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The Howler 99 is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is unlocked by collecting 33 medal points in the Red Eco Cup, and is used by Sig during the Red Eco Cup, and by Edje during the Red and Yellow Eco Cup, as well as in exhibition mode.


The Howler 99 is a compact medium-sized vehicle, not particularly tall nor close to the ground, and is visibly fortified resembling a military-style off-road vehicle. It is decorated with a skull mount, and its weapons are mounted above and behind the driver's seat.

The Howler 99 is arguably the strongest out of the Red Eco Cup vehicles, though it does require a practiced driver. While it has high speed and considerable armor, its mediocre handling and turbo capabilities will make it a difficult ride for some. By extension, turboing will exacerbate its poor handling, further curbing its stability and making the car prone to crashing.

Despite these shortcomings, the car has unexpectedly accurate control when drifting, making powersliding a good option while racing. Moreover, instead of richly using the turbo, sparsely boosting when the road allows for it, or to regain your top speed after a successful slide, is what brings this car ahead of the pack with ease.

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