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Jak X Combat Racing logo The Jak X: Combat Racing soundtrack was composed by Billy Howerdel, and Larry Hopkins composed the cutscene music. The game features two songs by Queens of the Stone Age ("A song for the dead" and "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire"), however neither of these songs are featured in this soundtrack.

The remixed version of the song "Run the Table" appears in the stock music listing for the PlayStation 4's editing software Share Factory, as well as a Gran Turismo 5 Prologue trailer titled the "Techno Trailer".


Download here

Soundtrack listingEdit

# Song title Length
01 Theater 2:40
02 Slide 4:10
03 To the Death 4:30
04 Whiplash 3:05
05 Ancient 4:02
06 Fragfest 3:48
07 Run the Table 3:02
08 Heli 4:12
09 Turbofied 3:50
10 Missile 3:44
11 Fracture 2:17
12 Rev-Up 3:05
# Song title Length
13 Turbulence 2:46
14 Survive 2:55
15 Angels 3:23
16 Steel 3:24
17 Good Night 1:42
18 Bird 3:40
19 To be Reborn 3:36
20 Crash and Burn 3:27
21 Hybrid 3:59
22 Choose 4:21
23 Tempest 7:18
24 Run the Table (Remix) 6:37

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