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This is the script for Jak X: Combat Racing.


Daxter: So there we were, wheel to wheel with the nastiest racing cars I've ever seen. Razor sharp chrome gleaming in the dark, weapons bristling under rumbling hoods...

Shiv: Oh... the Kras City welcoming committee. Have a drink...friend.

Daxter: Yeah, well, whoever they were, they messed with the wrong racers! Jak and I are world-famous! And we're connected too. We've been...

Daxter: Thanks... invited to Kras city for the reading of some will... a rich guy named Krew

Edje: The big gang lord?

Daxter: Yeah, "big" is right! We were Krew's muscle in Haven City, but old tub of butter kicked the bucket. Anyway, where was I? Oh Yeah! Slowly the racers circled us. The smell of fear hung in the air, and the smell of something else too! I told Jak, "Lose the suckers!"

Razer: My, my, sounds like this city's terribly dangerous. Maybe we should get law enforcement to crack down. Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmmm... hmmmm...

Daxter: Yeah, well, this place don't scare us. No nasty gang is gonna get us to turn tail and run.

Razer: Sounds like they had you dead to rights. How did you survive?

Daxter: Jak was barely able to handle himself, but with my help we took 'em all out until only one was left.

Razer: Really? You know, people in this town have a way of getting in over their heads... like at the bottom of the ocean.

Daxter: Ehh... easy boys, my story's almost over.

Razer: Yes, it is!

Daxter: Wait a minute it gets better. Really!

Jak: Dax, get in the car!

Daxter: Jak! Are you crazy? You ruined my story!

Jak: NOW!

Daxter: Agghh! What are you waiting for? Step on it, Jak!

Jak: I told you not to go out. We're getting death threats, Dax. Someone doesn't want us here.

Daxter: Ya think?! I say we take the next boat home.

Jak: Not a chance! Hang on!

Daxter: JAAAKK!!!

Poison ToastEdit

Daxter: Let's get this over with and blow this burg. Who called us here anyway?

Keira: Krew's daughter... Rayn.

Jak: Krew had a daughter?

Daxter: Krew... REPRODUCED?! Eeew... Can you imagine what that tub of jelly must look like?

Rayn: Thank you for coming to Kras City. It looks like some didn't make it, ah well... I'm Rayn. Before father died, his wishes were simple, to have his will played for his closest associates and for us to drink to his passing. This special vintage he kept for the very occasion... to toast his death. Here's to old friends, and to father's untimely... death.

Rayn: So, without further delay his message to us.

Krew: Hello nearly friends and mostly enemies. If you're listening to this message then I must be dead, oh well... As you all know I loved racing, almost as much as I loved weapons. But, alas I never fulfilled my living dream of winning the biggest race of all - the Kras City Grand Championship. But even in death, I will field the greatest racing team ever assembled and win the biggest race on the planet. You are the best and you will race for me!

Torn: Never!

Daxter: No way!

Jak: Forget it!

Krew: I expect you're all riled up by now. So, let me tell you why you will race, and will win. If all went as planned, you just gave a touching toast in my honor. Sorry to say that I put poison in that special vintage! Quite unsporting of me really.

Rayn: Father!

Krew: This is where Rayn probably gets upset. Sorry dear. It's a slow acting poison, or you'd already be dead! You have just enough time to finish this year's racing season. If you race for me and win, my associates will provide each with an antidote to the poison. Simple, eh?

Ashelin: What the hell did you do to us?

Rayn: Please, I didn't know. I drank it too. Father never did play favorites.

Torn: Yeah, well your father's crazy!

Keira: We're all crazy for coming here!

Jak: I think she's telling the truth.

Krew: Well, it's been one minute, so I figure by now you're all arguing about how to get out of this mess. My advice is trust no one! Win the race and save yourselves!

Daxter: Jak, next time you invite me to one of your little parties... DON'T!

Jak: We can do this. We can race and we can beat Krew at his own game.

Rayn: Father bought us the best mobile racing garage money can buy and each of you has a racing car waiting. We're in this together, so let's get to it.

Training 1 (Kras City)Edit

(At the start.)
Keira (communicator): It's been a while since you raced Jak, so let's take your vehicle out on a track and I'll go over the basics.

(After the light goes green.)
Keira (communicator): Hit the gas Jak!

(After accelerating for a few seconds.)
Keira (communicator): Brakes are there when you feel the urge, but knowing you they won't be the first thing on your mind. Hit the brakes Jak!

(After braking.)
Keira (communicator): Holding down the brakes will stop your racer and put it in reverse. Hit reverse Jak!

(After driving in reverse.)
Keira (communicator): Good! Feel the controls? Your racer has great steering response and trust me, you'll need it for some of the more challenging courses. Green eco powers your vehicle damage control, when you pick up green eco you repair damage on your vehicle.

(After picking up some green eco.)
Keira (communicator): Not bad, you finished your first training. Get ready for the next round.

Training 2 (Icebound Citadel)Edit

(At the start.)
Keira (communicator): Feels nice to be back in the saddle, huh Jak? Okay, take the vehicle out for a spin and let's see what you've got. Pick up some blue eco! Watch your turbo meter for how much juice you've got in the tank and use it when you really want to burn up the track.

(After picking up a blue eco turbo booster.)
Keira (communicator): Your meter says you got turbo power, use it Jak and drop the hammer!

When you use the turbo.)
Keira (communicator): Oh yeah, now that's speed! Trust me, you'll need it.

(After winning.)
Keira (communicator): That was great, now you've mastered turboing. Now let's move on to the next round of training.

Training 3 (Clifftop Battlefield)Edit

(At the start.)
Keira (communicator): You can use the E-brake to get into a powerslide on turns. You'll need to use powerslides to get around aggressive corners. Try getting into a slide Jak!

W(hen you've picked up enough speed.)
Keira (communicator): Now hold the brake down, turn and hang on!

(If you fail the powerslide.)
Keira (communicator): Not quite, try again!

(When you succeed.)
Keira (communicator): Powersliding and hang time add to your turbo meter, try that again Jak!

(When making a 150 meter long slide.)
Keira (communicator): Great, nice slide. You can pull a 180 turn by holding down the emergency brake, get up to speed and give it a try.

(If you fail the 180 turn.)
Keira (communicator): Almost, try again.

(When you succeed.)

Keira (communicator): You're looking good. If you wanna catch a little air use the car's jump jets, jump jets give you a little boost off the ground when you need it and will maximize your hang time. Try jumping Jak!

(When you succeed.)
Keira (communicator): Alright, three down, two to go!

Training 4 (Frozen Speedway)Edit

(At the start.)
Keira (communicator): Picking up eco will power up your car and give you lots of options while you race. Try picking a little yellow eco.

(After picking up a yellow eco weapon.)
Keira (communicator): When you pick it up the yellow eco will be processed and an energy weapon will come online. An icon will appear telling you what weapon you've got. That icon means you have missiles

(After using it.)
Keira (communicator): There are different weapons yellow eco will give you, and the icons tell you which one is currently available. Each weapon is unique and each has strategic advantages in different situations, you'll have to experiment with each type to find your favorites.

(After destroying five drones.)
Keira (communicator): You also have a dark eco meter, you can power that up by using your weapons, the more you use 'm the higher the meter will go, the higher the dark eco meter the more powerful your weapons will get!

(After maximizing your dark eco meter.)

Keira (communicator): Your dark eco is maxed! Dark eco will make your weapons more powerful until you crash.

(After destroying 20 drones.)
Keira (communicator): Now that you know about yellow eco let's move on!

Training 5 (Forbidden Jungle)Edit

(At the start.)
Keira (communicator): Okay let's try something new. Red eco is for rear weapons, try picking up red eco.

(After picking up a red eco weapon.)
Keira (communicator): That icon says you now have a red eco mine, you can activate a red power weapon with its own special fire button. Remember, this button will only discharge red weapons and they go out the back. Try dropping a mine Jak.

(When you drop the mine.)
Keira (communicator): Good job! That'll give someone a headache. Oh no, some of Mizo's gang are on the track! Look out! He's launched a missile, drop a mine as a counter-move!

(When you drop the mine and thus deflect the missile.)
Keira (communicator): Nice!

(When you survive until the end of the track.)
Keira (communicator): Alright, you've completed your training! Now let's see if you can hang with the big boys.

(After completing the training missions you will be presented with your first race car.)
Keira (communicator): Here's your first new vehicle Jak, this one's build for speed!

(After selecting next when the Road Blade has appeared, a new car appears.)
Keira (communicator): And when the need is for a little more ruggin', use this one.

The First RaceEdit

G.T. Blitz: Welcome race fans to another turbo charged season of high stakes, high speed racing. As usual, yours truly, G.T. Blitz, will give you a pit row view of all the action as the best racers in the world swap paint in their quest to claim the Kras City Grand Championship Trophy. In the end, only one wheel jockey will claim the prize as the greatest racer in the land. And we'll be here to cover all the thrills, chills, and spills! The season's first race kicks off in a few minutes... so stay tuned, and keep those engines hummin'!

Jak: The first race.

Samos: I fear this affair will end badly. A wise man once said, "Be watchful of those in front of you, but beware of those behind."

Daxter: What wise man said that?

Samos: I did!

Torn: Look, none of us is happy about this, but we might as well make the best of it.

Rayn: My father provided everything we need to win. One of us can do it if we all...

Ashelin: Your father got us into this mess, so zip it before I come over there and play daddy!

G.T. Blitz: Well, well... I was told we had some fresh wax rookies this year, but I had to eyeball it for myself. G.T. Blitz is the name. I'm the Kras City Racing Commissioner and star of the highest syndicated sports event on the planet. I just came by to wish you luck and to skid down a few rules. No side bets. No cheating. No rule breaks or we'll break you. You in gear? This is show business boys... and girls. Only the best racers move up to the bigger events, so make me happy... and make the crowd scream!

Jak: Let's race.

More HeatEdit

G.T. Blitz: You saw it here folks... at least those of you who didn't die yawning or switch to the bran channel. An unknown driver wins his first race... in lackluster fashion. So, tell us, what happened out there? Were you frightened?

Daxter: No!

G.T. Blitz: Well, wait till ya race against the big name drivers.

Torn: It gets worse?

G.T. Blitz: Ha, ha, ha... much. Think you can handle it?

Keira: Give him a break!

G.T. Blitz: I'll take that as a "no" or a "no comment," and with that, let's take it down to Greaser in pit row. That's a wrap. Listen, I'm not getting much smoke off you guys. I need more spin... more heat! Ratings were down 13 points on that last race. Not happening! If you want to get into the club, you gotta win a lot more, and you gotta win big! Accumulate serious points and maybe I'll give you another interview. Heh... heh... if you're still around.

Win or DieEdit

Daxter: You know, except for a little rash in the nether regions, I feel fine. Maybe Krew was bluffing about the whole poison thing?

Ashelin: I had the bottle analyzed. There were traces of Black Shade at the bottom. A rare and deadly plant found in the Wasteland. We were poisoned alright.

Rayn: Father never cut corners. Trust me, it’s the real deal.

Daxter: Never fear... when the going gets tough... Jak will get us out of it!

Jak: We're just gonna have to win the whole thing.

Daxter: Against those lunatic racers out there? What are the odds?

Torn: You don't wanna know.

Ashelin: No offense guys, but I'm not going to trust my life to anyone but me. Just stay out of my way, I'll win.

Daxter: Well, somebody here had better win, or I'm going to be very pissed... and very dead.

Welcome to the DethdromeEdit

Daxter: Oh no! Here comes ol' tin grin himself.

G.T. Blitz: You newbies are finally going to see what I've been talking about all along... What makes this the most watched sport in the world... ultimate speed and complete danger. I hope you didn't eat break-fast this morning, or you'll find it all over your suit later. Ha ha ha haaa...

Daxter: We're not afraid, right Jak? ... Right, Jak? HEY! Say some hero stuff!

G.T. Blitz: Welcome to one of the fastest tracks in the world. This is the Dethdrome.

G.T. Blitz: Many people have died on these lanes... chasing a sad dream. Make the crowd scream for me! Good luck, you'll need it... more than I need ratings.

Razer's ThreatEdit

Jak: Next time you and your thugs want a fight, maybe you should pick on someone your own size.

Razer: My, my, I finally get to meet the great racer, Jak.

Daxter: And...

Razer: And what?

Daxter: What about me?

Razer: Oh yes, you're the loudmouth storyteller from the bar. But Jak... Jak, Jak, Jak. Your reputation precedes you. Oh, but I'm forgetting my manners. My name is Razer. Maybe you've heard of me? I work for Mizo. Eventually, everyone does.

Jak: I'm from out of town.

Razer: Yes, you are, aren't you? And you're showing up my boys on the track out there. Uhhmmhmmhmmm... Don't make me put on my goggles and show you how it's done. You wouldn't live long enough to see me cross the finish line.

Jak: I'm ready whenever you are.

Razer: Oh, I'm sure we'll match up soon enough. The race of the century, eh? Ehmmm... In the meantime, watch your back. I've heard someone arranged a few surprises this time out. Heh hmm hmm hmm hmm...

A New Color CommentatorEdit

G.T. Blitz: Welcome back to the G.T. Blitz show. Sadly, the network has decided in their infinitesimally small wisdom to add a co-host to my show. Hmmph... I can't imagine anyone outshining yours truly, but alas, please give a lukewarm welcome to my new "color" commentator as it were... Mr.... eh... Pecker?

Pecker: Thank you G.T. and hello to all you peoples out there watching. I'd like to thank the network for choosing me to save this anemic little show.

G.T. Blitz: HA! Ha... ha... Yes, well, welcome aboard... Pecker.

Daxter: That's it! Who's his agent? Pecker always gets the sweet gigs in these adventures.

Pecker: My first network assignment has been to investigate the rumored "super bet" on this year's big championship race. Sources say a high level underworld crime connection is involved. But, sadly my sources won't return calls, and are now missing and are probably dead! But Pecker is not so easily swayed. I will uncover the truth and report my findings right here on our show, G.T....

G.T. Blitz: Of course you will. And let me just say it's gonna be SO great working with you.

Pecker: You too Blitz-man. Oops, sorry...

G.T. Blitz: Why you little bird shi...

Pecker: Aggghhh!

Race for PrizesEdit

G.T. Blitz: There you are Jak. Getting some local color? Ha ha... you certainly need it, you're positively pale on screen. Listen, I just wanted to tell your group that you can earl cool gadgets by performing odd jobs for the Commission and others.

Jak: What kinda jobs?

Daxter: What kinda gadgets?

G.T. Blitz: Good stuff! For instance, there are some dirt forming robots that went berserk in the Kras Dirt Stadium. They need to be destroyed before someone gets hurt. Hunt them all down and you'll be rewarded.

Jak: Sounds good.

Daxter: Sounds dangerous!

G.T. Blitz: It is... but the prizes are good, and you'll need them. That is if you want to continue upgrading your car to keep up with the Joneses. The job's waiting if you want it. But be careful, we wouldn't want to hurt one of our star up and coming racers.

UR-86 Zeros in on JakEdit

Rayn: Jak, you're getting great points for the season. But, I heard a nasty rumor that someone's throwing big money around hiring top mercenary drivers to race. Whoever it is, they want to beat us badly.

Ashelin: I hear these new drivers are getting bonuses for kills, and I'm sure that they wouldn't think twice about cheating to win.

Daxter: Oh great! That's ALL we need.

Ashelin: Uh oh, here comes a rather large specimen now.

Razer: Well, well... if it isn't the rat and his mangy animal.

Daxter: Oh, you're a riot.

Razer: Have you met Mizo's newest racer? This is UR-86, the deadliest driver on the planet... behind me of course. Hmmh. '86 holds some of the top records for kills in a single event. Even I have to watch out for this one.

Razer: Oh, don't be shy. This bucket of bolts loves living things... so he can make them dead. Hmmhaheheh... Good luck out there.

Sig ReturnsEdit

G.T. Blitz: Hello speed lovers. We're live once again for the biggest sport on the planet. It looks like the competition's really heating up. As are the piles of smoldering wrecks on the side of the road. Ha ha ha ha... Stay tuned for all the fireworks.

Daxter: How does he get that sheen in his hair? I must know.

Ashelin: I guess we'll see some pros out there today.

Rayn: Oh joy... That Blitz fellow gives me the creeps and the smarmy blighter's even worse in person. If only he were—

G.T. Blitz: Hey people, did you catch my broadcast? You've got some serious competition today. People have been betting big. They say that this championship is gonna come down to you guys and Mizo's dream team. Ha ha ha... Still, the odds makers say your team falls short.

Sig: That's because most fools haven't figured me into the mix!

Daxter & Jak: Sig!

G.T. Blitz: Is my camera out of focus? The great Sig has entered the competition. This is going to be better than I thought. But, if you'll excuse me, I've got some real interviews to do.

Sig: yeah, you do that. Sorry I'm late for the party, guys. I head about Krew's little potion. That's why I never drink on the job. I say never trust a dead man. Don't worry, I'll help you get that antidote.

Ashelin: Easy for you to say, your life's not on the line.

Sig: For my friends, it is.

Jak: Good to have you back, Sig.

Sig: Great to be back! Now let's see about this so-called "competition."

The First Grand PrixEdit

G.T. Blitz: Once again, we bring you all the racing action as close as it gets!

Pecker: Yes indeed. The winner here will move one step closer to qualifying for the big championship race.

G.T. Blitz: But, that step could be right off a cliff. UR-86 has never lost in this event before and the crowd is screaming for another mechanical mashing here today. Look at '86's confidence, his poise, his game face is just rock solid.

Pecker: Yeah, well he's a robot. What'd you expect?

Daxter: We're dead.

Sig: Watch yourself out there, Jak. He can really light up a track, both with his speed and his weapons.

Jak: Let's melt this sucker.

Jak Beats UR-86Edit

G.T. Blitz: That was a big win for the newcomer, my fine feathered friend we're gonna have to pay more attention to this boy.

Pecker: I've done some digging, G. baby, and I've uncovered more information about the rumors of that big underworld bet. Someone is manipulating the sport!

G.T. Blitz: You know... Ha ha ha... I've been covering this sport for decades. Do you honestly think you can come onto my (BEEP)ing show and make me look like a (BEEP)ing fool?! Well, (BEEP) you! (BEEEEEEEEEEP)

Odds Are BadEdit

G.T. Blitz: Welcome back to the show. Today we have a special event where the racing rules have been changed to provide new challenges and new thrills. How do you see Jak and his band of misfit racers shaping up?

Pecker: Well G., I’ve seen Jak get out of some pretty tight scrapes.

G.T. Blitz: Come on... do you really think Jak's got a chance? He'll soon be going up against the top pros... nasty competition. But, I'll give you the final word.

Pecker: Well G.T.—

G.T. Blitz: Oops sorry, that was more than one word. In my experienced opinion, as the competition gets tougher... I think Jak's gonna fold. That's studio debating 101, baby. Oh yeah! You just got schooled!

Pecker: Birds do not school, they flock. So flock off!

Keira Wants to RaceEdit

Keira: Daddy, I want to race. They need me out there. I can will it all!

Samos: Oh no, not this again! Keira, you're not racing, it's much too dangerous.

Keira: But daddy, I can do it. I can race better than any of those guys! You know I can!

Samos: Yes... I mean no, you can't. Well, I mean, yes, you can... but that's not the point. I won't have it. A woman's place is in the garage fixing cars!

Keira: You can't protect me forever! Someday I'll show you!

Samos: Not today you won't. No racing. That's final! I can't risk losing my... little girl.

Jak walks in with Dax on his shoulder during the "That's final!" line and kinda stands back from Keira and Samos.

Keira: I'm not your little girl anymore. You'll see.

Jak: Hey, you okay?

Keira: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm always fine. Look, you boys have what it takes to win out there.

Daxter: Thanks, baby.

Keira: I meant the car. It's a beaut. Free-floating V-chassis, 326 Super Headers, channel-lock universal weapons cage. Very nice. But to keep competitive, you'll have to modify your ride as often as possible. Maybe if you ask nicely, I'll install stuff.

Jak: Deal.

Keira: That's asking nice?

Jak: What? I mean, it would be...

Keira: Nicer...

Daxter: Will ya do it already!

Keira: I'm a little rusty with the wrench, but I'll see to it your vehicle is in tip top shape, make repairs after races, and make sure yours is the best purring vehicle on the circuit. And Jak, we'll talk about "nice" later...

Kleiver Shows UpEdit

Jak: Something about this whole set-up doesn't seem right. We're missing something important.

Rayn: But at least we're winning races. That's good.

Daxter: Good?! Listen Rayn baby, we've been chased, attacked, shot at, poisoned, and blown up! How could it get any worse?!

Kleiver: Hello ankle biters!

Daxter: It's worse.

Kleiver: That show pony, Gee-Whizz Blitz, told me I could find ya here. Listen up, yabbers. You've embarrassed me on the track before, but this time I aim to even the score.

Daxter: Dude, that was so last adventure! Available in stores now.

Kleiver: I've been waiting a long time to teach you short poppies a lesson. I'll see ya on the track, nippers.

Kleiver Wants to PlayEdit

Kleiver: You and the offsider care for a little bush bash? Over the city and through the jungle, so to speak...

Daxter: You know... I was having a good day until you showed up.

Jak: We're always up for a little action.

Kleiver: Good. A little warm up for the big event, eh? Who knows, maybe we can run over a few greenies while we're at it.

Jak: After you.

Kleiver: You'll always be after me.

Jak: Who's paying you Kleiver? You don't do anything for free.

The Team PondersEdit

G.T. Blitz: I love this sport. Last year alone, racing brought in more cash than Kras City's entire yearly budget. Now that's big. Believe it or not, it can get even bigger! I mean, with the right imagination. I'd like to see laws passed forcing the sport to be shown on multiple channels, maybe broadcast it in school for the kiddies.

Jak: Seems like everyone's got a stake in this thing.

Rayn: Well, we certainly do.

Daxter: There's a ton of money swirling around this sport!

Torn: And when there's money...

Ashelin: There's crime.

Jak: I think Krew's playing us! But, against who... I don't know.

We're Dying to WinEdit

G.T. Blitz: Hello race fans, Welcome to another edition of the G.T. Blitz show. What d'ya think, Pecker? Is this season great or what?

Pecker: Yes G.T., it's really been a—

G.T. Blitz: Great. Well, we have two of the biggest racers in the sport today. So, Razer, tell me, how does it feel to compete in the most prestigious racing event on the planet, my show?

Razer: Yes, well, as you know, I'm a firm believer that our sport needs to evolve. We need more action, more excitement, more danger...

G.T. Blitz: Love it! Love it! So, tell me, Jak. How does it feel to know either you or Razer will be dead by season's end? You must be really motivated to keep racing under this kind of pressure.

Daxter: Let's just say we're dying to win.

Pecker: Some say the mysterious crime boss Mizo may be involved.

Jak: Mizo's name is coming up a lot for someone trying to stay out of the public eye.

G.T. Blitz: You heard it here folks! These two wheel jocks are on a collision course, and we'll be here to identify all the bodies.

Back in Haven CityEdit

G.T. Blitz: Hello race fans, we're coming to you live from not-so-scenic Haven City as this sport goes on the road for the world circuit tour. Yes, we're global, baby. In today's race, a few veteran drivers will meet the upstarts for the first time, and the Blitz-meister has a feeling it won't be pretty. So, we'll stay behind the crash barrier and bring you all the action as it happens! Stay tuned!

Torn: It's nice to be back in Haven City, hey sweetheart?

Daxter: Torn, I'm touched.

Torn: I was talking to Ashelin.

Daxter: I knew that... And we used to think this town was tough? Kras City makes this place look like a kiddie park.

Jak: I still don't understand why Krew would go to all this trouble for a trophy.

Ashelin: I smell a rat.

Daxter: Hey, I showered this morning!

Ashelin: I mean, I think Krew must've been up to something.

Daxter: With soap!

Ashelin: He always had an angle.

Rayn: You're probably right. While we're in Haven City, I'll see what I can dig up in my father's old things.

Ashelin: Yeah... you do that.

Grease Monkey DaxterEdit

Daxter: Now that I've finished working on this sweet ride, it'll really fly thanks to my "vehicular expertise."

Jak: Right, did you put on two coats of wax or just one?

Daxter: One... But that'll make it go much faster!

Kleiver: Howdy mates, just wanted to drop you a fly that there's an event swirling at the Kras Coliseum. Competitors from all over the world came to play... and my score? beat 'em all!

Daxter: Whoopee for you!

Kleiver: I just didn't want ya to miss out on all the fun. I need a little competition, and I'd love to see you squirm. Go ahead, give it a burl. I'll be the one laughing from the stands.

The Second Grand PrixEdit

G.T. Blitz: Two of today's top contenders are joining me now, Kleiver, the muscle bound god of track thunder, and the nimble and lightning-quick racer, Jak. So Jak, sources say there's a big bounty on you. Everyone wants you dead. Ha, everyone but me that is. You're great for the ratings.

Jak: The death threats and bounties don't bother us. We're not afraid to die.

Daxter: Whoa! Freeze frame! I'd like to go on record right here that I'm firmly and officially against dying. In any way.

Kleiver: Yabbers, all of ya! I'm gonna find you two on out on the track, and when I do, you'll wish you'd never wedged behind a wheel!

G.T. Blitz: You heard it here folks. the gauntlet's been thrown and the biggest race of the season is coming to you live as-

Pecker: -Jak and Daxter show us how they became heroes!

Jak Beats KleiverEdit

G.T. Blitz: And here's the lucky winner, ladies and gentlemen!

G.T. Blitz: Well deserved... well deserved indeed. You're showing promise out there, old boy. What's your secret?

Jak: Clean air.

G.T. Blitz: Love it! Ha Ha! LOVE IT!

Daxter: And I'd like to give a shout out to all my golden boys.

G.T. Blitz: Yeah yeah, wouldn't we all. Tell me Jak, you just beat one of the top racers in a bid to qualify for the Grand Championship race. Your point totals are impressive. What make you think people won't kill you for this?

Daxter: Wha, wha, what?! What?!!

G.T. Blitz: Did I slur my words? Aren't you worried?

Jak: Tell you the truth, I'm probably dead already, but that doesn't mean I can't take a few scumbags with me.

G.T. Blitz: Well, you made the people cheer, and that's good for business. Very good indeed. Until next time, this is G.T. Blitz signing off.

Jak: You got a sweet gig goin' here.

G.T. Blitz: Oh, it's all for show... for the bigger powers that be... Ha ha ha. I'd be careful, though. I hear Mizo had a pretty sizable bet on this race... and lost.

Jak: I hope he was watching.

G.T. Blitz: Oh, I'm sure he was.

Krew's DiaryEdit

Rayn: I took the liberty of going back through Dad's things. I found his decoder for the will. There's more on the disc. I think it's his journal.

Jak: Play it.

Krew: Mizo and I both want the same things, and we'll stop at nothing to get them. So, I rolled the dice and made this bet with Mizo to avoid a costly gang war between us. The winner of the next Kras City Grand Championship Race will win the other's dirty business. All I have to do is field a better racing team than him, win the big race, and Mizo and his nasty clan will slink off to whatever hole they crawled out of, eh?

Jak: No wonder they both want to win so badly.

Rayn: My father made a wager with the Mizo crime family? He's been linked to some of the worst crime in Kras City. I'm sure he's paying top dollar to field the best racers to beat us.

Jak: So we're up against the world's nastiest crime boss with the best mercenary racers money can buy... And we've been poisoned. I've had better weeks.

Rayn: You must believe me, Jak. I never knew my father was into all this. Hell, I never knew my father at all.

Jak: You're not alone in this. Don't worry, we'll win.

Can We Trust Mizo?Edit

Rayn: Jak, you're looking good in the standings so far. But even if we win this whole damn thing, how do we know Mizo will keep his word and walk away?

Torn: We don't. But how do we know Krew will keep his?

Ashelin: Look honey, I don't care about Mizo, as long as we get the poison antidote. You're family "business" is your problem.

Sig: Listen, I've been around this crime scene for a long time. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that death is always in the equation. Mizo won't leave witnesses. Win or lose, he'll try to kill us all.

Rayn: I just don't think we should leave this bet to chance. My father wouldn't have...

Ashelin: It's not your choice. And I wouldn't start modeling you life by what your father would do. Jak will tell you where he ended up. Won't you, Jak?

Jak: Look, just keep racing and winning. I'll think of something.

Jak Confronts RazerEdit

Jak and Daxter walk up to Razer who is sitting at the bar at the Bloody Hook

Daxter: Step aside boys, the speed twins are in the building. Looks like we're taking it to your best boys on the track, eh Razer?

Razer: Ah, welcome back to the Bloody Hook. If we keep meeting like this, people will start to talk. Hmmm...

Daxter: You ain't so tough. Although you do dress strangely well, and have a certain odd sexy style.

Jak: We found out about your boss' little bet with Krew, Razer. Mizo won't win, no matter how many of your goons he hires to race against us.

Razer: Oh yes, Mizo wanted me to tell you that he loves the competition and looks forward to the rest of the season. Of course, he's a far fairer soul than I.

The Third Grand PrixEdit

Keira, Jak, and Daxter are in the garage around the car working on it.

Keira: I need a GB spanner, please.

Daxter: What's a spanner?

Keira: That one.

Daxter: That one?

Keira: No, that one.

Daxter: I knew that.

Jak: You sure know your way around cars, Keira.

Keira: I can handle tools. But that's not all I'm good at... Jak.

Razer: Oh look.The grease monkeys are busy putting their toy cars together. So I can take them apart.

Jak: This is a private party, Razer.

Razer: Of course, I just came by to tell you I'm officially coming out of retirement, just for you Jak. Everyone's screaming for us to swap paint. And when it's all over, this town won't mourn your passing, they'll only lament how much money they lost betting on a loser.

Blitz's Father Was a RacerEdit

G.T. Blitz: Why are you here? Does the network think you're the future of broadcast?!

Pecker: Perhaps, it's all in the attitude. The look, the way I...

Pecker: We're back for another exciting race folks, where survival is just as important as winning. Say Blitz, isn't this the same track your father won his first championship on?

G.T. Blitz: Why yes, that's true.

Pecker: People say he was quite a racer.

G.T. Blitz: He was... the best. Until he was killed on this very track a few years later. It's a cruel sport, eh? Hmh hmh... But enough about my old man, let's get back to all the racing action!

Pecker Has the ScoopEdit

Daxter: What do you want, Pecker?

Pecker: I came here to tell you all to watch your tail feathers. Let's just say that in my position, I hear a lot of "off the record" interviews...

Jak: Start flapping your beak, Pecker!

Pecker: Okay, okay. It appears that the Racing Syndicate, run by Mizo, has been fixing racings for some time. You guys are the only wild card out there and they don't like it.

Torn: Yeah, when you're poisoned you'll do crazy things.

Sig: That's off the record, squawker. Nobody knows about the poison, and we'd like to keep it that way.

Pecker: Oh, of course, you can trust me... I'll let you know when I have more info.

Mizo Offers a DealEdit

Rayn: I'm out there with you boys this time.

Jak: I've got it handled. I can take Razer!

Rayn: This one's too important to leave to chance. Don't worry about me, I can hold my own.

G.T. Blitz: Yes folks, we're live as I deliver a secret recorded message dropped of at our station earlier this morning. That's right, it's from the mysterious crime lord Mizo himself!

Jak: Well, the rat's finally coming up from the sewers.

Mizo: Greetings fellow race lovers. Your perseverance this season has been... surprising. But Krew has sent you on a fool's errand. I'm prepared to forgive and forget and spare each of your lives, if you walk away now.

Jak: But we can't quit. We have no choice.

G.T. Blitz: Are you crazy? The world's deadliest crime lord is offering you a deal and you refuse?! What does Krew have on you guys?!!

G.T. Blitz: This is amazing folks...

Jak: If you're listening Mizo, your days are numbered. We'll win, or we'll die trying.

Jak Beats RazerEdit

Rayn: Jak, I just wanted to say... thanks. I...

Jak: No problem.

G.T. Blitz: And here he is ladies and gentlemen, the man who beat the mighty Razer. How does it feel to still be breathing?

Jak: I just want to win the championship, then we'll talk.

G.T. Blitz: Why so truculent with the media, Jak? You're the next big star. The championship seems all but locked up. Of course, every star eventually falls.

Sabotage at Mountaintop HighwayEdit

(When you attempt to use a weapon you picked up.)

Jak: I've got a problem. I can't fire a weapon! This is bad. This is real bad.

Unknown voice: You know you should have your vehicle inspected before you'd race, otherwise... someone might tamper with it.

Jak's Car Was SabotagedEdit

Jak: Blitz, we need to talk.

Keira: We analyzed Jak's car after it was sabotaged. The explosives used...

Pecker: Were the same type as those that killed your father.

G.T. Blitz: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jak: Don't you get it?! The same people that want us dead also killed your father.

G.T. Blitz: So the syndicate killed my old man. I'm not surprised. He was arrogant and cocky anyway.

Ashelin: These are very bad people. If you know anything...

G.T. Blitz: What I know is that the ratings this season are through the roof! And it's only going to get better as the season comes to a close.

Jak: So, that's it. That's all you care about?

G.T. Blitz: It's all I've got. Now, if you don't mind, I have a swarm of cameras waiting.

Jak's Dark SecretEdit

Rayn: Thank you again Jak for your help. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

Daxter: Uh Rayn, um, about your dad, Krew and all...

Jak: Rayn, there's something I need to tell you.

G.T. Blitz: Hello race fanatics, we're coming to you live with a breaking story. Yours truly has recovered documents that prove that Jak was the cause of Krew's death.

Rayn: What?!!

G.T. Blitz: Jak left him to die in a terrible explosion. How heartless can you get?

Jak: It wasn't like that. Rayn... I had no choice.

Daxter: I told Jak he should fess up. I kept saying...

Rayn: You knew? You all knew didn't you?!

G.T. Blitz: Oh ho ho, could it get any more delicious? Well, we'll leave you two to work this out. Back to you Greaser and a commercial break. Sorry folks. But, that's show business. Huhhahahahaha...

Rayn: Who are you?

Jak: Your father wasn't such a good guy. He killed a lot of people!

Rayn: And you think Mizo's any better?! If we lose this championship, the whole city will suffer! Ughh! You wouldn't understand. Leave me alone! I'll win without you if I must. I'm used to taking care of myself.

Blitz Bares AllEdit

Pecker: Hey! That's fowl!

G.T. Blitz: Well, it tastes pretty good to me. Want a bite?

Pecker: That could be my uncle, you know!

G.T. Blitz: I had an uncle once. He kept telling my father to stop racing, to take care of the family instead of going to the track every day. Even before my father died, I was on my own. Jak knows what I'm talking about. Right, Jak?

Jak: Over these past few weeks, I've found out who my friends really are.

G.T. Blitz: Oh please... The B.S. meter is really pegged now. We'll see how your so called friendships hold up when Mizo breaks the news that he's bringing in a surprise driver for the final race!

The Final RaceEdit

G.T. Blitz: Welcome everyone to the final race of the season. The winner here will take home all the marbles and virtually run Kras City when it's all over. And the loser... Wait, this just in... There's been a later entry for the Mizo team. Sources say this mysterious wheel jockey is one of the best drivers in the world. So stay tuned for all the death and destruction.

Krew: Well, it's the final race, eh? It all comes down to this. I just hope I didn't miscalculate the poison's potency. Heh heh heh. Win quickly and save yourselves. I WANT that trophy.

Daxter: I don't feel too good.

Ashelin: Me neither.

Jak: Your father's agent better have those antidotes waiting at the finish line!

Sig: I've got your back, Jak.

Ashelin: And I've got yours.

Daxter: Hey! Who's got mine?

Keira: I do!

Jak: Keira?!

Samos: Keira, you're not going to race!

Keira: Daddy, I'm racing, and that's final!

Samos: Agh! Just like her mother!

Torn: Let's do this.

Jak: All for one...

Ashelin: And one right in the groin.

Rayn: Let's make Mizo pay!

Mizo's identityEdit

Pecker: HA HA! Yes! There you have it folks! The Kras City Grand Championship has been won in style by Jak and his racing team. What a finish! And the mysterious driver turns out to by my co-host, G.T. Blitz.

Keira: You did it, Jak!

Daxter: Yeah... WE did!

Jak: Rayn, what's going on?!

Rayn: Relax, this whole thing was designed to flush Mizo out. As for the poison, don't worry, I've got the antidotes right here.

Ashelin: How could you know that Mizo would be close?

Rayn: Father tried to eliminate Mizo for years, but he could never ID the man. Then we realized... There is no Mizo, or rather...

G.T. Blitz: Out of my way! You broke the rules!

Daxter: Blitz?!

Mizo: I'm Mizo! And losing the bet changes nothing! I'll crush your family and this whole city! And no one else will ever know.

Pecker: No one except for two hundred million viewers that is.

Mizo: What?!

Pecker: Smile for the cameras, big boy! Every star has to fall, right Mizo?

Mizo: Nyaaagh! You will all die!

Daxter: After him, Jak!

Mizo's EndEdit

Mizo: She'll betray you, you know...

Jak: Are you still talking?

Mizo: Rayn... she'll become even worse than me.

Jak: Right, like how you killed your own father!

Mizo: And why not?! He left us for his sick love of racing. And when he did, we vowed to own the whole damn sport! All of it! Every last part... You have a habit of leaving people to die, don't you?

Jak: You get used to it.

Photo FinishEdit

Daxter: And just then, I pushed Jak to safety as the car exploded in a fiery inferno!

Sig: Wow! Great story, Dax.

Torn: Great racing everyone.

Samos: Wonderful driving!

Jak: Thanks.

Samos: I was talking to my daughter.

Rayn: Well, everyone, I must be on my way. Thank you all for helping me take out my father's enemies. This town will be a better place for it. And thank you Jak... for showing me the light.

Jak: Take care.

Sig: Be better than your father.

Daxter: You know, that old girl ain't so bad.

Daxter: Hey, she forgot Krew's diary.

Krew: Hello Rayn dear... so it's our little secret, eh? Just pour into your glass first... Three seconds and no more and yours will have no poison. The rest will get a full dose. Ha, ha, ha, haa... Then we'll take down that miserable Mizo and be the top crime family in Kras City! I only wish I could be there to give you a big hug! Like father, like daughter eh?

Jak: Oh my god...

Rayn: Call a meeting. I want every crime boss present. That's right... I'm running this town now. Father was too soft. No, don't eliminate the racers, they were my friends. Although probably not any longer. Ahhh well... It's just business.

Torn: Who woulda thunk?

Ashelin: Well, if you'd all been thinking with your... heads.

Daxter: Yeah, Jak! The important thing is we won.. and we're alive.

Sig: And we brought down that scumbag Mizo!

Daxter: And we rocked the racing circuit, right Jak?! I said, right Jak?! Hey! Will you kiss here already! Sheesh! Oh yeah... that's what I call a photo finish!

Red eco cupEdit

(All Race events when selected after choosing a track feature a short dialog from a character that is related to the Grand Championship.)

Spargus CityEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: This is a racing challenge Jak, but this sport's called combat racing for a reason. Everyone on the track will have weapons and they won't be afraid to use them. You'll be up against some pretty tough drivers, so watch yourself. The object is to complete a set number of laps faster than everyone else, but also do it in one piece. Just keep your car on the track, be a hard target to hit, pick your battles wisely and get to the finish line as fast as you can. Go get 'm Jak!

Freeze rallyEdit

Keira: This is a Freeze rally Jak, racing fast isn't the most important thing in this trial. You also have to hit the time freezers to stop the clock and get the lowest time. Running into each freezer will halt the clock for a set amount of seconds, the more you freeze the clock, the lower your overall time will be. Some freezers are worth more time than others, so pick your path wisely, beat the lowest time to win. Good luck!

Death raceEdit

Rayn: This is a Death race, it's all about getting the kills. Keep moving around the track to get higher scores for kills. The more drones you can take out, the happier I'll be. Just remember to avoid being a target yourself, take a hit and you'll lose valuable time.

Precursor TempleEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: The temple track has plenty of opportunity for the veteran drivers and lots of death for the novices. Keep plenty of speed through the turns and watch for temple structures you can get air off of. Make me proud Jak!

Loading DocksEdit

Death raceEdit

Keira: This is a Death race Jak and it's one of the crowds favorite events. The object of this challenge isn't just to race but also to take out as many others cars as you can before time runs out. You get points for each vehicle kill, no it's not pretty but you gotta do this to qualify for later events. Just keep moving and keep shooting. Remember, you'll earn higher points in each lap. On your second lap you'll get double points per kill. And on your third, triple points! So it's best to race fast and get to the higher laps as early as you can.

Turbo dashEdit

Keira: This race is through the docks, it's a rough part of town so watch your six. There are lots of obstacles and plenty of places to splash, so keep sharp. Use turbos where you have breathing room, and remember to keep away from the water. Ready to race Jak?

Dirt StadiumEdit


Keira: This is a Deathmatch Jak, it's combat to the death between you and other drivers in an arena. There's no mercy here, no place to hide. It's just head-to-head combat and survival of the fittest. The driver with the most kills in the end wins the match. There are no points for second place, good luck!

Sport huntEdit

Rayn: This is an important challenge Jak, father always loved this one. Collect as many points as you can, but watch out for the other racers. They'll find ways to steal points right out from under you! Show no mercy I say.

Seaport StripEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: This is a Kras City street track, it's fast and tight here. Watch out for hard turns and dead ends. Use your red eco weapons to lay a few surprises on the track. Keep moving hard and keep the competition or you'll be roadkill. Take it to the streets Jak!

Mar ColiseumEdit


Keira: Welcome to the coliseum! This event is gonna separate the men from the boys, and the killer girls from the men! Don't be shy or you'll never win!

Clifftop BattlefieldEdit

Artifact raceEdit

Keira: This is an Artifact race Jak. You'll need to collect as many artifacts as you can and the one with the highest count wins. When an artifact appears, get there first and it's yours. Of course, there'll lots of competitors out there, so you have to be the fastest and the smartest if you wanna win, but I know you can do it!

Forbidden JungleEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Samos: This is a jungle track my boy! Ahh, the greenery takes me back. Use the eco well here, or you won't see the next sunrise! You'll pass under some large canopies of trees here and through some ancient ruins. Drive fast or you'll be ruined yourself!

Sewer RacewayEdit

Circuit raceEdit

G.T. Blitz: I love this track! It was designed by a real masochist. Plenty of turns, tight spots and head-to-head dead corridors. It's what we call in the business a rating-rich environment. The people watch this sport to see the crashes, so get out there and fulfill their dreams.

Icebound CitadelEdit

Death raceEdit

G.T. Blitz: How about a wonderful little Death race through the lovely and scenic Marauder fortress? It's a great place for big powerslides and even bigger fireballs, so lay those mines wisely. Have fun killing the competition!

Circuit raceEdit

Samos: This is a cold track, Jak, the poor plants can't get a break here. But you'd better break a lot or you'll slide out on the ice! Remember to pick your lines carefully on those turns Oh and by the way, the rocks say hi.

Mountaintop HighwayEdit

Turbo dashEdit

Keira: The marauder area is a real neck-breaker. Lots of terrain shifts and challenging turn approaches. Look for a clean line through the rolling tundra and make jumps where you can cut corners. Have fun!

Frozen SpeedwayEdit

Death raceEdit

G.T. Blitz: This is one of the crowds favorite events! This is all about kills, kills and did I mention kills? The crash count is what makes this the most watched event on the planet. Hit those targets and see how many points you can rack up. And enjoy it while you can, death is only a button click away, like when they change the channel.

Timberline TrackEdit

Rush hourEdit

Sig: Hello cherries! You're about to experience my kind of driving: full-contact racing! This is the Rush hour challenge and the object of this little Sunday drive is to ram as many other vehicles as you can! That's right, smash and crash anything that moves on the track! They'll be coming at you head-on, so be ready to jive while you drive. The more cars you bust up, the better your points. Go get 'm chili pepper!

Grand PrixEdit

Grand PrixEdit

Keira: This is the Red Cup Grand Prix. In this challenge you'll have to compete in three events in a row and finish with the highest total score to win it all. Don't panic if you fall behind in the earlier rounds, it's the final score that counts. Look out for UR-86 on the track, he'll be your toughest competition today.

Green Eco CupEdit

Beachfront DriveEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: Back in the Wasteland Jak! This track goes between Spargus City and the canyon. Use any jumps to your advantage, remember: getting air means getting speed boosts. Watch out for rocks and other obstacles. You want to win this race you need to keep your car clean and screaming.

Desert ArenaEdit


Sig: This is another frag-fest, so keep your wheels rolling and your guns blazing. Don't let the cheap cherries get into position and keep 'm guessing. Swoop in from above to rock their world. Ahahahaha, I love this sport.

Canyon RunEdit

Rush hourEdit

G.T. Blitz: Hello newbie. This is one of the most feared tracks, the turns are sharp, the blind corners are death. And the chances for mayhem are ratings bonanza! Too bad, it means you're gonna have to take the pain. But if you can't get through this event, there's no tomorrow.

Freeze rallyEdit

Samos: This is a special time challenge Jak. Get the lowest time you can, and you'll be a hero again! Make me proud.

Badland SanctuaryEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Kleiver: Spargus City is where I've learned to fight. And this track will take all the fighting you've got, if you wanna survive. Cut the corners tight and keep your car screaming, and you might just get a shot at last place. Ahahahaha!

Wasteland IsleEdit


Rayn: This is a deathmatch Jak. I know it's a terrible sport, but take no prisoners. I'm certain the other side won't. If there's anything my father ever taught me, it's survival of the fittest. Kill the most kills for our team and we win.

Kras CityEdit

Turbo dashEdit

Keira: In this event you wanna collect the power cell, then turbo to charge it up. When the cell is fully charged you'll get points and the cells will be fired off at the opponent in front of you. You'll also get a mine in your red weapon slot to protect you from players coming from behind. The more power cells you collect and charge up, the more points you get. You'll get more points in later laps, so go get 'm big boy!

Death raceEdit

Samos: This is another event on the mean streets of Kras City. Not a very eco-friendly city if you ask me, still we need a win here to advance. So tear it up my boy and show them how it's done!

Waterfront LoopEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Ashelin: This is a time challenge and I know you can milk a ton of speed out of your ride. So get out there and rock and roll. The faster times are all that people remember. There are no points for slowpokes.


Death raceEdit

Samos: This is a tough track Jak. A wise man once said: "If one waits to see every target before they fire, then it's already too late!" Remember your instincts Jak and keep your head about you. Use the eco on the track whenever you can, or you're wasting it! It's there for a reason and you'll need every bit.

Dirt StadiumEdit

Artifact raceEdit

Rayn: Keep sharp Jak, we need an arena win here. Play by the rules and rock the competition or we're in trouble. My father's counting on you, I'm counting on you, your friends are counting on you. Good luck!

Western TourEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: Here's another long race Jak. Remember that speed equals clean lines and smart driving. So keep your razor and smart slides and try not to miss any power-ups. Every little bit helps on the long haul.

Forbidden JungleEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Ashelin: Another race through the bush. The jungle here can get tight so watch your lines. Don't forget to use a weapon when you have it, if you hesitate you only miss chances. Use it or lose it I say, show me how it's done.

Death raceEdit

Kleiver: This race is about killing more than driving, my kind of competition. Take out as many drivers as you can for the top spot, show no mercy and the crowd will love ya.

Clifftop BattlefieldEdit

Sport huntEdit

Keira: This is a hunt Jak. The object of this event is to take out as many nasty creatures as you can. The racer with the highest kills at the end wins. Go get 'm!

City OutskirtsEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: This is a cross-track race Jak. You'll be touring through Haven City and the jungle on this one. The added complexity will require new strategies to keep ahead of the competition. Great speed will help, but so will weapons.

Haven CityEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Ashelin: Welcome back to Haven City, you remember the place right? This city's seen its share of fighting but the streets are gonna get even bloodier when you mix it up today. Stay sharp, and watch for laggers, they get you from behind before you know what hit you.

Frozen SpeedwayEdit

Circuit raceEdit

G.T. Blitz: Welcome to another race newbie! This track has had some of the best highlights and mundo crashes my show has ever seen. We all love it, love it! But you won't. Get out there and make the people happy.

Grand PrixEdit

Grand PrixEdit

Keira: Here we go with the Green Cup Grand Prix! That infamous bad boy Kleiver will be out there looking for you so watch your back, and keep those defensive weapons handy. This is a three-race challenge, so stay close to the leaders and keep consistent.

Blue Eco CupEdit

Canyon RunEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: This is a brawl track Jak. Keep your head down and your targets in front of you or you'll be toast. I've seen some pretty nasty battles here, so get the big weapons and make them pay.

Desert ArenaEdit

Artifact raceEdit

Kleiver: Welcome back to the Wasteland mates. This is where the tough get tougher, and the weak... get dead! Ehehehehe, Spargus was never your town, but then, it'll be a good place to die.

Beachfront DriveEdit

Rush hourEdit

Kleiver: This event is a real screamer, the one whose got the brass to keep the hammer down will walk away with the win, and the winnings, ehehehehe. Try and match my time records here, and we'll see what you've got.

Northern TourEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Kleiver: The Wasteland desert is no place for a city boy, over the dunes and through some death to granny's house we go, right? Hehehehe. If you turn your back on this track it'll bite you where the shade is. Have a go at it, and we'll see if you're man enough to race against me.

Badland SanctuaryEdit

Death raceEdit

Keira: This is a Death race, through Spargus City and the temple. Remember that this is all about taking down the drones, the more the merrier. Remember to take advantage of your weapons whenever you can, use 'm or lose 'm.

Spargus CityEdit

Turbo dashEdit

Keira: This is a race through the streets of Spargus City. Watch for jumps to get added boosts, and keep an eye out for shortcuts. There'll be lots of obstacles on this track, so stay sharp and avoid costly collisions. Go waste 'm Jak!

Waterfront LoopEdit

Death raceEdit

Pecker: If you like action, here's a great Death race along the Waterfront Loop. When it comes to this competition, more is better! So keep collecting weapons and keep your trigger talon tapping! Nice alliteration, yes? Good luck!

Seaport StripEdit

Turbo dashEdit

Kleiver: Ready to rumble with the big boys? This is a snatch and run poppies, survival of the hungriest. Collect all you can or you'll be the runt of the litter. And it ain't no fun at the bottom of the pile, especially with me on top!

Death raceEdit

Kleiver: This race is about killing more than driving, my kind of competition. Take out as many drivers as you can for the top spot, show no mercy and the crowd will love ya.

Dirt StadiumEdit


Keira: This is a capture the power cell event Jak. Get the power cell and bring it back to your base for a score. The more cells you bring back, the higher your score will be. But don't forget, you've got to stop the other guys from doing the same. The team with the highest score wins.

Loading DocksEdit

Circuit raceEdit

G.T. Blitz: My old man thought this track was one of the toughest, and if he thought so, it is. My guess is it'll break ya before the first lap, so here's a little advice to make the crowd get their money's worth. Always, always slide through the turns or you'll wind up in a pile of metal on the side of the road. Now, get out there and make the crowd scream.


Rush hourEdit

Keira: This is a speed track Jak, survival of the fastest. So keep pushing hard and get all the turbos you can. Don't let up or you'll be in the back of the pack.

Eastern TourEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: Alright Jak, this is a big one. The Eastern Tour is a long and linear race, packed full of turns and surprises. This grueling event will lash out and bite anyone who doesn't stay sharp and work the turns. If you get behind early, just keep cool and make it up slowly. You can do this!

Clifftop battlefieldEdit


Keira: This cliff's terrain is full of surprises. There are lots of nooks and crannies to find here, and faster ways to move through the area. Be careful near the drop-off side of the cliff. Pick a wrong place to jump and your racing days will be over. Remember, open terrain means lots of opportunities to acquire and take out targets. So stay on top of your weapons at all times. Good luck.

Waterworks CircuitEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Ashelin: Nice to be back in Haven City, right? This challenge is all about speed, so keep the engine screaming and your eyes on the road.

Icebound CitadelEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Sig: I need to see some speed on this challenge, cherries. This puppy is all about the lap times, so keep 'm low, and the crowd's screams high. Just like old times, huh?

Mountaintop HighwayEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Keira: This is a tricky ice track. The traction can get a bit loose out there, so watch out. Stay frosty or this track will really bite you. Watch your lines and use turbos to clean up a bad turn entry. Okay Jak, go ice the competition!

Ice PitEdit


Ashelin: I love a racer with a big gun, so if you've got it, use it. This fight is all about the frags, so keep moving and find your targets. And don't be one yourself, if you got a clear shot, take it and don't wait for the perfect moment to strike. Go get 'm big guy.

Grand PrixEdit

Grand PrixEdit

Keira: Alright Jak, are you ready for the Blue Cup Grand Prix? Be careful, Razer is known for his fast moves and cheating style. Don't be surprised if he tries to pull a few tricks out there you haven't seen.

Yellow Eco CupEdit

Precursor TempleEdit

Death raceEdit

Ashelin: These Death races sure do wonders for a girl's aim. This little rumble is through the Precursor Temple, and I bet it's more action than those old monuments have seen for some time. Let's give 'm a show.

Turbo dashEdit

G.T. Blitz: Here's another Turbo dash high-speed event through the Precursor Temple. No time to watch the ancient scenery, you better ride that turbo till you go blind or you'll never win here!

Spargus CityEdit

Rush hourEdit

Ashelin: You ready for a little Rush hour in Spargus City? This race will test your reflexes big time, as you go head-to-head with loads of traffic that won't flinch in a game of chicken. Let's see if you've got the brass to open it up here.

Beachfront DriveEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Keira: This is another cross-track event. These longer events require more concentration, so stay focused, and shoot for low lap times, each one adds up. And if you can concentrate on the long haul, you'll be in a good position on the final lap. This race is a marathon, not a sprint.

Wasteland IsleEdit


Keira: This is another arena event. Don't forget that there are plenty of times when a target is a sitting duck, and other times when the other guy has the advantage. Know the difference and pick your battles wisely, that way you will always have the upper hand.

Seaport StripEdit

Rush hourEdit

Keira: Watch out Jak, this event has lots of traffic out there, so be careful. The extra vehicles on the road will make the track much more dangerous. Watch those corners, and be careful when you're going head-to-head, any collisions you have will rob you of valuable time.

Mar ColiseumEdit

Artifact raceEdit

Ashelin: This battle will go to the one who keeps their head on straight. Think with your head first and your weapons second. When it gets crowded hit those turbos to blast clear. Make yourself a hard target to hit and you'll come out ahead.

Kras CityEdit

Rush hourEdit

Sig: Hey buddy! This is a Kras City Rush hour event, which means there will be plenty of traffic on the track, and lots of opportunities to mix it up. Stay sharp, and barb and weave, keep your lines nice and tight around corners, and look out for slower wheels.


Turbo dashEdit

Pecker: This is a serious Turbo dash event on the Dethdrome track. Don't be afraid to really open it up here. When it comes to racing, the early bird gets the worm, yes?

Waterfront LoopEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: This is another tough race Jak, just remember to turbo when you can and keep your racer pointed down track. If the race gets tight then go to guns, there are no points for the slow drivers.

Waterworks CircuitEdit

Circuit raceEdit

G.T. Blitz: So, you think you've got the brass to roll on these lanes? It can get very tight on this track, so watch your wheels. Powerslides are the only way to keep your speed through the turns, and we all love speed, it's the lifeblood of this sport! So let's see how much you've got newbie.

Death raceEdit

Ashelin: I like my races like I like my men: I start from the bottom and work up. This event through the waterworks goes from the sewers below to the Haven streets above, and it will test every ounce of your skill and stamina. Go get 'm tiger.

Sewer RacewayEdit

Freeze rallyEdit

Ashelin: Here's another Freeze rally to get you hot and bothered. If you want to master this course, memorize the placements of clock freezers around all the blind corners. Those extra time stops will really drop your overall time.

Clifftop BattlefieldEdit


Keira: What we have here is an exciting Capture the power cell challenge. This event is all about teamwork, so watch your wheelmen and keep them covered. The team that works together, wins together.

Atoll ArenaEdit


Keira: The Atoll Arena has plenty of places to hide between cliffs, so keep moving and be a hard target. Don't get stuck in the water or you'll be a sitting duck. In the open areas, hit your targets hard and then get to cover.

Mountaintop HighwayEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Kleiver: Another dance in the cold, 'ey? Stay frosty or you'll wind up in the drink. This Marauder track is full of surprises, so keep your eyes peeled and your trigger finger itchy. Shoot first, and then shoot the person asking questions later, ehehehehe.

Death raceEdit

Ashelin: Let's try a nice little Death race up and over the Mountaintop Highway. Phew, all those ups and downs are enough to make a girl sweat. And you'll be sweating if you don't win this event, show them how it's done Jak.

Southern TourEdit

Circuit raceEdit

Keira: This is the snow track, and it's a real test. There'll be lots of terrain changes here so be careful and stay sharp. Remember to keep high in the banks or you'll drop in the icy waters below. If you don't use weapons it'll be a cold day in hell before you win, use 'm or lose 'm Jak.

Grand PrixEdit

Grand PrixEdit

Keira: This is it Jak, the Yellow Cup Grand Prix! The winner of this race will be the Kras City grand champion, and take home all the marbles! Rumor has it there's a mystery racer in this final competition, Mizo must be pulling another one of his dirty tricks. So be careful and get ready for anything. We're counting on you Jak!

Grand PrixEdit

(The introduction message is always the same for all qualifier races.)

Qualifier 1Edit

Keira: You're facing a Grand Prix qualifier Jak, in addition to season standings you must earn a gold medal in each qualifying race in order to be invited to the big Grand Prix event.

Qualifier 2Edit

Keira: This is a Grand Prix qualifier Jak, you must earn a gold medal in each qualifying race in order to be invited to the big event.

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