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Invincibility (not to be confused with the secret "Invulnerability") is a dark power used in Jak II which enables Jak to be invincible while in dark mode. The gift requires that Jak bring 200 skull gems to the oracle at its hut in the Water Slums.

Dark Jak is practically invincible although this only goes for Jak's dark form, normal Jak is still susceptible to damage. The exceptions to Dark Jak's invincibility are the robot guards surveying restricted areas in and around Haven City's waters as well as falling from great heights or jumping into dark eco or other hazardous waste (acid or lava).

Similar to Dark Giant, this dark power is not present in Jak 3. It is unknown why he loses this ability. (However, the secret can still be purchased during the third game).

Dark Jak and Light Jak powers

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