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That baby looks fast standing still.
Jak in reference to the Interceptor, The Lost Frontier

The Interceptor is a plane in The Lost Frontier. Originally belonging to the Aeropans, it was designed for test pilots and extreme flying,[1] and presumably for prevention of successful missions by enemy aircraft, as its name would imply.


The Interceptor was found by Jak parked inside the abandoned research rig after the mission "Search for light eco" (technically "Escape the laser lab"). He then proceeded to steal it, as it was his only means of leaving the Aeropan facility. The plane's imposing appearance caught the attention of Jak and Daxter, Jak saying it looks fast standing still, and Daxter calling it a "sweet ride".

The Interceptor would make the second of two ex-Aeropan aircraft now in Jak's possession, the other being the Bomber. Both could be accessed from the Phantom Blade's hangar after their respective missions.


Interceptor customization menu

The Interceptor's customization menu.

A trijet variable-sweep wing aircraft, the Interceptor's wings may be swept (that is, closed in) after pressing X to engage the boosters. In this mode the plane is incredibly fast (fastest of all available planes) with a modest and controllable turn rate.

In its normal, unswept mode (which can be accessed from the swept mode by pressing X again), the plane is at a steady cruising speed, with its wings extended out towards the sides. It has a high turn rate in this mode to account for its slower speed.

Its braking mode can be activated by pressing Square, wherein the unswept wings move farther forward slightly and a set of brake flaps go up. In this mode the plane is very slow, though not completely still, and the turn rate is extremely sensitive. This mode is especially useful while punishing objects from afar as you slowly close in. Similar to the boost mode, press Square once again to return to cruising speed.

To balance its speed, the Interceptor is one of the weakest of Jak's planes. Designed for maneuverability, its minimalist design leaves little room for mods and much to be desired in the way of armor.[1] However, its large weapons load-out makes it a very strong choice once properly fitted with as many weapons available.