're though! You've got to reach us, Jak!

Ashelin: We need you to break through and link up with us before it's too late. The KG robots are growing stronger. That floating War Factory of theirs is spitting out more robots every day.

Torn: We need to assault the KG front. If we can break through their defenses, we may be able to get back to HQ and link up. Care to make some noise, Jak?

Jak: We're always up for a little rumble, hey Dax?

Daxter: Fish in a barrel, baby! Fish in a barrel.

Daxter (narrating): So it was up to yours truly to break through, and with a singular moment of complete bravery… I managed to reunite us with our buds, all without me suffering a single scratch!

Samos: Nice moves my boy. You're the best man we've got to lead an expedition into the catacombs.

Veger: Please, please... let us not be too hasty. Are you sure you want this dark eco freak contaminating the hallowed halls of our glorious Precursors? I should lead the expedition myself.

Ashelin: We're tired of your scheming Veger.

Veger: I've got the answer you're looking for. My Precursor Monks have given me the knowledge to turn on the planetary defence grid. If you beg me to do so...

Keira: Jak's always gotten us through thick and thin, I'm with him.

Samos: Here, here!

Daxter: You're washed up, Vegan.

Veger: Veger! It's Veger! You idiot!

Daxter: Whatever.

Ashelin: Count Veger, I hereby dissolve the City Council and strip you of your title, command, and all privileges. Now get out of my sight.

Veger: What? How dare you! I offered you mercy, but now you will all burn in the Precursor fires of creation! I swear it!

Ashelin: That floating War Factory has got to be shut down. You up for some action, Jak?

Jak: Look who you're talking to. Let's rock-n-roll, Dax!

Daxter (narrating): Can I just interject here, that being on Jak’s shoulder has meant a sharp increase in my odds of dying! He’s always heading to where the worst danger is! Now, if I’d sat on Ashelin’s soft, downy shoulder, all the adventure I’d have is a nice, top down view of some huge… But no!

Daxter (narrating): So it was up to us, once again, to save the world, and make our way up to the floating war factory high overhead. It turns out Erol was running the place. He had survived his little eco explosion in our last adventure, and had been rebuilt by his fellow Krimzon bots, into something bigger and better than before… with feet like that? Huh?

Erol: I've found some new friends to help me conquer this puny little planet.

Jak: You're talking to the Dark Makers!

Erol: It seems my digital self can communicate with these poor tortured minds quite well. Oh, they're just like you and me, Jak. Well... me at least. They want a home, someone to call a friend, destruction of all Light Eco! Don't fret. You won't live to see what I turn this little world into. Maybe a rock, or a floating puddle of slag, or nothing at all. Complete oblivion! So hard to choose.

Daxter (narrating): So Jak and I brought it! And swept up the bolt boy and his puny little bots! As you can see, Jak and I can easily take out any robot that boots up. Even cute talking ones that like to clank around! Yeah, that’s right! I said it! Robots!

Jak: Damn! He got away!

Daxter: See ya later, mech-a-nator! Jak, the sky is falling!

Daxter: We took it to that robot goon and kicked his nuts and bolts!

Jak: Erol got away, but we shut down his robot factory.

Samos: That's good. But it is troubling to see what Erol is doing. I fear he may be trying to awaken that terrible dark ship before we can destroy it.

Pecker: Onin says the Precursors and Dark Makers have fought over worlds for as long as time has turned. It would not be the first time a planet was lost to those monsters.

Jak: Well it's not going to be this planet. We've lasted this long. We've just got to find a way to destroy that thing. The truth lies at the bottom of the catacombs. That's where I need to go.

Daxter (narrating): As usual, we’re headed straight into the danger zone, to find Pecker and that dark hole leading into the core of the planet.

Pecker: Where have you been? I've molted three times already just waiting for you! Onin says we must get through the palace ruins, but I think... uh oh...

Daxter: Jak, let me just say, before it's all over, riding on your shoulder, although it is kinda boney and uncomfortable, well, you've been a good pal.

Jak: You too, Dax. These adventures... they've been great.

Damas: Someone call for an army?

Jak: You're a long way from the desert. I thought you said a smart warrior never takes his opponent head on?

Damas: It depends on how hard your skull is. I'd say you and I are both rather head strong.

Jak: Let's finish this!

Daxter (narrating): Now this is the bling, baby! Rolling with my homies in our cool, tricked out, fully loaded SUV. Sporting quad traction 30-inch rubber pies, leather seats, killer sound, and of course, weapons to clear away the freeway gridlock! Biatch!

Jak: Damas!

Damas: Not bad driving... kid. It was a good fight... and a good day to die. I'm very proud to have been by your side in the end... This world is not yet out of heroes...

Jak: We did well together. Don't move I'll...

Damas: Please promise me one thing. Promise me you'll find my son, Mar. You'll know him when you see this... (Damas hands Jak the seal of Mar) He's wearing an amulet just like it. A symbol of our lineage with the great house of Mar... (Jak remembers that he himself wore the amulet as a child) Save the people, Jak. They need you...

Daxter (narrating): And the nominees for acting in a leading heroic role are… envelope please!

Jak: Father...

Veger: Yes, you were that child. I took you from Damas, hoping to harness your eco powers for my experiments. Then I lost you to the Underground. You seem upset. Did I tell you too late? You were the son of the great warrior Damas. Oh... and he never knew... how delightful.

Dark Jak: Aaaagghh! VEGER!

Veger: Thank you for opening the door to the Precursors. Don't worry, I'll be back to put you out of your misery.

Daxter: After him, Jak!Jak: You're willing to go down there? Without a fuss this time?

Daxter: Yeah, well don't get used to it. It's just that nobody hurts my best friend and lives to brag about it. Let's get him!

Daxter (narrating): Just for the record, when I said that, I was still a bit groggy from the explosion. But I mean, y’know, Jak finding out about his dad… only after the guy was dead, and… Damas never knowing that Jak was really his… (sniffles) Stop it! Ottsels don’t cry. No siree! Nope!

Precursor: Greetings great warrior. Before it is too late, you must power up the planet's defence system. The eco sphere has begun its energy conversion. It will take some time for the weapon to fully charge. You have proven your worth, warrior. We grant you the gift of evolution... the honor of becoming one of us.

Veger: Step aside! I will be the one who evolves into a Precursor. The right is mine!

Precursor: Be careful what you wish for...

Veger: Aagh... it is done. Don't worry, Jak. It is for the greater good that I assume this role.

Precursor: Even now, it may be too late. If Erol awakens the dark ship's cargo, all will be lost.

Daxter: Listen glow boy, we've been doing all your dirty work while you slept in the stars, so stuff it.

Precursor: Inefficient... I told you we needed a back up hero. We should have gone with plan B. Ow! Hey! Cut it out! We are unhappy with your performance. If you had been a true hero, you would have stopped Erol by now!

Daxter (narrating): No way! Oh, come on... Who thought of this?!

Jak: Oh my God...

Ottsel Leader: Ah... yes... well... now we are even more angry... and ah... we order you to avert your eyes or we will um... Oh, bother.

Daxter: They look like me?

Ottsel Leader: Not what you expected?

Ottsel Surfer: Yeah, we like get that a lot!

Ottsel Leader: Don't look so upset. If you knew we Precursors were a bunch of little fuzzy rats, would you worship us? Could we run the universe?

Ottsel Surfer: Not possible, buddy!

Ottsel Leader: So, we fluff up the myth... a bit.

Ottsel Dummy: Then we get the respect we deserve!

Veger: You idiots! Get down from there and stop defiling that glorious machine!

Ottsel Leader: Do not let our size fool you. We are the most powerful beings in the universe.

Ottsel Dummy: We are?

Ottsel Leader and Ottsel Surfer: Shhhh!

Jak: Why does Daxter look like...

Ottsel Leader: Ah yes. All eco contains the source of our essence, our code so to speak. When Daxter touched the dark eco, he was actually blessed when he thought he was cursed.

Daxter: Wahooo! I'm a Precursor! I'm a Precursor! I'm a Precursor. Hey, wait a minute! They have pants!

Veger: These creatures are the great Precursors?! And I wanted to evolve into.. NO! Aaaaaaaagggghhhh!

Daxter: A little drafty... isn't it?

Ottsel Leader: The only way to ensure that Erol will not awaken the ship's cargo is to go there yourself and stop him. We will send you there from here.

Jak: But the weapon...

Ottsel Surfer: Chill out, buddy! You should have mondo minutes to go there and get back here pronto. Way before...

Ottsel Leader: Hopefully before...

Ottsel Dummy: Baboom! Oh yeah!

Jak: Let's move!

Ottsel Leader: You idiots! I told you we needed a plan B!

Daxter (narrating): What they needed was plan D, for Daxter! That superweapon we turned on back on the planet was about to blow this ship out of the stars, at any moment! And as if that weren’t enough, preparing to awaken the whole nest of Dark Maker planet formers... was old sunshine pants himself.

Daxter: If these nasty things ever wake up, the planet's finished.

Erol: All of these Dark Makers at my command. Just think what I could do.

Jak: You're through, Erol! Even if we both die! Aaaggghhh!

Erol: NO!

Daxter: Jak? JAK!?!

Daxter (narrating): Thanks to us, the planet’s defense system fired, and hit the dark ship… while we were still aboard! Thanks a lot, little Precursor dudes. With all your power and technology, you couldn’t manage to put a little delay switch on the super gun?!

Jak: Let's go, Dax!

Daxter (narrating): We destroyed the cargo, but Erol managed to get into one of the planet formers and get away!

Daxter: We did it! Whoohoo!

Jak: Not yet.

Erol: You will all die at my hand!

Daxter: This guy just won't quit!

Jak: It's headed for the city! We gotta defend it, for Damas.

Daxter: The last charge of the dark and light brigade! Let's do it partner!

Jak: To the end!

Daxter (narrating): Erol and that leggy planet former were heading straight for the city and our friends, so we decided to dance. Thank goodness Jak had practiced his driving before. Note to Dark Maker designers: Don’t put the most vulnerable parts of your mechanical beast low and on the feet where we can easily shoot them! Duh! But that’s just what we did!

Daxter (narrating): Old leg iron got a serious case of gas, or something. And it came crashing down! Sliding into home… and he’s out!

Daxter (narrating): Old robutt was still on that ugly birthday cake somewhere, so we needed to get up there and blow out his candles! Sure enough, Erol was waiting for us when we climbed up, and thus the last battle with the nut meister began! Ah… Jak needed the work out. Give him two to the chest and one to the head, hero boy!

Daxter (narrating): We took out his defences… and then Jak took aim.

Daxter (narrating): Oh, come on! You weren’t worried, were you? Check out how cool I look walking in slow mo. That’s right! Hardcore hero, baby! Jak and I rock!

Daxter (narrating): What happens in the wasteland, stays in the wasteland.

Daxter (narrating): Oh yeah! Let’s get this party started!

Ottsel Leader: Thank you brave people of this planet. Onin, Samos and all... your strength and wisdom in these dark times give us reason to fight on.

Samos: My life's work, it turns out, was spent searching for a bunch of furballs.

Pecker: Onin says it is a great day for the universe.

Ottsel Leader: Jak, you are the greatest of heroes. You have turned the tide against the Dark Makers, and together we will win this war.

Ottsel Surfer: But dude, there are like way more challenges in the future.

Ottsel Dummy: Duh... or was it the past?

Ottsel Leader: Yes! Yes! I was getting to that.

Jak: More adventures? Where have I heard that before.

Ottsel Leader: We need heroes like you to help us protect the universe, Jak.

Jak: Then you can call me by my first name... by what my father called me, Mar.

Ashelin: Wait, Jak is Mar? The Mar?

Ottsel Leader: Come then Mar, no time like the present.

Jak: You coming, Dax?

Daxter: Naw... I got all I need right here, baby. But if you need me and I knowyou will, you know where to find me.

Tess: Oh, Daxter! My little hero!

Ottsel Leader: We owe you much, Daxter. For all you've done. For your bravery in the face of incredible danger, we shall grant you your deepest desire.

Daxter: Ya know... I could really use a snazzy pair of pants... like yours!

Tess: Wow! Those are sharp. I wish I had a pair just like that.

Ottsel Leader: Be careful what you wish for...

Daxter: Don't worry honey, you get used to it. Oh, and you may want to shave some parts. Trust me on that.Jak: Hey, thanks for everything, partner!

Seem: You are a great hero, Daxter.

Daxter: This is gonna be good. They think I'm a god. And they're right!

Precursors: Our hero!

Ottsel Veger: Huh... this is going to be a long trip.

Kleiver: Where do ya think you're going little bugger. I've decided I want me own sidekick and you've been nominated. We're gonna be a great team. Just don't make me angry.

Ottsel Leader: Are you ready, Jak? We have something to show you.

Jak: What?

Ottsel Leader: The universe!

Daxter (narrating): Can you believe Jak just took off and left me?! After all the adventures we’ve been through together?! Oh. Guess not. Or… did he?

Jak: I couldn't leave ya, Dax! With all our adventures ahead... you wouldn't last a second without me.

Pecker: Ah... what a team we are!

Daxter: Yeah? Well the next adventure, I call the shots. Put 'er there partner. HA! Psych! Oh yeah, life is good.

Daxter (narrating): Either way, we were back together! Inseparable! Bosom buddies! Left brain, right brain! Yin and yang! The two amigos! The demolition duo! Three for three and all because of me! That’s right! Jak and Daxter save the day again! So allow me to sum up… (takes deep breath) Jak pushes me into the drink of dark eco, on purpose I think, I turn into a fuzzy ottsel, I sacrifice my chance to turn back into a real boy so we can stop Gol and Maia, then we find an ancient warp ring and Jak and company warp forward into the future and find Sandover Village radically changed. It’s now a huge city under attack from Metal Heads. It’s also where Jak came from in the first place. We stop the Baron, Krew and Metal Heads and take out Kor, Jak’s younger self goes back in time to grow safe and sound and eventually meet me, while older Jak and I get thrown into the wasteland. A strange leader named Damas rescues us and teaches us how to be better warriors. It turns out he’s Jak’s real father. Who knew? Meanwhile, back in the city, Count Veger tries to become a Precursor, but we discover that the ancient ones were actually fuzzy creatures that look like me, and they’re still around, hiding in the shadows, running the planet. Jak uses their power to warp to the Dark Maker ship and stop Erol from destroying the planet. We destroy the dark ship and Erol and save the day. We all celebrate my new god-like Precursor status and everybody worships the Daxter, as it should be. Tess gets fuzzy… ooh, I like fuzzy. The Precursors leave. Jak stays. The trilogy’s over. Everyone’s happy, and now everyone needs something new to do. I know! How ‘bout racing? That would be a ton of fun! This is Orange Lightning, calling all cars! Gentlemen, and gentleladies, start your engines! Let the races begin! So what’re you waiting for? A hero’s work is never done! This is Daxter signing off! Over and out! 10-4! Wilco!  ! Off the air- Alright! Kill the mike already! I’m hungry! Let’s go to lunch.

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