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The hosehead is an enemy in Jak II. It is a metal head only found in the Haven sewers during the mission "Escort men through sewers".


Hosehead concept art

Concept art of the hosehead.

Hoseheads are quadruped metal heads with four long, pointy, feet. Hoseheads use these feet to crawl walls and ceilings. They have a relatively small head with a laser blaster in place of their mouth (very similar to the gekko and flying spider.) They have a long neck with a large, metal-plated body. They have a dark red skin-complexion with various bio-mechanic traits.

Hoseheads appear to be somewhat sentient, assembling in large groups and having a strategic advantage in many situations where they will guard sewers passageways with their lasers. They typically perform a small trot or gallop to walk, however are sometimes seen walking normally on their four feet if in close range. They thrive in infestations, often living in large groups of other hoseheads.

Only found in the sewers, hoseheads tend to assemble and thrive in damp, musty, sewerage. They infest the ceilings and walls of the sewers, crawling in the masses and typically guard their environment.


Hoseheads attack while in short-range by striking their opponent with their front legs. At long range, or while generally patrolling, they will fire their blue laser beams and scan in a left and right motion. They often like to attack in large groups of either up to two or in countless bombardments.

While they are not firing their lasers, it is fairly easy to evade them, however, Jak is not the main subject you have to worry about, as you also have to protect Grim, Jinx, and Mog, who the hoseheads will attack as well. While they are projecting their lasers, jumping over them is sufficient, however one laser is often followed by another two or three, making a simple jumping motion difficult; as you have to find the right time and the right tempo between rotations. At points in the mission, there will be small craters and shallow pits with water which Jak can run into and allow the laser to pass over him due to his height.

These are pretty simple to kill. If you're in close, use a melee and weapon combo. The Scatter Gun is useful here, while the Blaster is good for when they're far away. When encountered in large numbers the best solution is the Vulcan Fury, as well as the Blaster's watelander combo and Dark Jak's Dark Bomb or Dark Blast.