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The hyper mutant is a boss-level enemy in The Lost Frontier. It is a larger, heavily-armored, more mutated version of the franken ape, notably with eco shield, eco reflexes, and eco amplifier powers similar to that of Jak's, albeit with a few differences.


When Jak and the sky pirates decide to attack Aeropa, Jak was intercepted by the hyper mutant on his way to the palace. Phoenix was able to detect and warn Jak of "some kind of dark eco—..." via communicator before being abruptly interrupted. The ape's possession of the eco powers that Jak received, via the Precursor idols, explains the idols' presence throughout the abandoned research rig and Daxter's speculation that the scientists there were also trying to tap their power. It is thus presumed that the hyper mutant comes directly from the research rig and is a result of finished experiments there.


The hyper mutant looks identical to the stage two mutant apes encountered inside the abandoned research rig, but is much larger in mass and possesses several blocks of concrete armor on its head, back, shoulders, forearms, and thighs.

While its eco powers resemble Jak's, there are a few differences. Its eco shield is much larger, so as to account for the ape's mass (additionally the ape glows red when using it); its eco reflexes cause Jak to perceive it as going very fast, instead of himself as very slow (additionally instead of the whole room becoming blue, the ape affects a red glow); and its eco amplifier (purple instead of red) only appears upon detonation, which occurs when the beast slams his fist down.